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April 5, 2023

Play’n GO Secures Spanish Operating License

Play’n GO has now secured a Spanish operating license, allowing the leading gaming entertainment supplier to self-certify its own games and provide them to Spanish customers on network release day.

Play’n GO has targeted growth in the Spanish market and has begun to see market share increasing over recent quarters. The addition of this Spanish operating license is another major step on that journey and follows several more licenses acquired across the US, and in Europe.

This license acquisition will allow Play’n GO to expand its presence in the Spanish market, and to continue to supply the best possible iGaming experience to Spanish players.

Magnus Thalin, Head of Sales and Account Management for Play’n GO, said: “We want to help our customers grow their businesses by retaining and engaging their players with exceptional content. Unlocking Play’n GO content in Spain will be the silver bullet for operators to help them do just that, and we’re excited about the future for our customers in Spain. With new game releases every week, we look forward to working closely with our customers in Spain to provide the best, and safest casino gaming experience for all players in the region.”

Play’n GO is set to release more than 50 online slot titles in 2023 and is already active in more than 25 regulated jurisdictions worldwide.

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About Play’n GO

Play'n GO was founded in 2005 in Växjö, Sweden, where it was made possible through a bunch of tech savvy people getting together in the mid-90s.

They had a strong vision that the casino world would move towards online gaming, and they certainly seized the opportunity early on. Where through careful planning, structuring and recruitment, they were finally able to turn their thoughts into reality when the gates of Play'n GO finally could open. They are a game provider that has been around for a long time and through their active years they have certainly impressed the gaming world with brilliant design, exciting features and cleverly put together mechanisms that have generated numerous thrills along the years.

They were one of the first game providers to enter the mobile arena, which quickly became their strength and gave them the edge. Where over the years they have taken part in a constantly evolving journey, where a large number of slots have been released over the years. Something that is very impressive about Play'n GO nowadays, is their ability to deliver a new slot every week on average and still maintain a tremendously high level of quality. Their game development follows the three words Energy, Quality and Trust, where these smaller words having a huge impact on how the games are created.

Through several successful years, the small group of people who laid the foundations for the company in the mid 90's has grown to be over 490 employees today. They now have offices in Sweden, Hungary, United Kingdom, Malta and Philippines. Over the years, they have received numerous awards for their slots, confirming the skillful work that goes into the creation of the slots.