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January 7, 2018

Double or Nothing: Ashley Revell

Casino games can be a lot of fun to play but every player dreams of hitting that big cash Jackpot. That same dream Jackpot which can take seasoned players years to win. However, there are stories of players who have won life-changing payouts from only one spin or gaming session at a casino. The most popular story to date is about Ashley Revell who, bet his life’s worth on one spin of the roulette wheel.

Ashley Revell, Was He Crazy Or Just Very Lucky?

There are many stories of seasoned gamblers who have won against the odds at roulette tables including the James Bond actor, Sean Connery. Ashley Revell will, however, take the first place when it comes to the craziest, luckiest and most memorable win at a roulette table. The 32-year-old Briton travelled to Las Vegas with nothing but the clothes on his back and the cash in his pocket after selling all his worldly possessions. This was because of an idea that he and a friend had come up with during a one of their drunken banters at a pub. He was literally going to test fate by betting the worth of all his worldly possessions on one spin of the wheel at a Las Vegas casino.

This Story is amazing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the game of roulette is one where the house (casino) always has an edge and very few players manage to win large payouts. Secondly, very few people have accomplished walking into Las Vegas with pennies and turning them into life-changing payouts and at the same time getting their names into the history books. Ashley Revell did all these things in one spin of the roulette with more to lose than every other gambler at the Plaza Hotel and Casino. His gamble worked out well for him even though he had changed his mind at the last minute and bet double or nothing on red instead of black. His smartest choice, however, was not trying to push his luck and walking away after that bet.

The Moral From The Ashley Revell Story

Every casino game comes with a bunch of strategies that many veteran players will swear by. These tricks and tips do not always work. The accomplishments of Ashley Revell only help to prove that there is only one strategy that matters when it comes to gambling, luck! It’s a strategy that is very hard to master and it can be used to beat even the most impossible odds at the casino. When using luck as a strategy it is important to have some restraint and know how to quit when you are ahead because it comes and goes without warning. Great gambling legends such as Charles Wells learned this lesson the hard way.

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