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January 7, 2018

The Biggest Slots, the Biggest Wins

For most people, playing the slots is usually a bit of a sideshow, whether it’s throwing in your loose change while you enjoy a drink at your local bar or playing for fun on a day out at the beachfront penny arcades. Even when the stakes (and payouts) are higher, slots tend to be an add-on to the main event at a bingo hall or a casino. But every so often, you come across a slot machine that is the real star of the show, either because of the enormous jackpots on offer or the sheer size of the machine itself.

Some of the world’s biggest slot machines must be seen to be believed. These mighty machines tower over their players and often have a huge jackpot to match. The Super Spin machine is the world’s largest slot machine produced, which stretches 30 ft. and can seat nine players at once. The amusingly named Microspin dwarfs players at the Las Vegas Wynn Casino at 9 ft. tall, while in the same city, the Four Queens Casino is home to the taller Queen’s Machine, which measures 9 ft. wide by 10 ft. high! Both machines regularly report minor injuries to players as they struggle and strain to heave their mighty levers. Super-sized slots can also hurt your brain as you try to work out your chances of winning. The Big Bertha at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas might seem attractive with its $1 million jackpot, but when you consider the fact that the machine has eight reels each with 20 symbols, there are 25 billion possible combinations. To put that in perspective, you would have to spin the reels 100 times per hour every hour of every day for 30,000 years to see all of the possible combinations and guarantee you $1 million. And that’s going to cost you far more than $1 million! Of course, you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to play on big machines for big money. Playing online is much easier, and you have just as much of a chance of hitting that big money jackpot. At the time of writing, PokerStars Casino currently has seven slots with over $1 million in rolling jackpots, including four with jackpots over $2 million.

Sometimes, it is not so much the machines that strain both your muscles and your brain, but their jackpots. Back at the Wynn Casino again, a woman from Hawaii landed a massive $10,777,270.51 win in 2016 after putting in just a few dollars of loose change. Fortunately, you don’t have to take your winnings in the coins you use to play, or you’d never be able to carry it all. Good thing, too, because even if the machine spits out five one-dollar coins per second, it would still take more than 20 days to pay out $10 million. Although that $10 million jackpot pales in comparison with the biggest ever win on record, when a 25-year-old player dropped a mind-boggling $39,710,826.36 from a single $100 spin on the Excalibur Resort’s Megabucks machine back in 2003. That is a remarkable 397,000-1 return! It also earned a place in the record books that could stand for a long time to come.