Cats of Olympuss Slot Overview

Cats of Olympuss is a casino slot from Push Gaming that could be considered a sequel to one of the provider’s most popular games. Which one? Well, let’s see if you can figure that out. The theme is certainly not a clue, as prehistoric creatures have been replaced by purry cats. The then 3-4-4-4-3 grid is now a more traditional 5x3, but in the bonus game, you can multiply that by 4, as 4 grids come into play. Other than that, things are rather similar. Coins can create huge wins, and specific coins are needed to progress. Oh, and there’s a picking phase that allows you to press cards to see how many spins you start with and where the Wild reel/reels are placed. Any guesses yet? Control your answer by clicking here, or keep reading because it’s time to dig in!

Jack Marshall, Junior Game Producer at Push Gaming, had this to say:

"Cats of Olympuss brings a new approach to the multi reel slot, with an amazing art style. The build your own bonus round adds excitement to free spins feature with stacked wilds with multipliers, which shows great potential for the game. We are so proud of this game, the team has done a ‘purrfect’ job, and we are looking forward to players getting to enjoy it!

A screenshot of the basegame in Cats of Olympuss

Cats of Olympuss is a video slot from Push Gaming with a setup of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 payways. Players can choose between making a of 0.10 and a of 100. The game has a default RTP of 96.31%, but there are also versions with 94.29% and even 88.73% and 85.61% in certain regions, so be on the lookout. Lastly, Cats of Olympuss is played at high volatility and can net you a max win of 13195x the bet.

Although the bonus game is what you’ll be after, some potent mechanics are available in all parts of the game to keep you on your toes. The features of Cats of Olympuss are Wild Symbols, Stacked Wild Symbols, Coin Symbols, Free Spins, Feature Buy, and Push Bet

Cats of Olympuss Slot Overview

Forget about Zeus and all his fellow gods. Cats have taken over Olympus, turning it into Olympuss. Despite its simple grid, Push Gaming has created quite a neat setting, with sharp graphics and lively animations. 

Cats of Olympuss can be played on all common mobile devices and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

The lower-paying symbols consist of diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Five-of-a-kind with these pays 0.5x-1x the bet. The higher-paying symbols include fish, harps, green cat, red cat, and golden cat. A winning combination of 5 with one of these pays 4x-10x the bet. Wild symbols can substitute for any of these and can also come stacked. Scatter symbols are used to trigger Free Spins, and Coin symbols can pump up your winnings. 

Cats of Olympuss Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Cats of Olympuss?

You can win up to 13195x the bet.

What features are available in the slot Cats of Olympuss?

The features of Cats of Olympuss are Wild Symbols, Stacked Wild Symbols, Coin Symbols, Free Spins, Feature Buy, and Push Bet. 

A screenshot of the Card Pick Feature before Free Spins

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols enable more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols.

Stacked Wild Symbols

Stacked Wild symbols can land, covering the entire reel they land on. These can also have a multiplier of 2x-8x attached to them, multiplying symbol and coin wins. 

Coin Symbols

Coin Symbols can land on reels 1 and 5. To trigger their wins, you need to make a connection just like any other symbol, with Wild symbols. For example, a coin on the first reel needs to be followed up by Wild symbols on reels 2 and 3 to activate. These range from 5x-1000x the bet. 

Free Spins

Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins feature. Scatters can also land as Double Scatters, counting as 2. The Free Spins are played on 4 grids. How many you start with depends on how many Scatters you trigger the bonus with, as follows:

3 Scatters = 1 Grid
4 Scatters = 2 Grids
5 Scatters = 3 Grids
6 Scatters = 4 Grids

Before the Free Spins starts, you’ll participate in the Card Pick Feature. The first pick determines how many spins you receive, and the second pick can either award a Sticky Stacked Wild Symbol on a specific reel or remove a lower-paying symbol. 3 Scatters awards 1 Sticky Stacked Wild Symbol or lower-paying symbol removal, with one extra pick for each extra Scatter. 

Unless you start with all Grids unlocked, you can land special coins to open them up. Five of these are required to open up an extra grid. When you open an extra grid, you’ll get to do the Card Pick Feature again. Stacked Wild symbols that are awarded are present on all 4 grids. 

A screenshot of the Free Spins Feature

Feature Buy

If you’re looking for some quick action, the following Feature Buys are available:

60.30x = Triggers Free Spins with 3 Scatter Symbols.

110x = Triggers Free Spins with 4 Scatter Symbols.

109x = Triggers Free Spins with 3-6 Scatter Symbols at random.

Push Bet

The Push Bet can be activated at an extra cost of 20% of your bet, increasing the chance to trigger Free Spins by 60%.

Cats of Olympuss Slot Conclusion

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we meant before that this is somewhat of a sequel to Dinopolis. Dinopolis is one of those games that we’ve never really considered to be one of Push’s absolute greatest, but we’ve noticed it is extremely popular among our community. That is probably due to how explosive it can be despite its simplicity, as all it takes is a few multipliers on the Wild reels and a juicy coin. But at times, it felt a bit stale and uneventful. Cats of Olympuss does a great job of preventing that, at least in the bonus.

Sure, the base game doesn’t offer too much in terms of features, but the Coins and Wilds are there, creating the possibility of big wins at any spin. Perhaps it’s good that not too much is going on, though, as you’ll have a lot on your plate once you enter the Free Spins. As we’ve seen in games such as Dog House Multihold and Imperial Dragon, you can unlock up to 4 grids, which makes it very interesting and potent. However, it risks facing an issue that Dog House Multihold did. Because if you don’t have a good setup once you reach 4 grids, there’s not a lot of room for improvement. For example, you could be unlucky and just unlock a bunch of multipliers on a single Wild Reel, at which point it’ll be hard to make any serious connections even if you have 4 grids and 4 chances. 

At the same time, a setup with 3 Wild reels on all 4 grids will reach an astronomical fun level, so all in all, we’re very pleased with how this turned out.

Cats of Olympuss by Push Gaming takes players on a journey to Olympuss where cats have taken over!