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January 7, 2018

Which Online Casino Games Offer the Best Chances at Wins?

Casino gambling is a fun and exciting pastime, but what makes it even better is winning. Unfortunately, online casino games are set up in favour of the house to win. This is called the house edge and, while the house always has the advantage, different games will have different odds. Depending on what games they offer, online casinos will also have a payout percentage that may vary. So, before you start gambling your money away, check a few simple things to get the best chances at wins.

How To Get The Best Chances At Wins

There are two main things you should verify before you start betting real money on a casino game. The first one is the casino's average payout percentage. This will give you and idea of what your odds of winnings are at a particular casino. Then, check the Return To Player (RTP) of the game you're about to play. This usually varies between 94 and 97% for slot games. The higher that percentage is, the better your odds are. For table games like Blackjack and Roulette, this is often referred to as the "house edge", which means the same thing as RTP but from the other side. So a "house edge" will vary between 0.2 and 5% and that's the percentage of your bet that will always go to the casino. Games are audited by independent agencies to ensure that numbers are generated randomly, therefore not giving an unfair advantage to the house. So, when you look at a game's RTP, this is not set by the casino but by the game provider. While you can't beat the house in the long term, you can put all the chances on your side by taking advantage of casino offers. For instance, when you use a casino bonus, only use it on games that count for 100% of the wagering requirements. This is usually the case for video slots, so you can use the full amount of the bonus while gambling less of your own money. Then, adjust your bets to get the most of the extra features in a game. For instance, if you have a multiplier during a bonus round, this is when you should increase your stakes because, while the odds of winning stay the same, you might win significantly more on a single spin. Finally, decide how much you want to bet and keep to it. Video slots offer smaller rewards that are easily triggered, while progressive jackpot slots require you to wager the maximum bet to get a chance at winning the jackpot, but betting more doesn't necessarily mean winning more.

The Best Chances At Wins Depends On What Game You Play

To get the best chances at wins when playing video slots, just follow those simple rules: check the game's RTP, adjust your bets and paylines, and put the casino bonuses to good use. Those are games where the odds are completely random so there is not much else you can do to increase your chances. But if you enjoy playing table games like poker or blackjack, becoming a better player can make all the difference. Online casinos now have live games with a dealer, so it looks exactly like playing a real game, and you can use different gaming strategies to win.

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