Vikings Slot Overview

Vikings is a casino slot from NetEnt, based on the historical drama of the TV series with the same name. You will find characters such as Floki, Bjorn Ironside, the shieldmaiden Lagertha who later turns into queen, and of course, the Viking warrior from Kattegat, Ragnar Lothbrok, played by actor Travis Fimmel. The graphics are great, and the Vikings land in stacked symbols, with the possibility of turning all present Vikings into the same character. There are 243 ways to win on the 5X3 grid, which turns into a 7X5 grid in the free spins, giving the player over 78000 ways to win. Are you ready to go back a thousand years in history in this highly volatile adventure?

Vikings is a video slot from NetEnt with 5 reels and 3 rows that turn into 7 reels and 5 rows in the free spins. There are 243 ways to win in the base game and 78125 in the free spins. The is 0.20 and the is set to 100. Players might find the betting system a little complicated since you can set it on two meters by either changing the level or the coin value. The volatility is medium/high, and the RTP lands at 96.05%. Landing 27 symbols of the same Viking can award the player the max win of 10000X the bet.

To survive in this bloody unwelcoming environment, players should do their best to make use of the features Hotspot, Scatter Pays, Shield Wall, Raid Spins Symbol, and Raid Spins.

Vikings Slot Information

The game starts inside a dark wooden house and takes the player for a tour through the door before it ends up outdoors in a snowy landscape. Thin snowflakes are falling over the screen, and a flag or banner is waving in the wind to the left of the reels. In the distance is a lake with a single ship on it, and around the lake are mountains. To the right is a shield tilted on a wooden fence with a bird on it. The reels are transparent, showing some of the cold winter backgrounds. All buttons to play the game are placed at the bottom, and there's also where you can see your bet and how much there is in the bank. The betting system is a little complicated, with a level meter going from 1-20, and a coin value starting at 0.01. If the coins confuse you, you can have a look below the play button, where your bet and stack are displayed in your currency. To make a win, you'll need to land at least 3 of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel to the left. This gives you 243 ways to win. You can play the game on all devices such as desktop, notepad, and mobile phone.

The lower-paying symbols in this harsh land are 5 card deck symbols made of metal with blood on them. Landing 5 of 10, J, Q, K, and A gives the player 0.5X the bet. Landing 7 symbols, which is only possible on the extended grid in the free spins, will pay 1X the bet. The more valuable symbols are our four Vikings – all paying the same amount – and the Viking logo, which pays most of them all. The Vikings can land stacked covering a complete reel and in single positions. Landing 5 Vikings will pay 1X the bet, and landing 7 of them gives the player 1.4X the bet. The Vikings can also be worth a lot more in the Scatter Pays feature, paying up to 10000X the bet. The logo, depicted by a golden V, pays 2.5X the bet for a combination of 5, and 3.50 for 7 in the free spins. The blood-stained shield saying Raid Spins can take you to the free spins. You need to land 3 shields to activate the free spins feature, which goes under the name Raid Spins.  

Vikings Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Vikings?

You can win up to 10000X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Vikings?

The features are Hotspot Feature, Scatter Pays, Shield Wall Feature, Raid Spins Symbol, and Raid Spins.

Hotspot Feature

The third reel is the game's Hotspot, constantly glowing electrically with lightning bolts. Whenever one of the Vikings lands fully stacked in the hotspot area, covering all 3 positions, all other Vikings are transformed into that character. Both single Viking symbols and stacked ones are transformed by the Hotspot.

Scatter Pays

Scatter Pays is what NetEnt calls this feature, referring to the Viking Symbols as scatters. In most casino slots, the scatter symbol is the symbol that takes the player to the free spins, but that symbol is called the Raid Spins Symbol in the land of Vikings. Scatter Pays is activated straight after the Hotspot has transformed all Viking symbols into the same character. The player will get an instant win depending on how many Vikings are present on the screen. The Vikings always pay, whether they're on adjacent lines or not. The Scatter Pays awards prizes from 3 symbols to 27, and remember that 15 is the maximum number you can land in the base game – which will give you 243X the bet. This is how much some of the combinations pay.

3 Viking Symbols = 0.3X

5 Viking Symbols = 1X

10 Viking Symbols = 32X

15 Viking Symbols = 243X

20 Viking Symbols = 2000X

24 Viking Symbols = 7500X

27 Viking Symbols = 10000X

Shield Wall Feature

The Shield Wall Feature activates randomly in both base game and free spins. A set of wooden shields cover an area of 3X2 or 5X2, and then reveal one of the high-paying symbols on all positions behind the shields.

Raid Spins Symbol

The bloody blue and orange shield is called the Raid Spins Symbol. The shield can activate the free spins, named Raid Spins among Vikings. You will get 7 free spins for landing 3 shields on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Raid Spins

The Raid Spins transform the game into something extra. It feels like going from the deserted landscape to the battlefield. The grid changes into 7 reels and 5 rows, giving the player an amazing 78125 ways to win. The Hotspot is expanded to cover reels 3, 4, and 5, giving the player a bigger chance of activating the Scatter Pays feature. If a fully stacked Viking lands on any of the 3 Hotspots, all other Viking symbols within and outside of the Hotspots will turn into the same character. If the grid is covered with 27 Vikings, you just scored the max win of 10000X in one spin. The Raid Spins Symbol is removed from the reels in the Raid Spins, so there's no way to activate more spins within the feature. The Raid Spins are over after you have finished your 7 spins.

Vikings Slot Conclusion

This game is something extra, and the player will realize it just by starting it and watching the intro. The graphics are state of the art, and the spins run flawlessly. Any fan of the Vikings series must love this game containing four of the characters we're used to seeing on TV. Even players who have never seen the show will be impressed by this casino slot. When you get used to the scenery, a storm can break out with crazy thunder and lightning playing in the background. The only apparent downside is the confusing coin system, which complicates the overlook of your money and wins. If you don't like the harsh and brutal atmosphere in this game, the cuter cartoon-looking Viking story in Viking Clash and Vikings Fight For Honourmight be just your thing.  

Having the Viking symbols land both stacked and on single positions is a nice touch, and the Scatter Pays feature that kicks in as soon as a stacked character occupies the third reel is perfectly made. The Shield Wall Feature is also a nice little boost, although it surprisingly often ends up in not resulting in a win, although at least 6 of the same character are placed on three reels. Of course, the ultimate final of this saga is the Raid Spins. NetEnt hasn't published any number of the feature's frequency, but we had to spin the reels quite a lot to activate it. It is worth waiting for since the expanding grid literally gives you tons of possibilities. The Scatter Pays feature occurs pretty often in the Raid Spins, and the lucky player could score the max win of 10000X on one spin. If the spins in the land of Vikings make you want to discover more slots based on TV shows, we can tell you that there's a game based on the classic movie Highlander, starring Sean Connery and Cristopher Lambert.  

Although Vikings gives the player non-stop action, the volatility is "only" medium-high. Considering that, the max win of 10000X is great, and the RTP of 96.05% is about average for a casino slot. NetEnt must have paid good money to use the characters from the movie, which makes the RTP feel even better. Lastly, the of 0.20 and the of 100 caters to most players.

Vikings from NetEnt is a graphical masterpiece where the characters from the TV series can bring wins up to 10000X the bet in one spin.