Gemix 2 Slot Review

Slot Review
April 8, 2021

Gemix 2 Slot Overview

In this new online slot from Play’n GO we get to take part in another adventure with the small magical characters. In the first release they made of the slot Gemix, we were fascinated by its exciting features, which laid a whole new foundation for what slots could look like. With such a slot, it was obviously time to create Gemix 2 as a sequel. This time we go high up among the clouds where a fabulous castle is located, something that is very reminiscent of Laputa: Castle in the sky by Miyazaki. Whether Play’n GO has been inspired by this beautiful story or not, I leave unsaid, but one thing is clear, if you have a castle in the sky, it requires a lot of magic.

Something that they really used to create this slot, which is once again filled with a lot of exciting features that we get to partake of. Before we go into depth with its features, we will find out what conditions you have on this slot.

Base game

Gemix 2 is a video slot from Play’n GO that has 7 reels and 7 rows. You create a winning cluster by getting 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster. You can choose between making a of 0.10 and a of 100. It is an RTP of 96.26% by default, but this can vary with different game providers so be sure to check what applies before you start playing. Gemix 2 has a high volatility and up among the clouds in this adventurous slot you can win up to 7500X the bet.

Like the first release of Gemix, this is a slot where a lot of different things can happen during the spins. Since the various features are constantly changing with the help of the various cluster wins that are created. The features that you can take part in are Cascades, World Wilds, Crystal Charge, World Pattern and Pick a Pocket. Let's find out which symbols you can land on the reels during the spins.

Gemix 2 Slot Information

This new casino slot takes place in the sky, where a fabulous castle is located and also an enchanting slot. In the background you can see a large white castle, white clouds and birds flying peacefully around. If you are looking for mobile slots games then this is a perfect choice as it is created to fit several devices. It may be a peaceful place in the background, but when the spins start, it gets more fast-paced. You create a winning combination by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster.

The lower paying symbols consist of small crystals in the colors dark blue, light blue, purple and green. The higher paying symbols consist of an orange flower, pink moon, red heart and a yellow star. When it comes to the game's Wild symbols, 4 different variants can land, we go into more depth with this in the Features section. It is a very evocative music that is played in the background, where they have really managed to create a catchy tune. It's time for us to find out what the different features do.

Gemix 2 Slot Features

In this slot you can win up to 7500X the bet and this is possible with the help of the features Cascades, World Wilds, Crystal Charge, World Pattern and Pick a Pocket.

World Wilds - Wizard


When you create a winning cluster, the cascading feature is activated. Then all the symbols that were part of the winning cluster will disappear from the reels, then new symbols will rain down to fill these empty positions. This continues as long as new winning clusters are created.

World Wilds

During the game you will be able to take part in different worlds, where each world has a unique guardian who has a special Wild. These wilds help to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols and appearing randomly during the spins. If you activate Crystal Charge, the Wilds will turn into Miner Wilds. The different guardian wilds that you can take part in are:

Wizard = This will randomly place up to 5 Sticky wilds on the reels. These will not disappear even though they are part of a winning combination and will not fall down even if the position below them is empty. They remain until the round is over or until Crystal Charge is activated.

Sky Knight = This will place up to 2 Mega wilds that are in the size 2X2. It behaves like a single symbol and if it is included in a winning combination, it disappears from the reels.

Miner = This can place up to 10 Wilds on the reels that can truly create festive winning clusters. The Wilds that are part of a winning combination then disappear from the reels.

Princess = This will select an edge symbol which is then turned into a Wild. This will then be scattered through adjacent symbols until it reaches one of the edge symbols on the reels. If these Wilds are included in a winning combination, they disappear from the reels.

Crystal Charge

When you create winning clusters, it helps to replenish the game's Crystal Charge. If you succeed in filling up this Crystal Charge with 25 symbols, you will activate 1 of 4 of the following effects:

Light Beam = This will select a symbol on the reels which will then shoot out light rays both horizontally and vertically. These symbols will then turn into the same symbol type.

Crystal Warp = This selects a symbol on the reels and then all of this symbol type on the reels will be transformed into another symbol type.

Chain Lightning = This will select 2 corner symbols, then these will fire an electrical arc that hits other symbols. These will then turn into 1 of the 2 corner symbols.

Nova Blast = This will select a symbol on the reels and just like its name it will then blast. Then adjacent symbols with a diameter of 7 symbols will disappear, where a cluster of the same symbol type is then left behind.

While you are experiencing any of these effects, the Crystal Charge will continue to replenish, which may activate additional effects. If you manage to fill the Crystal Charge with 50 symbols you're up for a treat. You will then get to take part in all 4 effects, and you will also receive a multiplier for this festive event. You start with a 2X multiplier and by collecting another 50 symbols, this multiplier can be upgraded, with a maximum of 20X.

Miner Wilds

World Pattern

There are 4 different worlds that you can enjoy in this slot. To the right of the reels, you will see the current world pattern and by getting winning symbols on the selected positions that the map shows, you will move on to the next pattern. There are 2 patterns that you must complete per world, in order to then be able to move on to the next world.

Pick a Pocket

Every time you finish a world and move to a new world, a very shady creature will appear. He offers you to take part in his Pick a Pocket feature which can give you the opportunity to take part in the current world bonus. This bonus will increase with each win during the game round.

Gemix 2 Slot Conclusion

There is something special about slots that takes place up among the clouds, as they have a tendency to contain many different features. Something that we also noticed in Land of Zenith. The game's cascading feature gives us in a very elegant way the opportunity to take part in this large variety of features and as soon as one has been activated, it often continues to the next feature, similar to the snowball effect. There’s no free spins feature that you get to take part of here, but by activating various different features and unlocking new worlds, you move to new places all the time anyway, and with the active cascading feature, the feeling is similar to free spins.

It is a very festive environment that you are in during the spins and from time-to-time different guardians appear. These have different unique wilds to give us which enables greater chances of winning. The game's potential maximum win has increased slightly compared to its predecessor and now it is at 7500X the bet. With captivating music and the constantly eventful spins, this slot is very entertaining to take part of.

Gemix 2 really lives up to what you expect from a sequel. With its large number of features and wonderful theme, it will be an action-packed adventure that truly creates joyful spins.

  • Title: Gemix 2
  • Developer: Play´N Go
  • Reels: 7
  • Rows: 7
  • Paylines: 5
  • RTP: 96.26%
  • Hit Frequency: N/A
  • Max Win: 7500
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.1/€100
  • Release Date: Apr 08, 2021
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