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May 15, 2020

One of the leaders of the online casino industry, SlottyVegas Casino invites you to join them today and get paid extra cash to play video slots, win or lose. The Supercharged wins promotion is available to all new and existing players at SlottyVegas, with money added on top of your every win and a guaranteed daily cashback added into the mix.

If you want to start playing right away, all you need to do is join the SlottyVegas Casino and you will get a chance to play hundreds of video slots with Supercharged Wins option enabled. If you want even more info however, let’s get into the details of the promotion and how you can make the best out of it.

What are Supercharged Wins?

Supercharged Wins is a special promotion available to SlottyVegas Casino players only. As players play slots on the casino, their wins are supercharged, adding additional wins to a special player balance. This balance can be used to play other slot games, as it is easily transferred into the real cash balance.

To get started with Supercharged Wins, players need to find a game that is currently a part of the promotion. A variety of slot games are added to the mix every day, so players can enjoy plenty of versatility. As you play these games, additional wins are added to the special Supercharged balance in your account.

Every player can win up to EUR 100 in Supercharged Wins per day and the amount you get will depend on your loyalty status. The more you play, the more Supercharged Wins you will get. New players will also get to enjoy the Turbocharged mode for 48 hours after joining and this mode will occasionally be turned on in some games for all existing players.

Overall speaking, the Supercharged Wins promotion adds an extra 20% in winnings on top of the regular amounts players would win anyway playing various slots. A guaranteed 10% daily cashback is in place, so if you win less than 10% of the money lost through the Supercharged Wins promo in one day, a 10% cashback will become available the following day.

Choose Your Supercharged Slot

The Supercharged Wins promotion is available at SlottyVegas Casino today to all players. If you sign up today, you will get 2 full days of additional Turbocharged Wins, which will add even more cash to your Supercharged balance and make every spin you play even more valuable. Sign up to SlottyVegas Casino today and enjoy the lucrative additional value of the promotion for two full days.