Q&A - Money Train 4 by Relax Gaming

For the past few years, players have been able to embark on intense train journeys packed with beautiful designs, captivating mechanisms, and, as the name reveals, large amounts of money. The iGaming industry progresses rapidly, and its enthusiasts demand innovation, making it easier and more forgiving to create a new world, rather than risking tarnishing games of the past.

However, Relax Gaming and its Money Train series have had a glorious journey. If you play the original Money Train, go onto Money Train 2, and then take another stop at Money Train 3, you’ll see the slots' progression. More volatile, graphically stronger, and increasingly advanced mechanics. Today, we introduce an interview of a slot that takes the graphical aspect to a whole new level, where Simon Hammon, CEO of Relax Gaming, tells us more about this last stop, Money Train 4.

Hello, and thank you for participating in this interview for your upcoming release of the game Money Train 4. It has been a pleasure to follow this series over the years, and this edition was truly phenomenal! So, I want to start by congratulating everyone behind this amazing creation.

1. Describe Money Train 4 in three words!

Exciting, Explosive, Massive

2. This is said to be the last part of the Money Train series, how come?

Over the years we have poured a lot of passion into the franchise. For Relax Gaming to have created one of the most recognizable game series in slots is a truly humbling and rewarding feeling. We have ensured that on each game we wanted to show the players that we don’t just ‘create another’ but pour in a lot of investments into feature development, narrative and design execution. Of course, it is always tempting to do more but we felt that when something is great, it shouldn't be overdone as you can always risk taking a shine off it. Making sequels is tricky and requires even more attention, to have a sequel that each time is arguably bigger, better and stronger than before is unheard of. We felt that Money Train 4 represents Relax a lot as well as our strategic ambitions to constantly improve and just felt it was the right time to conclude the series and go out on a high.

3. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Money Train 4? What motivated you to create it?

As with all Money Train games there is of course the familiar undertone. When Money Train 2 and Money Train 3 launched they were truly special but we also had so many ideas, features and narratives that we wanted to continue with. Money Train 4 started development almost the same time MT 3 was launched. Motivation for Money Train 4 was of course the previous successes but most importantly there was also so much more we wanted to do with the mechanics and game. We have changed and addressed some of the player feedback on previous games and we wanted to deliver a blockbuster of a game experience in 4.

4. The game has an impressive design and sound that boosts the gaming experience considerably. What made you choose this theme?

Money Train 4 we poured a lot of love into showcasing the graphical, sound and design capabilities of Relax, and whilst I am biased of course, I feel it's one of the most impressive online slots created. The theme has always been both familiar and consistent across the Money Train series. Each game follows the bandits in new settings of time and or space, in Money Train 4 we wanted to take the characters and narrative into a futuristic Western feel which felt appropriate given the developments from the original to Money Train 3.

5. What can players expect when they visit this game? 

So much! There are 20 features included in Money Train 4, a step up from 12 on Money Train 3. Players can expect a new character, new innovative takes on existing features, some classics, a big increase to 150,000 x win potential, a new base game feature added and of course visually stronger than ever before.

One of the key things I love about Money Train 4 and I am sure players will love too will be the sheer variables and winning combinations. Two of the great successes of the series are that wins and massive wins are truly tangible – something Money Train 4 also I am sure will show and the second is the winning combinations, Money Train 4 will create more unique game flows than ever before.

6. Can you share any memorable moments or anecdotes from the development journey that stood out to you?

I have to refer back to where it all started really and in part why we have a Money Train 4 due to be released. I have been involved in 100s of slot productions and releases. As part of the game production process you get to try the game mechanic out on a prototype game flow using rudimentary design or in some cases just numbers etc. Over my career there have been very few game flows I have been excited about, even without any design whatsoever we loved Money Train and the wins/combinations and this is really what gave rise to the series. When you can get extremely excited playing a mechanic without any visuals supporting- you know you have something special. Money Train was one of those games I have come across only once or twice before. Each game has something you like but it's rare to have one that just captures your heart.

7. What has been the most rewarding aspect of creating this game for you personally?

For me it's been the feedback from the community. Whenever you set out to take on a sequel you immediately have high expectations from the players let alone when you have a franchise like Money Train. I feel ultimately we wanted to show the players that we have listened to their feedback but also poured every effort into an innovative direction in the game and also made sure we did the follow-up justice. The feedback has been brilliant with players appreciating highly what we have done with the next installment – it's just down to release now and hopefully seeing those 150,000 x wins hit!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

Just a thank you as always. Relax puts a lot of passion into its content to try bring something different to the market, and we appreciate the support.

We thank Simon Hammon, CEO at Relax Gaming, for participating in this interview and look forward to the launch of the game. Click on the link to read our slot review of Money Train 4.