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August 2, 2023

NetBet Launches 7777 Gaming, Bringing Live Experience to Romania 

7777 gaming has officially launched in Romania through its partnership with NetBet, a renowned online gaming brand well-acquainted with the Romanian market. NetBet is celebrated worldwide and provides a diverse range of online gaming options, including Casino games, Live Casino experiences, Sports and Live betting, Lotto, Poker, and much more. To start, 7777 gaming has made available over 50 of its certified games, specially tailored for the Romanian audience, on the NetBet platform. 

Larisa Karaboycheva, the Account Manager at 7777 gaming, expressed her thoughts on the recently formed partnership, saying: “With more than 20 years of experience in the iGaming industry, NetBet has been recognized as a flagship organization operating in highly regulated markets worldwide. We are proud that 7777 gaming goes live in Romania with NetBet, especially with our innovative and thrilling game concepts certified for this up-and-coming and dynamic market.” 

Horia Valuch, the Chief Operating Officer at NetBet Romania, provided his comments: “NetBet’s mission is to deliver the ultimate online casino experience to its customers and 7777 gaming’s portfolio of intriguing game concepts aligns perfectly with it. 7777 gaming’s online casino games will provide our users with a friendly environment and reliable experience that they seek and enjoy on our website. We are excited to share more insights on the players’ feedback, which we believe will be beyond exciting.” 

7777 gaming has made its debut in Romania in collaboration with NetBet, introducing groundbreaking game features to elevate the gaming experience. These innovative features include Gamification Elements, Interactive Bonus Rounds, immersive Storytelling and Themes, engaging Multiplayer and Social Features, and exciting Skill-based Mechanics. With this diversified portfolio, 7777 gaming caters to a wide spectrum of players, ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable gaming adventure for everyone. 

About 7777 Gaming

7777 gaming emerged as a brainchild of a passionate team of visionaries, boasting two decades of experience in crafting and delivering gaming and entertainment solutions across various highly regulated markets. 

Within 7777 gaming's product portfolio lies an array of exclusive in-house content, encompassing instant win games, captivating slot games, thrilling table games, themed gaming experiences, iLottery offerings, sports iLottery, enticing scratch cards, progressive jackpot solutions, engaging draw-based games, a customizable gaming platform, a gamified promotional system, TV production expertise, and much more. 

These remarkable solutions from 7777 gaming are the culmination of years of firsthand operational experience, granting them valuable insights, confidence, and the opportunity to develop and fine-tune their products to perfection. With a strong emphasis on emerging markets, the next generation of players, and innovative gaming experiences, every element within their offerings is designed to be intuitive, robust, groundbreaking, scalable, and dependable. 

About NetBet 

Over the span of two decades, NetBet has been dedicated to providing players worldwide with the ultimate online casino and sportsbook experience. In addition to sports betting and casino games, NetBet offers a diverse range of products, including Lotto, Live Casino, and Poker, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive gaming journey for its users. 

With a commitment to inclusivity, NetBet caters to players from various regions, offering support for multiple languages in all its registered markets. Featuring thousands of industry-leading casino games and daily sports events, NetBet has solidified its position as one of the most beloved online gaming brands globally.