Rasputin Megaways Slot Overview

Rasputin Megaways is a new casino slot from Big Time Gaming, bringing life to the Russian holy man Rasputin. Although Grigori Rasputin passed away over 100 years ago, he's still a well-known figure. He was born into a peasant family in Siberia and became friends with the family of Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia. There are a few stories describing Rasputin as somewhat of a ladies' man, and that is the character Big Time Gaming has chosen to focus on here.

The long-bearded and mysterious long-haired man is neatly groomed and wears sunglasses when he comes to live in the casino world. The guy is also the game's wild symbol, adding extra symbols to the already great Megaways grid. This gives the player up to a million ways to win in the base game and nearly 3 million ways to win in the free spins. The Russian party prince has also stocked up two different free spins features and a win exchange feature where the player can turn bigger wins into free spins sessions.

Rasputin Megaways is a video slot from Big Time Gaming with 6 reels containing 2-10 rows in the base game and 2-12 rows in the free spins. The changing number of rows results in up to 1,000,000 ways to win in the base game and 2,985,984 ways to win in the free spins. The Min.bet is 0.2, and the Max.bet is 8. The default RTP clocks in at 96.68%, a fair bit better than the standard slot RTP. Rasputin Megaways has very high volatility and a max win of 63400X the bet.

When you swing by Russia, the disco-loving Rasputin will show you his best moves. Prepare to see the features Megaways, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Big & Strong Free Spins, Ecstasy & Fire Free Spins, Win Exchange, and Bonus Buy.

Rasputin Megaways Slot Information

Rasputin Megaways is located in front of a big Orthodox church watched from below. There are no people or other buildings to be seen. Instead, we're looking at a blue sky with clouds and purple and yellow lights beneath. The 6 reels are placed in a square in the middle of the screen, and the Megaways counter, showing the present ways to win, is located at the top. To make a win, you need to land 3 or more symbols on adjacent reels, starting with the first reel to the left. The rows on each reel change between 2 and 7 on each spin, just like in regular Megaways games. What spices up this game even more is that wild Rasputin symbols can add up to 10 rows in the base game and 12 in the free spins.

The lower-paying symbols in Rasputin's disco life are the playing card figures 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. The higher-paying symbols are 4 jewelry eggs with golden details in green, blue, red, and purple. It might be that they're supposed to resemble the famous Russian Fabergé egg, manufactured in Saint Petersburg between 1885 and 1917. The Wild Symbol is Rasputin himself holding a disco ball, and the Scatter Symbol is another disco ball with Rasputin's name.

Rasputin Megaways Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Rasputin Megaways?

You can win up to 63400X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Rasputin Megaways?

The features are Megaways, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Big & Strong Free Spins, Ecstasy & Fire Free Spins, Win Exchange, and Bonus Buy.


The Megaways mechanic, developed by Big Time Gaming, has been used by many other game developers. The number of rows changes between 2 and 7 on each spin, changing the ways to win. Big Time Gaming has updated the feature by letting Rasputin add extra symbols, allowing the reels to grow 10 rows high in the base game and 12 rows high in the free spins.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is depicted by Rasputin holding a disco ball. It substitutes all symbols except the Scatter. Every time a wild lands, it has a number on it, adding that amount of symbols to the reels. Rasputin can boost the reels up to 10 symbols high in the base game and 12 symbols in the free spins.

Scatter Symbol

Landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere triggers free spins. The player can choose between 7 Big & Strong Free Spins or 10 Ecstasy & Fire Free Spins.

Big & Strong Free Spins

The player chooses one of two free spins features when triggering the free spins. If the pick goes to the Big & Strong Free Spins, you will be greeted by a shirtless Rasputin flexing his muscles. The feature starts with 7 free spins with extending reels up to 12 rows, and the number of symbols is carried over to the next spin, making the grid grow as you play.

Filling a reel entirely with a maximum of 12 symbols will make Rasputin dance for you while he awards 3 extra spins. The feature is over when the player runs out of spins.

Ecstasy & Fire Free Spins

Rasputin has gotten his clothes back on in the Ecstacy & Fire Free Spins. The feature has the same reel setup as the base game and starts with 10 spins and an unlimited multiplier at 1X. The multiplier increases by +1 for every 5 symbols Wild Rasputin adds to the screen. You can also retrigger the feature by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols.

Win Exchange

Whenever you win between 25X and 100X the bet, you will be presented with the opportunity to gamble the win for a free spins session. The chance of winning is shown in green on a wheel, and the bigger your win, the bigger your chance. If your win is worth 90X the bet, you have a 90% chance of winning the gamble.

If you win a gamble, you go straight to one of the free spins. If you lose the gamble, you return to the base game.

Whenever you win 100X the bet or more, you can exchange 100X the bet for one of the free spins features. If you do so, you get to play the free spins straight away, and the rest of your win exceeding 100X the bet will be paid out.

Bonus Buy

The free spins are up for sale at any time. Simply pay 100X the bet to purchase one of the two free spins features.

Rasputin Megaways Slot Conclusion

Some historians might argue that Rasputin isn't totally accurately presented in Rasputin Megaways. Although he had many different relationships in his life, he was also believed to be a healer who helped several royal members and was close to the imperial children. As long as you're not obsessed with having the right picture of this man, you will probably love the game, though.

Big Time Gaming created the popular Megaways mechanic and has given us a great variety of games, such as Max Megaways, Spicy Meatballs Megaways, and Wild Portals Megaways. This time, the game developer is taking the Megaways concept one step further by letting the Russian holy man add symbols to the reels, making them grow up to 10 rows in the base game and 12 rows in the Big & Strong Free Spins. This results in up to 1,000,000 ways to win in the base game, and even more astonishing 2,985,984 ways in the free spins. No wonder this game has very high volatility with a highly desirable max win of 63400X the bet.

The hardest choice to make in Rasputin Megaways is which one of the free spins to play. The Big & Strong Free Spins can make the reels grow more than ever, and the Ecstacy and Fire Free Spins have a multiplier that can result in huge wins. Another great thing about this game is the RTP of 96.68%, quite a bit above the standard slot RTP.

Rasputin Megaways takes the Megaways concept to new levels by letting the Russian casanova Rasputin add symbols up to 12 rows, giving the player almost 3 million ways to win.