Immortal Romance 2 Slot Overview

Immortal Romance 2 is a casino slot from Stormcraft Studios with a vampire theme. This game is the sequel to Immortal Romance from 2011, which quickly became a massive success among slot players due to its impressive backstory, smooth graphics, and excellent win potential. This time, the max win is even more significant, and each character has their own Bonus Game, offering wins up to 15,000X the bet. Join us for this highly anticipated slot adventure among bloodsucking vampires and get blown away by its immersive soundtrack. Let’s find out what Immortal Romance 2 has to offer!

Base game with the four characters on the left of the reels.

Immortal Romance 2  is a video slot from Stormcraft Studios with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways to win. Players can choose between a of 0.1 and a of 20. This game has an above-average RTP of 96.30%. Immortal Romance 2 has a high volatility and a max win of 15,000X the bet. 

This exciting slot game adventure has some thrilling features to help you pursue and land the big wins. The features of Immortal Romance 2 are Rolling Reels, Wild Symbol, Bloodline, Locking Wild Symbols, Wild Desire, Bonus Game, and Feature Buy.

Immortal Romance 2 Slot Information

The game’s design is based on a vampire theme. It invites you to an ancient castle to meet the main characters, Sarah, Michael, Troy, and Amber. Use the button in the left corner to read more about the new intruiging developments in the backstory!

The reels are in the middle of the screen, and the Wild Desire Multiplier and Jackpot Character are displayed on the left side. You can find the Bloodline Bar on the screen's lower edge, which progresses with each spin to reach stages that can alter the game's theme. If you are looking to advance directly to one of the Bonus Games, use the Feature Buy button on the left side at a cost. All remaining buttons, including the Spin and Bet Size buttons, are positioned below or to the right of the reels. You can play Immortal Romance 2 on all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol types on adjacent reels starting at the leftmost reel, triggering the Rolling Reel feature.

The lower-paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K, and A. Landing 5 of the same symbol type pays between 1X and 1.5X. The higher-paying symbols are a gate, a book, Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah. Landing 5 of the same symbol type pays between 2.5X and 4.5X

The game’s Wild Symbol has the text ”Immortal Romance,” depending on whether you land 3, 4, or 5 of this symbol type, awards a direct payout of 1.2X, 2.5X, or 5X, respectively. The Scatter Symbol is the image of a lion, and landing 3 or more will trigger the Bonus Game. Depending on whether you land 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols award a direct payout of 1X, 5X, or 25X, respectively. Gems can land as golden, blue, green, or red symbols, triggering the corresponding Character Jackpots. The Wild Desire Blood Drop is the image of a blood drop appearing on reels 2 and 4, and landing 2 of this symbol type will award a direct payout of 1X, and trigger the Wild Desire feature. Let’s find out what kind of features this game has to offer!

Immortal Romance 2 Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot of Immortal Romance 2?

The max win is 15,000X the bet. 

What features are available in the slot of Immortal Romance 2?

The features of this slot game are Rolling Reels, Wild Symbol, Bloodline, Locking Wild Symbols, Wild Desire, Bonus Game, and Feature Buy.

Option to select among four characters with different properties.

Rolling Reels

The Rolling Reels is activated when a win is created, and the winning symbols will be removed from the reels. New symbols will fall from above and allow new winning combinations; this will continue as long as new winning combinations are created.

This feature does not affect the Scatter Symbol and is absent during the Wild Desire feature.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol substitutes all symbols except the Scatter and Blood Drop Symbols and helps you create winning combinations. Depending on landing, 3, 4, or 5 of this symbol type awards a direct payout of 1.2X, 2.5X, or 5X, respectively. The Wild Symbol can appear on all reels during the Base Game, and all Free Spins features except the Troy Free Spin feature.

Wild Symbols that contribute to creating wins in the Base Game and Ambers Free Spins feature can carry a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 6X. The multiplier value remains held in position until the Rolling Reel feature is complete and is only removed at the beginning of each spin. Its value increases gradually for every Rolling Reel and is applied to all wins the Mulitplier Wild is part of. These locked Multiplier Wilds don’t appear in Michaels or Sarah Free Spins features.

Amber Bonus Game with three multiplier symbols on the reels.

Bloodline Bar

This progress bar is positioned below the reels and progresses with each spin until immortality is achieved at 5000 spins. At certain bloodline stages, in-game music tracks and skins are unlocked. The Bloodline Bar does not affect bets or wins.

Wild Desire

This feature can be triggered by landing 2 Blood Drop Symbols on reels 2 and 4 during the Base Game. The Wild Desire can present a grid setup of 5X4 with reels covered with Wild Symbols, played at 1024 ways to win. Landing 2 Blood Drop awards a direct payout of 1X the bet.

Landing 1 Blood Drop Symbol can randomly increase the Wild Desire Multiplier by 0.5X, applied to all wins during the feature. After the Wild Desire is complete, the multiplier is reset to a random value between 1X and 3X.

Troy Bonus Game with a wild symbol on the middle reel.

Jackpot Wheel

This feature can be randomly triggered by collecting gems at the end of each spin during the Base Game. The Character gems increase the corresponding Jackpot, and when triggered, you are presented with the Jackpot Wheel, awarding 1 of the Jackpots or triggering the Wild Desire. The Jackpots are:

Amber = Awarding between 5X to 50X.
Troy = Awarding between 5X to 75X.
Michael = Awarding between 10X to 200X.
Sarah = Awarding between 20X to 1500X.

Michael Bonus Game with three wild symbols on the reels.

Bonus Game

This feature can be triggered by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols, presenting you with 4 different Free Spins features. Depending on whether you land 3, 4, or 5 Scatter Symbols award a direct payout of 1X, 5X, or 25X, respectively. Each Free Spins feature starts with 12 Free Spins, and you can retrigger all of them by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols, granting you 3 additional Free Spins in Troy, Michael, and Sarahs. A retrigger in Ambers Free Spins feature awards 12 extra Free Spins.

Amber Free Spins = Wild Multipliers and Locking Wild Multipliers increase 3X per Rolling Reel up to a maximum of 18X, which is applied to all wins it is part of.

Troy Free Spins = Locking Wild Mulitplier landing on reel 3 remains for the duration of the Rolling Reels feature and will add 2 additional Locking Wild onto the same reel, creating an entire Wild Reel. All Locking Wilds can contain multipliers of up to 3X, which is applied to all wins it is part of.

Michael Free Spins = During this feature, reels 2, 3, or 4 can sync together. These synced reels occur on each spin during the feature, and symbols landing on these reels will be identical.

Sarah Free Spins = During this feature, Stacked Sticky Mystery Symbols can land and reveal coin values or any paying symbol type. The Stacked Sticky Mystery Symbols remain for the duration of the Rolling Reel feature and are only removed at the start of a new spin. The revealed coin values range between 1X and 25X and are multiplied by the unlocked value of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 6X on the Multiplier Trail displayed above the reels.

Sarah Bonus Game with a current 2X win multiplier presented above the reels.

Feature Buy

If you want to take advantage of the Free Spins feature immediately, you can use the feature buy options. You pay 100X the bet and activate the Bonus Game, which has an RTP of 96.30%.

Immortal Romance 2 Slot Conclusion

“The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.” We hope you are ready for another blood-sucking adventure with an ambitious soundtrack worthy of any vampire movie on the market. We are once again introduced to Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah, and guess what? They haven’t aged a day! At first glance of this new release from Stormcraft Studios, it’s clear that the provider has stayed true to the original game's core and added layers to make it interesting. 

The variety of music this game provides is awe-inspiring, from thrilling upbeat to beautiful ambient tunes. Each Bonus Game has its own soundtrack, successfully created to fit the character's vibe. We often speak about the importance of music and how it plays an essential role in the gaming experience, and Stormcraft Studios has really done its homework.

So, what can players expect from this new edition? The design has been properly refined with movie-like graphics and excellent animations. The four characters play a significant role during the spins in both the Base and the Bonus Game, apart from being the higher-paying symbols. Each character has its own Jackpot, which increases when a corresponding gem lands on the reels, offering jackpot wins up to 1500X the bet. Immortal Romance 2 is an action-packed game with impressive features and massive payouts. We appreciate the fact that it pays off the longer you play the game, creating the chance to change theme music and skin due to the new Bloodline Bar displayed under the reels. 

In terms of the Bonus Game, you are presented with 4 Free Spins options when you land 3 or more Scatter Symbols. Unlike the previous release, you can immediately choose your favorite Free Spins feature without unlocking them, creating a more dynamic gaming experience customized to the player's preferences. Each Free Spins feature offers its own specific ways to create wins, and we commend the fact that all features can be retriggered. While testing the game, the features lasted for a long time, creating lucrative wins!

To summarize, Immortal Romance 2 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular games on the market, and we can easily understand why. This game is filled with entertaining elements to create a long-term interest, thanks to impressive background music and well-thought-out features. As mentioned, Stormcraft Studios has stayed true to the game’s core and added modern features like the Rolling Reels, Jackpots, and Sticky Multiplier to take the experience to the next level. If you want more games from this provider, check out Thunderstruck Stormchaser.

Immortal Romance 2 is a slot is an action-packed gaming experience with excellent stats offering wins up to 15,000X!