Aztec Gold Mines Slot Overview

Aztec Gold Mines is a new casino slot from iSoftBet where we get to pick & click valuable treasures. This adventure takes place some 600-800 years ago when the Aztecs ruled the lands of today’s central Mexico. The Aztec Empire was a confederation of states, with the most known one being Tenochtitlan, which today is the historical center of Mexico City. The gold mines in this game are located in a mystic jungle with giant snakes and felines with glowing eyes. Your mission is to find the treasures while staying away from the Montezuma Mines, guarded by an Aztec warrior.

Aztec Gold Mines is a video slot from iSoftBet. It is not a regular slot game but a pick & click game on 5 reels and 5 rows. The wide bet range starts at the 1 and goes to the 300. The game’s RTP is between 96.0% and 98.88%, depending on the player’s tactic. The max win achievable in the Aztec jungle is 288X the bet.

There’s just one but oh so sweet feature in this game: the pick & click feature.

Aztec Gold Mines Slot Information

The jungle we have ended up in looks nothing like today’s Mexico City. There’s a mystical green shimmering light coming in from the back, and lush green plants are growing all over the place. At the top are some animal heads carved in wood, with the game’s golden logo on top. The grid, with its 25 picking positions, is placed in the middle. To the left is where you set your bet and decide how many mines you want to play with. A large green snake is also hanging out there, constantly watching what is happening. To the right of the grid are two displays, one telling you how much money you have collected so far and the other one how many treasures you have found.

The way the pick & click game works is that the player gets to pick one of the 25 tokens on the grid. If there’s a treasure underneath, the player wins some cash and can either click on another token or collect the win and start over again. If the token doesn’t contain a treasure but a Montezuma Mine, the player loses the round and can start over again. Before starting a round, you have to put a bet and decide how many Montezuma Mines there will be hidden under the tokens. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 mines, and the RTP changes depending on your choice. It is, obviously, easier to pick a treasure the lower amount of Montezuma Mines you choose, but every win will be worth less than playing with more mines. Aztec Gold Mines can be enjoyed on desktop, notepad, and mobile phones.

Aztec Gold Mines Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Aztec Gold Mines?

You can win up to 288X the bet.

What are the features of the slot Gold Digger: Mines?

The feature is Pick & Click.

Pick & Click

For every treasure you pick, the risk of picking a Montezuma Mine increases, but the wins also become more valuable as the round goes on. This is the minimum and maximum RTP levels depending on how you choose to play the game:

1 Mine: Min RTP 96.00% (5, 9, 10, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 picks)

Max RTP 98.88% (1 pick)

2 Mines: Min RTP 96.00% (9, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 picks)

Max RTP 97.52% (1 pick)

3 Mines: Min RTP 96.25% (2, 12 picks)

Max RTP 97.68% (1 pick)

5 Mines: Min RTP 96.09% (10, 11 picks)

Max RTP 97.60% (1 pick)

7 Mines: Min RTP 96.38% (9, 10, 11, 12 picks)

Max RTP 97.20% (1 pick)

10 Mines: Min RTP 96.09% (5, 6 picks)

Max RTP 97.20% (1 pick)

15 Mines: Min RTP 96.28% (4 picks)

Max RTP 96.80% (1 pick)

As you can see, the best RTP is achieved by just doing one pick on a 1-Mine game. Winning that first click will only increase your stack by 0.03X, though. Picking 10 treasures on the 1-Mine board will increase your total win to 1.6X the bet. If you want to double your bet, you need to pick 13 of the 24 treasures. Going all the way by picking the 24 treasures will award the player 24X the bet. This is the paytable showing the wins for each of the 7 versions av the game:

The 1-mine game has a way lower possible outcome than the other ones. The game’s highest max win is a little surprisingly achieved by playing with 2 mines. It makes sense considering that you have to perform 23 successful picks, while you only need 10 winning picks to score the max win in the 15-Mines game.

Aztec Gold Mines Slot Conclusion

It is a really enjoyable jungle that iSoftBet has made for us, and the excitement is intense every time we pick a token. Add to this some well-made music that makes everything even more mystic and adventurous. The best RTP for each game is achieved by just doing one pick, but most players probably want to go on finding more treasures. The 1-Mine game offers an astonishing RTP of 98.88%, but that is just for the first pick, and the layout also has the lowest RTP of 96%.

Our favorite layout will probably be the 7-Mine game since it has the best minimum RTP of 96.38%. You can usually come quite far in it, knowing that almost 3 out of 4 tokens will contain treasures at the start and then realizing that it gets harder to find the treasures for every win. Although this game is quite simple, it’s enjoyable for hours. Players who want more interaction than in a regular slot game will also love picking their tokens while trying to avoid Montezuma’s Mines.

If you’re interested in the Aztec theme but never play anything other than slots, you don’t have to worry since there are endless Aztec slots available. Aztec Twist is an interesting Rubic’s cube-looking slot, and Aztec Spins take you on another adventure. There’s also Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways from the same game developer as this game. That game even uses the same Montezuma symbol, so the environment will feel familiar.

Aztec Gold Mines from iSoftBet is an exciting pick & click game where the player looks for treasure in a mystic jungle.