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August 2, 2022

Pragmatic Solutions adds digital mentor with protection tools and fraud detection

The iGaming and betting platform provider Pragmatic Solutions is adding mentor software from Neccton to its services. The digital mentor can help Pragmatic Solutions detect fraud and notice changing player patterns, alerting players about responsible gambling.

Neccton director and head of development, Dr. Michael Auer, said: “We started our research in gambling 15 years ago and have published multiple academic studies in the area of player tracking and responsible gaming.”

Gaming operators have complete control over business operations with Pragmatic Solutions’ platform. By adding the mentor, the company now offers its customers world-class responsible gambling protection tools and AML and fraud detection. The customers can choose which features of the software they want to use.

Ashley Lang, CEO of Pragmatic Solutions, said: “Neccton’s leading solution for AML, aCRM, FRAUD, and Responsible Gaming is a great asset in operators’ daily business and a key ingredient for many regulatory environments.” 

Protecting the players with a mentor is not only morally correct but also benefits the online casinos in the long run.

“We have shown that players who gamble responsibly are more loyal, and their customer lifetime is significantly longer. We are proud to assist millions of players across dozens of brands around the world and to bring Pragmatic Solutions and their many customers into the fold,” said Dr. Michael Auer.

Pragmatic Solutions has some of the gambling world’s biggest companies as customers. The software from Neccton helps both players and operators to identify potential issues at an early stage. The tool recognizes triggers such as considerable increases in deposit frequencies and sends a message both to the player and the operator.

“We are happy to offer operators access to this top-notch solution, making this integration an important step in our mission to deliver a modern, open, and scalable platform capable of meeting all the needs of iGaming operators,” said Ashley Lang.

More About Pragmatic Solutions

Pragmatic Solutions offers a fully API-based platform for gaming and betting. It’s built with a modular approach, making it easy to integrate with any third-party product or service available in the industry. The company handles about 600 million euros yearly in GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue).

The company focuses entirely on the platform built for stability, scalability, and flexibility. With no other products or services, the people at Pragmatic Solutions are genuine experts on their platform.

Pragmatic Solutions has over 200 employees and senior engineers. In total, over 900 million bets are placed through the platform every month. Some of the third-party providers using Pragmatic Solutions are iSoftBet, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt.