TrueLab Review

In this Lab, they have really found the perfect formula needed to create exciting and innovative slots. They are a relatively new game provider on the market, which is certainly on the rise and where they have delivered games with unique bonus features and a top-class design. They consist of a very close-knit team, where they have tried to bring together as creative, like-minded and enthusiastic people as possible. In an industry like this, creativity is required to be at the top and it is done by having employees who really thrive. This becomes something that is then really reflected outwards in fantastic games from them.

They show a high level of professionalism in their slots and you easily get stuck on the screen for a long time

They create games that should be available on all devices and by using the latest generation of HTML5 and mobile compatibility, they can deliver games that flow well and provide a great gaming environment. You can see in all the games they have released that they possess an incredible knowledge in animation and design. Where it leads to a very pleasant experience in front of the screen. A bit like watching a good movie, you can often get caught up in the gaze of all the objects and environments that the games have. Here we have games like Startup Valley, Victoria Wild, Mining Factory, Robby the Illusionist, Sunstrike. In many of these slots you get to follow a bunch of different creatures that usually are below the surface of the sea, but which now somehow have ended up above the surface and now take on missions such as illusionists, mining professionals and even set out to try to start startup new businesses in Startup Valley. These are fantastic themes that you can easily get caught up in and it has become a bit of a sign for them to create games like these. Recently, they came up with Victoria Wild, among others, where we got to see a whole new side of TrueLab's professionalism in game creation. Where you get to join an incredibly exciting adventure that is filled with a lot of features. There you get to take part in a fantastic journey and here they have used Yggdrasil's YG Masters program. Which is a well-known platform for smaller game developers to use. It increases their exposure and credibility through the YG Masters Program. a truly tactical choice of them.

Victoria Wild

In this slot we head out to a stormy desert, where we get to meet Victoria Wild and accompany her on a phenomenal adventure. Here you play on a slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines. Here you will get to take part in a variety of features, where we find Oasis free spins, Temple free spins, Turned wilds and Wheel of Desire. Here you have the chance to discover and get a lot of free spins and direct wins. Victoria has really come across a good treasure map, as nice wins await. In this fast-paced adventure you can succeed in winning really big, where a maximum win of 25'000X the amount you bet can be obtained. Through the different features that you take part in, you will be transported to different environments and they will be a movie-like gaming experience.

Robby the Illusionist

Here we meet the swordfish Robby, better known as Robby the Illusionist. he will offer a really magical show on the reels. You play on a slot that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 27 paylines. Here you can through the game's wilds and free spins features succeed in winning a maximum of 3000X the amount you bet. Even from such a professional illusionist who offers tricks that seem unreal, you can at least be sure that the winnings are real.

Startup Valley

Here we meet 5 different smart sea creatures who are fighting feverishly to succeed in convincing investors that they should invest in their smart idea. We play here on a slot that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines. Here, energy drinks are drunk like never before and thoughts flow around. Here you can gather extra experience for these 5 sea creatures to then be able to take part in their super skills. There are free spins to take part in here and you can succeed in getting a maximum win of the 5000X the amount you bet. The game's RTP here is 96.48%, which is higher than average. This high RTP is recurring in TrueLab's games, as they are usually around this high value.

TrueLab Conclusion

TrueLab creates slots with extremely high class. As their design, mechanics, features and user-friendliness are phenomenal, it becomes difficult to fault them. With games that they have released, you are really eager to take part in more games from them. This is a game developer that we will certainly see much more of in the future. Exciting to see what they have managed to cook together for an exciting slot then.

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