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October 10, 2022

Dream Drop Diamonds: What Is There to Know?

Dream Drop Diamonds is a new slot from Relax Gaming that takes us to a seaside villa or resort, where we are showered with cars, jet skis, and diamonds! We’ve seen flashy slot games with similar settings, such as Hotline 2 per example, but not quite like this. Rarely do we see a game where the atmosphere and theme match so well with the gameplay, but Relax has genuinely nailed it here.

There’s a saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and in Dream Drop Diamonds, that can be applied. However, we will leave it at that cliffhanger for now, so keep reading if you want to know what we mean. This extravagant slot offers a progressive jackpot with a cap of €10,000,000 and a max win of 10,000x in the regular game. There’s no doubt this potential matches the theme.

Dream Drop Diamonds just made its first Mega winner and 4th for the jackpot mechanic to date, is this a reflection of high player rates?

Player rates have been on an upward trajectory across Dream Drop titles since launch and the numbers are encouraging! Players seem to be enjoying the frequent fallouts and the base games as well, with return rates of over 40% in some cases. The fact that our mega jackpot has dropped 4 times in almost 5 months is a statistic that speaks for itself, it reflects the large volume of players as well as the delivery on the mechanics’ core intention - being the biggest win-maker in the jackpot space.

This being the 4th mega fallout, most players are already familiar with our Hot and Super Hot modes in both Mega and Major jackpots as they get closer to the guaranteed fallout, which was 1.5 million EUR in this case. Naturally, there is a steep increase in player activity during these periods of hot modes. In this case, the brilliant release of our latest title, Dream Drop Diamonds coincided with both jackpots being in Super Hot mode, which resulted in making another millionaire only a day after.

What’s the idea behind the lavish theme of Dream Drop Diamonds? 

The opulent theme in Dream Drop Diamonds was intended to give our players a realistic theme that reflects a lifestyle they might appreciate. This theme was less about breaking away from the physical world and more about creating a luxurious setting that they could enjoy in real life. It is probably one of our most life-like and serious-themed games in terms of the setting and design style.

Apart from the Dream Drop mechanic, what other features do you think players will enjoy about the game? 

Our players are big fans of collection features, so we incorporated a Diamond Collection with a twist in the Free Spins round. Here, all the Diamonds that players collect remain sticky for the duration of the round and allow for a maximum win of up to 10,000x bet. Additionally, we trust that players will enjoy the contemporary setting, music, and sounds that contribute to the entertainment factor and enable them to dream the dream!

More about Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming is a game provider that was founded in 2010. Since then they have taken part in a very exciting journey. It was through a strong vision and dream of becoming the leading technical provider of high-quality gaming solutions, that Jani Tekoniemi and Patrik Österåker created the company. During their active years they have offered casino, poker and bingo games to the casino industry, and their exceptional structure and gameplay has made them a game provider worth remembering.

Through strategic and carefully selected recruitments to their team, they have delivered the products they had always envisioned. In 2012 they opened their first office in Tallinn, Estonia and over the years they have expanded considerably. Now, you’ll find their offices in the cities of Malmö & Stockholm in Sweden, Malta, Serbia and Gibraltar.