Vikings Fight For Honour Slot Overview

Vikings Fight For Honour is a casino slot from Foxium that takes you back a thousand years where you’ll battle it out with Vikings for the Grand Jackpot of 20000x the bet. 

Foxium is one of those providers that fly under the radar of the mainstream audience, but actually create some games worth checking out. We don’t know why that is, but we suspect that Foxium, just like many other providers, has too big of a focus on “Static Jackpot” games. A Mega Jackpot may sound appealing, but the more of a veteran slot player you become, the more out of reach these jackpots feel. That’s how it is for us, anyway. You play through so many of these bonuses and are 1 symbol away from hitting that huge ka-ching so many times that it starts to feel impossible. However, we see a lot of clips of players actually hitting them, so they’re obviously obtainable. Hopefully, Vikings Fight For Honour is volatile enough to hit big relatively often because it looks like a cool game. Let’s dig in!

A screenshot of the base game view

Vikings Fight For Honour is a video slot from Foxium with a setup of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines. Players can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 12.50. The game has a default RTP of 96.37%, placing it above the industry average on that metric. Its hit frequency of 27.19% implies that, on average, you’ll get a winning combination on around every 4th spin. Lastly, Vikings Fight For Honour is played at high volatility and can net you a max win of 20000x the bet.

Vikings may be famous for relentless pillaging, but in this game, they’ll act as your friends and hand you the tools to hit big. The features of Vikings Fight For Honour are Wild Symbol, Blazing Shards, Thor’s Battle, Odin’s Battle, Fight For Honour, and Boost. 

Vikings Fight For Honour Slot Information

The game starts off in a peaceful manner by a valley river. It paints a positive image of the Viking times, and you’re then thrown into battle once a bonus triggers. The graphics are nothing crazy, but we do want to compliment Foxium on the audio. It keeps you on your toes and your blood pumping.

Vikings Fight For Honour can be played on all common mobile devices and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels within the game’s lines, starting from the leftmost reel.

The lower-paying symbols consist of 10, J, Q, K, and A. Five-of-a-kind with these pays 1.5x-2x the bet. The higher-paying symbols include bird, paw, lady, and man. A full line of 5 with these pays 3x-10x the bet. Wild symbols are available to substitute for other paying symbols, and the Blazing Shards can trigger one of the bonuses. 

Vikings Fight For Honour Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Vikings Fight For Honour?

You can win up to 20000x the bet. 

What features are available in the slot Vikings Fight For Honour?

The features of Vikings Fight For Honour are Wild Symbol, Blazing Shards, Thor’s Battle, Odin’s Battle, Fight For Honour, and Boost.

A screenshot of blazing shards being collected.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols enable more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. 

Blazing Shards

Blazing Shards can come in three different colors. Thor’s is blue, Odin’s is purple, and Ragnarök’s is orange. These come with cash values attached to them, which can be collected by landing a Collect symbol on reel 5.

However, they can also be used to trigger one of three bonus games. Above the grid, you can see three Viking’s Skål. When a Blazing Shard lands, it can randomly trigger its corresponding bonus. The three bonuses are stated as different ones, but they all seem to work the same. 

You are awarded 3 Spins, which reset each time you land a new symbol. Orbs with cash values are available and will stick to their positions throughout the bonus. Furthermore, a Ragnar Multiplier symbol can land, adding a 1x-5x multiplier to the current multiplier, which will then be applied to all cash value orbs. An Ingrid Extra Spin symbol can also land, increasing the reset value of the spins by 1 (4 instead of 3). The Mystery symbol reveals a Ragnar, Ingrid, or Cash value. On top of that, you can also win some static Jackpots. 

The Mini Jackpot (10x) is awarded when 10 Blazing Shards (cash values) land.

The Major Jackpot (50x) is awarded when 15 Blazing Shards land.

The Grand Jackpot (20000x) is awarded when 20 Blazing Shards land. 

Note that the multiplier is only applied to cash values, not Jackpots.

A screenshot of the grand jackpot being won


If you want to spice up your session, the Boost bet can be activated at an extra cost of 50% of your bet, increasing your chance to trigger bonuses and land Blazing Shards. 

Vikings Fight For Honour Slot Conclusion

Vikings Fight For Honour by Foxium offers a solid Viking theme and the chance for some big wins. The game’s high volatility and the potential to win up to 20000x your bet are definitely appealing. The Blazing Shards and their bonus games add some excitement, even if they don’t feel all that different from each other.

However, the game isn't without its drawbacks. While the audio does a good job of setting the atmosphere, the graphics are fairly standard and don’t really stand out. The gameplay can become repetitive, and the chances of hitting those big wins might feel slim, which can be discouraging. The bonus features, while initially engaging, tend to blend together and may lose their appeal over time. It just feels hard to really win anything crazy without hitting the Grand Jackpot. That could be a positive, though, as we imagine a lot of RTP is put into that one since there are few other ways to really hit big.

We thought it was a decent game, but it doesn’t really stand out. It’s fun for a while, especially if you like Vikings, but it might not keep you entertained for the long haul. If you’re looking for something truly exciting and different, you might want to look elsewhere.