Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot Review

Slot Review
March 18, 2021

Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot Overview

With this casino slot from ReelPlay, we put fate at stake with the various zodiac signs that are there. Even though the earth is an exciting place and can be considered very large, everything is relative and compared to what’s outside in space, the earth is suddenly very small. The space is very fascinating and mysterious as we know so little about what is out there, but something that many agree on is that everything is connected in one way or another. The stars belong to different galaxies and the fact that there is be more stars than grains of sand are insane. With the help of all these stars, a variety of zodiac signs can be formed, and in this slot you will be able to take part in twelve different Zodiac signs.

Whether you believe in the influence of zodiac signs or not, in this slot you will be able to try its luck. Where you can choose your specific zodiac sign to see if it can help you generate bigger wins during the game. It is with the help of the zodiac sign and the four elements earth, wind, water and fire that the wins will be able to be created. But when the stars align or in this case the reels align, the most spectacular things can happen.

Base game

Zodiac Infinity Reels is a slot from ReelPlay that has 3 reels and 2 to 4 rows from the beginning, but since it is Infinity Reels mechanic, these reels can increase indefinitely with the help of winning combinations. You can choose between making a Min.bet of 0.25 and a Max.bet of 60. Zodiac Infinity Reels has an RTP that is slightly lower than the average, where we have an RTP of 95.57%. It is a high volatility and a Hit frequency of 29.94%. If you manage to align enough reels, you will be able to take part in a bonus and winnings from the hopefully big winning combination, which can give you up to 3956X the bet.

The features that can help you get this big win are Infinity Reels, Wheel feature, Infinity Bonus and free spins. Even though we have experienced this mechanic before in Gargoyle Infinity Reels and Thor Infinity Reels, among others, it‘s a different feeling when you can be part of choosing your own zodiac sign. Let's find out what you can expect to see during the game.

Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot Information

It really is a magical place that we have ended up at where the background of the game has a spectacular starry sky. To the left of the reels, we can see the 4 different Jackpots that you can succeed in taking part in, as well as which zodiac sign you have chosen. As usual, the slot is small from the start, but as winning combinations are created, the reels will increase more and more. By landing 5 or more of the same symbol type on the adjacent reels you will get an extra reel. If you then manage to extend this winning combination, it will continue to add reels. This means that a lot of symbols can land on the reels and these are the following.

The lower paying symbols consist of a moon, a sun and the four elements earth, wind, fire and water. The higher paying symbols are in the size 2X2 and consist of four different characters that each represent one of the four different elements. As mentioned, there is an opportunity to choose your own Zodiac sign from the 12 different ones available. The zodiac sign you have chosen will then be the game's wild symbol and hopefully the right one can give you extra luck during the spins. There is also a Wheel symbol that can help you take part in the Wheel feature and this consists of a large wheel that shows all 12 zodiac signs. If you are unsure of which zodiac sign you belong to, take a quick look here. The music played in the background helps to create the perfect atmosphere with the help of its mysterious tones and elegance. Let's find out what the different features do.

Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot Features

Zodiac Infinity Reels can give you a win of up to 3956X the bet using the Infinity Reels, Wheel feature, Infinity Bonus and free spins features.

Wheel feature

Infinity Reels

Like its name, there is no limit on how many reels you can get in this slot thanks to the Infinity Reels mechanic. When you spin the reels, a winning combination is created when at least 5 of the same symbol type land on the 3 reels. You will then receive an extra reel and if this new reel extends the winning combination, you will receive another extra reel. This continues as long as the winning combination is extended and there is no limit on how many reels you can get. In addition, you will receive a multiplier that starts with 1X and every time you get an extra reel, this multiplier increases by 1. When you no longer succeed in extending the reels, both the reels and the multiplier will return to the starting value.

Infinity Bonus

If you succeed in adding 13 or more reels, you will receive a bonus. This bonus is 888X the bet and will certainly be a great contribution to the overall win.

Wheel feature

By creating a win with the Wheel symbol, you get to take part in the Wheel feature, and this is where the real journey begins. You will be transported to a giant wheel that can give you instant prizes, multipliers and free spins. You will start with 8 free spins stored and a multiplier of 1X, but when you spin the wheel and land on either extra free spins or multiplier, these increases. You will then be able to take part in the next layer on the wheel and as long as you land on either free spins or multipliers, you will move on. If you instead land at a direct price, you get that and the wheel feature ends. But if you are lucky, you can take part in a maximum of 5 layers on the wheel and on that 5th layer you are guaranteed to take part in one of the four Jackpots that are available. These are Mini, Minor, Major and Grand, where they give 10X, 25X, 100X and 1000X respectively the bet.

Free spins feature

Free spins

Once you have finished playing the Wheel feature, it's time to take part in the free spins and multipliers you have received. The great thing here is that every time you manage to get an extra reel, the win multiplier will increase by the size of the multiplier you received in the Wheel feature. You can also manage to get more free spins here by landing Wheel symbols. Each time you land 1 Wheel symbol you get 4 extra free spins.

Zodiac Infinity Reels Slot Conclusion

The Infinity Reels is really a mechanic that you see a lot of nowadays and that is no more than right since ReelPlay has succeeded incredibly well with this creation of mechanic. The excitement of watching the reels increase in number and with the knowledge that there is no limit to its total length makes it really nice. ReelPlay has added a standard Jackpot of 888X the bet that you receive when 13 or more reels have been added, which now feels like a feature you always expect to be there. What distinguishes this slot is the Wheel feature, which lays the foundation for how exciting the subsequent free spins feature will be. If you are lucky, a large number of free spins and multipliers can be obtained along with any of the 4 Jackpots Mini, Minor, Major or Grand.

That one's destiny should be ruled by zodiac signs is something that some people fanatically believe. With a slot like this where you can choose your special zodiac sign in the hunt for the big wins, it can certainly entice them to try their luck here too. But even if you think that the correct zodiac sign has a great significance in your outcome or not, it is still fun to be involved and decide the symbol that should be used. The theme is really captivating within this slot it fits perfectly with this exciting Infinity Reels mechanic. A potential maximum win of 3956X the bet certainly has a contributing part to the total excitement that this adventure provides.

Whether the stars are aligned or not, Zodiac Infinity Reels offers a spin experience that should be tried.

  • Title: Zodiac Infinity Reels
  • Developer: ReelPlay
  • Reels: 3
  • Rows: 2-4
  • Paylines: 9999
  • RTP: 95.57%
  • Hit Frequency: 29.94%
  • Max Win: 3956x
  • Volatility: Mid-High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.25/€60
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2021
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