Hyper Respins Slot Overview

Hyper Respins is a new upcoming casino slot from ReelPlay that takes players on a journey to explore the depths of space on a Gemstones hunting adventure where Hyper symbols explode to create lucrative wins. The game provider has displayed mastery with previous slots like Fu 10K Ways, which had a Fortune Bonus Respins feature, 12309x max win payout. This time you get to swim in reels filled with precious stones of different types, where landing a combination of 15+ offers up to 250x your initial bet. You can also get up to the max win of 13552x your initial bet. The game offers players who enjoy innovative games merged with popular gaming styles, fast-paced combos, and explosions. Are you ready for a lucrative and fun adventure? Let's see what's on the other side of this slot game.

Base game with a purple shimmering background.

Hyper Respins is a video slot from ReelPlay that shows many gems in a background set on 6 reels, 6 rows grid, and offers cluster pay ways to land winning combinations. For a fun game with Gemstones that offers fantastic prizes, the game has a min.bet of 0.2 and a max.bet of 15, which is an acceptable range for all slot players. Whether you are in for the long haul or want to scoop small wins here and there, the balanced game model offers a default RTP of 96.1% to fit your winning appetite. Volatility is another factor to consider when choosing a slot game, and this game provider offers Medium-high volatility combined with a hit frequency of 29.41% for a fun experience. You can also spin for the big payout and hit the Max win of 13552x your initial bet.

The game providers provide lucrative features like Wild Symbols, Hyper Symbols, Bonus Respins, and Bonus Buys to deliver exciting gameplay.

Hyper Respins Slot Information

Slot games come in different sizes, shapes, styles, themes, and attractive features. The Hyper Respins is an exciting slot that focuses on the Hyper Respins feature, with fun gemstones littering the background. There are a few gemstones whose origin traces back to outer space, derived from a meteorite, asteroids, moissanite, and more. These gemstones are worth a fortune in the jewellery market, with most families using them as a way to store wealth. In this slot game, we explore the lands of an unknown planet in outer space in search of these rare gems and the more gems you land, the bigger your prizes.

The game area shows a reel filled with precious stones of different types, beautifully illustrated to set the stage for entertaining gameplay with lucrative rewards. As you settle in, you receive a prompt to turn on the sound, where clicking on "Yes', 'triggers a soft playing background music that helps you relax. The music combines different instruments like a violin to create harmonious synchronisation and space-themed music that's befitting a game of this calibre. As usual, the game developers merge the illustrative creativity and musical collection for an immersive Gem-themed slot game.

Whether working from home or consistently on the move, you can enjoy this exciting slot from mobile or desktop devices with top-notch navigation and compatibility.

You create a win through cluster pays with a combination of at least 5 similar symbols spread between the lower-paying and higher-paying symbols.

The lower-paying symbols are shaped Gems stoned of different colours, where landing a combination of 15+ similar lower-paying symbols rewards you with 10x to 80x your initial stake. The higher-paying symbols are gems of different shapes and colours. Landing a combination of 15+ similar higher-paying symbols rewards you with 25x to 1000x your initial bet.

The game also features special symbols, Wild and Scatter symbols, where landing one or more wild symbols to complete a winning combination pays 4x the winning prize.

Hyper Respins Slot Features

What is the maximum win in the slot Hyper Respins?

You can win up to 13552x the bet.

What features are available in the slot Hyper Respins?

The features available in Hyper Respins are Wild Symbols, Hyper Symbols, Bonus Respins, and Bonus buy.

Bonus Respins with a zap vertical symbol on a reel.

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols substitute for all symbols except scatter symbols to create a winning combination. When one or more Wilds partakes in completing a winning combination, the winning prize is multiplied by 4.

Hyper Symbols

The beauty of this space Gem-themed slots is in the bountiful special symbols that can appear on the reels. The special symbols are Bomb, Mega bomb, Zap (Horizontal), Zap (vertical), Mega Zap, and Hyper Bomb, and each offers varying rewards. After all symbol wins have been determined, one of these special symbols is triggered.

Bombs = affect symbols in a 3x3 square created on the bomb.

Mega bomb = affects symbols in a 5x5 square centred on the Mega bomb.

Hyper bomb = affects all symbols on the grid.

Zap (Vertical) symbol = affect all symbols on the same column as the Zap.

Zap (Horizontal) symbol = affects symbols on the same row as the zap.

Mega Zap = affects all symbols on the same row & column as the Mega Zap.

Hyper symbol to trigger is chosen in the bottom to top order per column, with the column transversed into left-to-right order. Scatter symbols will have their value doubled when the hyper symbols explode, while non-scatter symbols will explode and pay the immediate prize. Also, Hyper symbols aren't affected by other hyper symbols, and all affected non-scatter symbols are replaced by symbols coming above after an explosion.

Bonus Respins

The Bonus respins game round is triggered when 5 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels during a base game spin. You cannot trigger the Bonus Respins until all symbol wins and Hyper Bonus symbols have been finalized. Also, all scatter symbols are held during the game round, and the remaining reels spin. Any new scatter Symbol that falls in the reels is held, and the Respins resets to 3. All scatter Symbols are awarded a prize upon completion of the spin, with initial prize values ranging from 1x to 100x your bet. Only Scatter, Blank, and Hyper Symbols appear in this game round on the reels.

Bonus buy

The Bonus buys feature allows you to trigger Bonus features at will for a price. You can buy the Bonus Respins feature at a base bet of 80x. During the bonus buy, a spin is played that will always result in 5 or more scatter symbols.

Hyper Respins Slot Conclusion

ReelPlay has a long-standing reputation for designing visually appealing games that deliver immersive experiences and are loaded with unique features. A couple of their games, like Professor Clanks Combinator and Tsai Shen 10K Ways Dream Drop, show this mastery and excellent delivery. The Hyper Respins follow the success of their space Gem-themed slots, but this time, they add a new touch with unique mechanics and Hyper symbols. Although the game doesn't field a lot of features, with only the Bonus Respins and Hyper Symbols being its major features, it still offers a fun gaming experience, thanks to different bombs and zaps.

You can expect to hit a lucrative win combination with an above-average RTP of 96.1% that merges well with mid-high volatility and 29.41% hit frequency. The game developers compensate for the limited features with an attractive Max win of 13552x your initial bet with stake starting at min.bet 0.2 for inclusivity.

Crisp graphics meet seamless navigation and simple game instructions, so newbies have nothing to worry about. You can start winning immediately from any internet-connected device with little practice. The fast-paced, explosive combos will be entertaining for slot players who love to chase big win multipliers and the immersive experience of a classic space visual theme. The slot game takes your gaming experience to the next level as you pursue Hyper symbols and access a new thrilling mechanic that further increases scatter wins.

Overall, the slot game showcases a balance between all elements like images, sound, navigation, features, and prizes, making it a great time in front of the screen.

Hyper Respins by ReelPlay is a thrilling slot with outer space Gem-themed symbols, navigation, and unique mechanics that improve chances to scoop lucrative wins.