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January 30, 2023

Bragg Gaming Signs Deal With First Look Games

Bragg Gaming, a leader in iGaming technology and content provision has signed a deal to collaborate with First Look Games. 

This new partnership will give Bragg access to First Look Games' extensive network of over 800 publishers. Bragg's one-stop-shop offers operators technology solutions, support services and a portfolio of content from its owned and third-party providers. 

The agreement with First Look Games will enable Bragg to promote its in-house and partner studios' B2C game launches to a global audience of more than 20 million players. Bragg can upload game sheets, logos, images, videos and demo games to a specialised library, which First Look Games-approved affiliates can access individually or in bulk. 

Publishers can use this information to create game reviews and other traffic-generating content about the studio and its game portfolio. The Studio Management Centre gives Bragg the ability to manage all information and assets, as well as highlight operator exclusivity agreements and add or remove jurisdictions for each game.

Bragg can also determine what information it shares with affiliates and when that information is made available to them. Compliance is ensured via a suite of tools, including a free age-gate for relevant markets and the automatic accuracy monitoring of published content.

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Tom Galanis, Founder of First Look Games, said: “Bragg Gaming is a major iGaming content provider, and we’re thrilled to be helping to ramp up the promotion of games developed on its Remote Gaming Server via our network of 800+ approved publishers.

“Affiliates present a massive opportunity for studios to drive awareness of their titles among huge audiences of engaged online casino players around the world. First Look Games does much of the heavy lifting, allowing the likes of Bragg to engage this significant audience easily and cost-effectively.”

Niklas Mravlje, Director of Product Marketing at Bragg Gaming, added: “This is an important step for Bragg Studios and for our studio partners from the Powered by Bragg range, allowing us to ramp up the visibility of our rapidly expanding games portfolio to an even bigger audience.

“Competition for player attention is incredibly fierce among studios, and First Look Games will help us to be heard above the noise being made by our rivals and to drive awareness of the Bragg name, our collection of studios and the thrilling titles that we produce.”

About First Look Games

First Look Games is an online platform for independent game developers. It provides a space for developers to showcase their games and gain feedback from a community of gamers. It also provides resources to help developers create and market their games. Developers can use the platform to create a profile, upload their game, and promote it to the community. They can also use the platform to connect with other developers, get feedback, and collaborate. 

An image of First Look Games' homepage stating that it is "the ultimate iGaming marketing platform"

First Look Games also offers a variety of tools to help developers create, promote, and monetize their games. These include analytics, marketing, and monetization tools. With First Look Games, developers can take their games to the next level and reach a larger audience.