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September 20, 2022

Streamer Sliker scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from friends and streamers

The UK-based streamer Sliker, who's very active on Twitch and is known for CS:GO, Valorant and other popular games, has scammed several people for approximately an amount ranging from $1000 to $50,000 dollars. The scam was revealed when several streamers publicly said that they had lent money to Sliker without him paying back.

Silker explained the reasoning behind these loans through several claims, but the actual reason seems to be a spiraling gambling problem. While Sliker didn't publish gambling-related content, he has appeared in a number of Poker streams, including BotezLive poker, and Creator Poker event.

“What I did was horrible. There’s no way of escaping this,” said Sliker sobbingly on his Twitch channel.

Sliker is best known for streaming CS:GO, Valorant, and other first-person shooter games, and Just Chatting streams. His apology to all the people he scammed, which was streamed on September 18th, has had over 150,000 views.

Sliker claims that he’s been gambling for a long time.

These allegations were made over the past weekend (September 17th-18th), when friends and fellow streamers outed Silker about the borrowed money. Youtuber LukeAFK, who was also a mod for Silker's channel, said he lended $27k to Silker.

“I started playing little by little when I had my first job. I started with 50 dollars, and eventually it got higher and higher”.

In the stream, Sliker promises to pay back the money to everyone he owes. He doesn’t have a plan for how to do it, though.  

There has been a huge debate during the last couple of months about banning casino streams on Twitch. It started in May when the Streamer xQc revealed that he had made money on casino promotions while his followers had lost €119 million. However, Sliker claims that other streamers haven’t inspired him to gamble. He also says he has lost most of his money betting on sports, not online casinos.

Sliker’s gambling debt is considered to be about $300,000, but it could also be a lot higher. We don’t know if everyone that has been scammed yet has come forward. Sliker also states that he has borrowed money from friends in his hometown Manchester, people that might not even be active on social media.

“I have borrowed from hard-working individuals and from innocent viewers who might not even have a job,” said Sliker.

He thinks the scammed people did the right thing to come out, revealing their loans to the streamer. Even if Sliker claims that his addiction has nothing to do with casino streams, the debate about live streams on social media will definitely continue. The heavily-criticized xQc has, in the meantime, offered to pay half of all Sliker’s debts if streamer Trainwreck helps out with the other half.

“This is about the victims. Only them. This will take time, it’s ~$300,000,” wrote xQc on Twitter on September 19th.

Other streamers argue that paying off Sliker’s debts won’t help him conquer his addiction. Even if Sliker’s scam can’t be connected to casino streamers, the voices for a ban of casino streams on Twitch are once again loud. The American YouTuber Mizkif has over 130,000 likes on his tweet suggesting such action.

The conflict exploded when Trainwreck responded to Asmongold on Twitter, asking why he hasn't been banned. Train states that its because Asmongold and “pals” are using Twitch to declare war against gambling and Trainwreck. Mizkif then answered that Train allegedly scammed people with his jolt coin and Trainwreck accused Mizkif of using Maya Higa and Mitch Jones to keep sexual assaults covered up.

This situation then exploded past Silker and his behavior, and people went on to discuss  the role gambling has on the platform. Many are now discussing again whether Twitch should even allow gambling, and a few relevant streamers have spoken of the intention of stopping their streams in protest until the platform will ban gambling content.