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July 26, 2021

The betting company Betway, officially licensed in Germany, becomes the sports betting partner of Eintracht Frankfurt. The initially 3-year partnership underscores the ever-growing ambition of the Betway brand to work with the largest football clubs and support the most prestigious sporting events.

In addition to the title usage rights to operate as the official premium and sports betting partner of Eintracht Frankfurt, Betway will primarily appear through extensive and prominent visibility in Deutsche Bank Park, which, in addition to the first and second TV-related row of boards, also includes Cam Carpets. In addition, a wide variety of activation measures are planned, especially around the digital Eintracht community.

Anthony Werkman, Betway CEO, said:

“We are very happy about the partnership with Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt in a multi-year contract. The Bundesliga is one of the most recognized football leagues in the world, so it will be a great privilege to see the Betway brand's growing presence in Deutsche Bank Park. With the team's renewed qualification for the Europa League, the Betway brand will be present across the continent. We are also looking forward to working closely with the club and delivering exciting content to its loyal fan base."

Maik Brodowski, Betway's Head of Marketing for Germany, added:

“It is a great privilege to work with Eintracht Frankfurt. The club has managed to establish itself as a real force in the Bundesliga in recent years. It's a really exciting time for the team that will play in the Europa League again this season, and we look forward to supporting them, both domestically and in Europe."

Axel Hellmann, CEO of Eintracht Frankfurt Football AG, said:

“We are entering into a strategic partnership with Betway. Betway wants to expand its business not only across Germany, but also in the Rhine-Main area in particular. We are pleased that we will make a positive contribution to the further growth of Betway with the brand strength surrounding our club."

Source: Betway GroupPress Releases