Day Of The Dinero Slot Overview

Day Of The Dinero is a casino slot from Gameburger Studios in which a famous Mexican tradition is slightly tweaked to be a lot more…lucrative. 

The Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, honoring deceased loved ones with vibrant traditions, such as altars adorned with marigolds, sugar skulls, and offerings. This festive and colorful celebration has been depicted in various forms of entertainment, including slot games, with the most obvious one perhaps being Day of Dead from Pragmatic Play. It’s a pretty neat setting with its bright lights at night time, but many of them also feel very similar. Let’s hope Day Of The Dinero manages to stand out in the crowd. Let’s have a look!

A screenshot of the Base Game view

Day Of The Dinero is a video slot from Gameburger Studios with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Players can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 50. The game has an RTP of 96%, placing it just around the industry average on that metric. Its hit frequency of 29.29% implies that, on average, you’ll get a winning combination on every 3.41th spin. Lastly, Day Of The Dinero is played at low volatility and can net you a max win of 5000x the bet.

In classic Games Global fashion, some Coin symbols and Jackpots are in play. The features of Day Of The Dinero are Cash & Collect Symbols, Jackpot Symbols, Feature Pots, and Free Spins.

Day Of The Dinero Slot Information 

Thematically, it feels like we’ve seen this game 20 times before. All these “Day of the Dead” slots kind of blend together, but, of course, they have to stay true to the core of the celebration. Despite that, we find ourselves enjoying our stay. It’s cozy, albeit generic. 

Day Of The Dinero can be played on all common mobile devices and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels within the game’s lines, starting from the leftmost reel. 

The lower-paying symbols include 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Five-of-a-kind with these pays 1x-1.4x the bet. The higher-paying symbols consist of bottles, maracas, guitars, and sombreros. A full line of 5 with one of these pays 2x-10x the bet. There are a bunch of other feature symbols as well, but more on that in a bit.

Day Of The Dinero Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Day Of The Dinero?

You can win up to 5000x the bet.

What features are available in the slot Day Of The Dinero?

The features of Day Of The Dinero are Cash & Collect Symbols, Jackpot Symbols, Feature Pots, and Free Spins.

A screenshot of the free spins entry screen

Cash & Collect Symbols

A Collect symbol can land in the middlemost position. This collects all Cash and Jackpot symbols. Cash symbols have different cash values attached to them.

Jackpot Symbols

Five different Jackpot symbols are available: Mini, Minor, Major, Mega, and Grand, with starting values of 4x, 8x, 20x, 100x, and 500x, respectively. Tokens can land, increasing the values of the Jackpots by 0.20x-1x the bet. If you land a Jackpot symbol and a Collect symbol, the Jackpot prize is awarded.

Feature Pots

On the left-hand side, the Free Spins Feature Pots can be spotted. By landing Tokens (dog bones) and collecting them with the Collector symbol, you can upgrade the amount of Free Spins and Free Spins multiplier for your next Free Spins feature you trigger. You can accumulate up to 12 Free Spins and a 5x Free Spins multiplier.

Free Spins

Whenever you collect a Token (dog bone), you have a chance to randomly trigger the Free Spins feature. You’ll start with the amount of Free Spins and Free Spins Multiplier that are shown on the Feature Pots. During Free Spins, the Collector symbol is locked on the middle position, and a Jackpot prize is upgraded on every spin. You will now also be able to land Extra Spins symbols, giving you more Free Spins. During Free Spins, only Collector symbols, Cash symbols, Extra spins symbols, and Jackpot symbols are available.

A screenshot of all jackpots being collected in free spins

Day Of The Dinero Slot Conclusion

The Day of the Dead (DĂ­a de los Muertos) is a deeply rooted Mexican tradition dating back thousands of years to the Aztec civilization. It honors deceased loved ones with vibrant and joyous customs. Families build altars adorned with marigolds, sugar skulls, candles, and the favorite foods of the departed, creating a festive atmosphere that bridges the realms of the living and the dead. This unique blend of indigenous and Catholic traditions has inspired numerous cultural expressions, including art, music, and iGaming.

While the theme might not be groundbreaking—since "Day of the Dead" slots tend to blend together—the game still manages to provide a cozy and festive experience. If you appreciate the Día de los Muertos aesthetic and are looking for a slot with generic features, Day Of The Dinero is worth a spin. Just don't expect it to reinvent the wheel in terms of thematic originality.

Sadly, it doesn’t really invent anything in terms of game mechanics, either. We’ve seen these types of Jackpots hundreds of times before, and the Free Spins and Free Spins multiplier upgrades are nothing we haven’t seen before. The mix of generic gameplay and generic thematics just results in what feels like a rather meaningless game. 

Day Of The Dinero by Gameburger Studios offers a rather generic theme and mechanics, but there’s probably an audience for it.