Moon Princess 100 Slot Overview

Moon Princess 100 is a new casino slot from Play'n GO where we once again meet the three princesses Love, Storm and Star. We've taken part in a couple of slots over the years featuring these power girls, with their Moon Princess: Christmas Kingdom being the latest adventure we were able to take part in. At a quick glance, you can see that the conditions are the same regarding the potential maximum win, RTP, bet sizes and so on, but slots with these princesses tend to be filled with exciting features, so let's visit this site and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Moon Princess 100 is a video slot from Play'n GO that feature 5 reels and 5 rows. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on either adjacent or horizontal lines anywhere on the reels. You can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 100. There is an RTP of 96.20% by default, but this RTP can vary with different gaming operators, where it also can be 94.20%, 91.20%, 87.20% or 84.20%. Moon Princess 100 has a high volatility (8/10), where you can win up to 15000X the bet.

Within this fast-paced gaming adventure among powerful princesses, we have a couple of exciting features to help us in the pursuit of the bigger wins. The features are Winning Drop, Wild Symbol, Girl Power, Trinity and Free Spins.

Moon Princess 100 Slot Information

The design of the game consists of a princess theme, where we meet 3 sailor moon-like girls. In the background of the reels, we can see a green blue shimmer, where the different princesses occasionally appear when the different features are activated. You can play this slot on all the devices notepads, desktops and mobiles. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on a winning line that is either vertical or horizontal anywhere on the reels.

The lower paying symbols are a circle, a star, a heart and a bell. Landing 5 of the same symbol type pays between 2X to 3X the bet. The higher paying symbols are the princesses with background colors of green(Storm), blue(Star) and red(Love). If you land 5 of the same symbol type it pays 10X and if you land a mix of these higher paying symbols, it pays 5X the bet. The game's wild symbol is a full moon and if you land 5 of these, it pays 50X the bet. Let's find out what the features do.

Moon Princess 100 Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Moon Princess 100?

You can win up to 15000X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Moon Princess 100?

The features are Winning Drop, Wild Symbol, Girl Power, Trinity and Free Spins.

Winning Drop

When you create a winning combination, the symbols involved will be removed from the reels and then the symbols will fall down where they have a chance to create new wins. When a winning drop occurs, a wild symbol will be placed in the middle of the winning line, where a win multiplier increases with each new drop and then resets when no more wins are created.

Wild Symbol

The game's wild symbol enables more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols on the reels and can only be created when a win has been generated. If only wild symbols remain on the reels, they will be removed to completely clear the reels.

Girl Power

When you spin the reels and no win is generated, the Girl Power feature can be randomly activated. You will then take part in one of three princess features, where the feature of the princess that appears will be activated. These are and do the following:

Star = This will place out 1 to 2 wild symbols on the reels.

Love = This will turn one symbol type into another symbol type.

Storm = This will remove two symbol types from the reels. Once you have activated one of these features, a new princess will appear for the next activation and it is always in the following order: Love, Star and Storm.


By creating wins with the princess and wild symbols, you will be able to fill up a meter and when it is filled up, the Trinity feature is activated. Depending on whether you have a winning combination of 3, 4 or 5 symbols, it will fill the meter with 1, 2 or 3 sections respectively, where the meter has 3 sections in total.

You will then take part in a free round and here the girl power feature will be activated when no win is created, where all 3 features will be performed as no win is created. It is again in the order Love, Star and Storm that this girl power feature is performed and if you clear the reels completely, then the Free Spins feature is activated.

Free Spins

Once you manage to clear all the reels of symbols, the Free Spins feature will be activated. Your created win multiplier from the Trinity feature will follow you here and it will stay during the remaining spins, where it can be up to 100X. You will then be given a choice of 3 different options that have different outcomes.

Love = You will receive 4 free spins and her Girl Power will be activated on each spin.

Star = You will receive 5 free spins and her Girl Power will be activated on each spin.

Storm = You will receive 8 free spins and her Girl Power will be activated on each spin.

By charging the meter, you will receive 4, 3 or 2 free spins depending on whether you have selected Love, Star or Storm respectively. Within this bonus game, you can receive a maximum of 100 free spins. By clearing the reels of symbols within this bonus game, you will receive an instant prize of 50X the bet multiplied by the current win multiplier.

Moon Princess 100 Slot Conclusion

These princesses really know what it takes to create an entertaining gaming session, where we once again get to enjoy an intense gaming moment. It turns out to be a gameplay that is very similar to what we saw recently within their Christmas adventure, so let's break down the differences in detail. For starters, wins can be created anywhere on the reels, provided they are winning lines with at least 3 of the same symbol type that are either on horizontal or vertical lines. This creates a nice touch to the spins, where you can't count out a win until all symbols have landed. If a win is created, a wild symbol will be placed out to help create more winning combinations and also a win multiplier is increased when winning drops occur.

When non-winning spins occur, you can get a second chance with the help of the girl power feature, where one of the three princess features is activated. You can then get symbol types substituted or wild symbols placed out, which can give a small boost to the wins. However, things start to heat up when you activate the Trinity feature by filling up a meter, whereby you receive a free round. This free round is the key to successfully activating the free spins feature and to increase the chances of that, all the power girl features will be activated one after the other, where you finally manage to activate the free spins feature if all the symbols are gone from the reels.

Just like in the previous version, you will again be faced with a choice, where you get to choose one of the three princess bonus games, where different amounts of free spins are offered and, on each spin, the chosen princess feature will be activated. It is possible to retrigger extra free spins and the win multiplier that successively builds up during the spins can amount to an incredible 100X, hence the name of the game. If you manage to clear the reels from symbols within the bonus game, you get a juicy win consisting of 50X the bet multiplied by the current win multiplier.

The theme feels more adapted for all seasons and thus it feels more right to play this slot all year round, unlike their Christmas editions which will be more niched for that unique month. Beyond the theme, it's how the win multiplier is built up that has changed slightly, and it must be admitted that this version's approach feels more welcoming. It's otherwise a slot that's almost identical to its predecessor and just as this game provider tends to do, as within the Book of series for example, a careful and passive upgrade has taken place here, so don't expect any groundbreaking changes. The atmosphere builds up quickly during the spins and you become captivated in front of the screen very quickly, but some major changes would have been appreciated.

Moon Princess 100 is a slot from Play'n GO that once again lets us meet the three sisters Love, Star and Storm, where an intense gaming experience awaits along with a potential win multiplier of 100X that can create explosive wins.