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July 18, 2018

Big Time Gaming Slots Showing The SG Digital Logo

What happened with BTG slots? Why are BTG slots showing the SG Digital logo? Was BTG bought by SG Gaming?

These are a few of questions that everyone that plays BTG games have now. But what really happened?

There were some rumors on BTG being bought by SG Gaming, but that is all they were... rumors.

In fact, SG provided us with an answer on this case.

SG Gaming bought NYX gaming platform, BTG provider is using NYX as a gaming network partner so that is why the loading screen is showing the SG Digital logo.

So nothing really happened with BTG, they are just using the gaming network NYX.

Here is some information we got from BTG:

Our loader will be back in place shortly, no need to panic, we’re not selling.

BTG will still remain the same and nothing will interfere with the game play, payouts or RTP of the slots.

You can enjoy the popular BTG slot games like Bonanza, Extra Chilli, White Rabbit and more with the same quality and same gameplay as before.

Bellow you can see a very big win from the BTG game White Rabbit slot: