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Until relatively recently, YouTube wasn't a streaming platform as they chose to stick with their original idea of having users upload premade videos for viewing at your convenience. However, with the success of Twitch and the growth of live streaming, YouTube decided to branch out and introduced the live streaming option.

Although it still lags behind Twitchin terms of popularity for this particular niche, there is a growing number of streamers on YouTube, some of them exclusively using the platform, while others combine it with Twitch.

Why Stream on YouTube?

With Twitch clearly being so popular streaming platform, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for anyone to pick YouTube as their primary platform. However, some casino streamers still do itas there are some upsides to this practice.

First and foremost, when casino streaming first became a thing, the competition on YouTube was virtually nonexistent. So, those who wanted to be competitive opted for YouTube insteadof Twitch, trying to reach out to what could be described as an untapped market. Quite a few of them actually managed to build big communities and become leading casino streamers on there.

Secondly, the target audience on YouTube is somewhat different and some believe it to be more valuable. This ishard to say without gathering some actual numbers and analyzing relevant stats. Be that as it may, YouTube casino streaming has grown to be quite big thesedays.

Downsides of Casino Streaming on YouTube

YouTube casino streamers seem to run into more problems in general. Simply put, YT seems more “trigger happy” when it comes to temporary banning and shutting down casino streams for even the smallest of reasons. Some speculate that this is because of the pressure YouTube is facing to limit or even completely remove casino content because a big number of teenagers who spend a lot of time on the platform.

Whatever the reason, streaming casino content on YouTube can be a frustrating experience, at least when compared to Twitch. While Twitch also has its rules and there are things thatcan get you banned or suspended, these are usually clear and easy to follow. With YouTube, it can be hard to even get a clear response on why you were banned in the first place.

Online Gambling Videos

For these reasons, most streamers use YouTube as their secondary streaming platform to go along side their Twitch broadcasts. This allows them to reach wider audiences and bring some of them over to Twitch. However, if things go wrong with Youtube, their main stream isn’t affected.

Along side this, a majority of casino streamers also use YouTube to upload their gambling videos, be it just recordings of big wins of full sessions.

There is also a whole different group of people providing casino content who focus on uploading prerecorded videos of their sessions. These players usually stick to this format while livestreaming makes up only a small part of what they do.

Biggest YouTube Streamers & Casino Content Creators

Just like CasinoDaddy reigns supreme on Twitch, Rocknrolla is the biggest casino streamer on YouTube. With more than 35,000 subscribers, he has a loyal base of fans who follow his online gambling exploits and live through highs and lows of slots and table games.

Another large gambling channel on YouTubethat we can’t miss to mention belongs to The Bandit. The channel has well over 16,000 subscribers, although The Bandit basically never does live streams. He sticks to uploading pre recorded casino sessions and his viewers clearly enjoyit very much.

Other large casino streaming channels on YouTube include NickSlots, LetsGiveItASpin, JimboCasino,jarttuslot, Roshtein, David Labovsky, Grape’s Gambling Channel etc. As mentioned, most of these streamers also present on Twitch and use YouTube as their secondary platform.