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October 12, 2022

Learn How to Play 3 Card Poker in Less than 5 Minutes!

Online Poker

Poker is among the most popular games in the world. What’s more, it’s extremely easy to learn. At the same time, it takes years to master, which is why more simplified versions of the original game have been popping up everywhere. 

But let’s start with some basic notions. Poker is a card game that heavily relies on strategy. While playing poker, you’ll need to foresee the next moves of your opponents to decide when to call, bluff, or know when the opponent will do either of those things. 

The most common variation of poker is Texas Hold’em. Each variation presents different rules, but the basics are the same. Once you’re aware of the rules, you can learn more about strategies and improve your skills!

3 Card Poker 

3 Card poker is a variation of poker that is particularly popular online. In fact, together with Ultimate Texas Holdem, and Pai Gow Poker, 3 card poker is one of the most beloved ways to play online poker.

This is mostly due to the fact that the rules are easy to learn, and any type of player, whether novice or expert, can enjoy this game greatly.

When playing, you’ll be dealt hands very quickly, and with the right amount of luck, you might even go on a nice winning streak!

How to Play Three Card Poker? 

The goal in 3 card poker is to beat the deal with a better three-cards hand.

How do you do this? Easy.

  • First, you’ll place an ante wager and/or a pair plus wager, betting that they’ll have at least a pair or better. 
  • Three cards will then be dealt face down to the players and the dealers alike. Remember, you only play against the dealer and not the other players.
  • You’ll look at your hand to decide whether to place a wager (the same amount as the ante wager) against the dealer or not. Some say you should play all hands greater than Queen, Six and Four and fold with anything worse.
  • If you fold, the hand is over and the ante wager goes to the dealer. If you place a wager, the cards are turned around to determine who had the better cards, if the dealer or you.
  • If the dealer has a hand of Jack-high or worse, the play wager is returned to the player. If the dealer has a hand of Queen-high or better, the wagers are paid out at 1 to 1 if the player has better cards.
  • If your hand is superior, both ante and play bets are yours. The pair plus bet is determined regardless of what the dealer has.

3 Card Poker Rules 

There are many rules to every variation of poker, but these are the main ones regarding three card poker.

  • The deck used is usually a 52-card deck, jokers excluded. The cards are shuffled after each game round.
  • A three-card straight has a higher value than a three-card flush, because there are fewer ways to obtain a three-card straight than a three-card flush.
  • Individual cards are sorted in descending order. Ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2. An ace can be either the lowest or the highest card.
  • If the player and the dealer have the same type of hand, the one that includes the highest card wins. (e.g. three queens beat three jacks and a straight flush of king, queen and jack beats that of 10, 9, and 8.)
  • If the player and the dealer tie, the next highest card that isn’t part of the hand, known as the kicker, determines who wins.

3 Card Poker Payouts

Let’s see how much you can win while playing 3 card poker, and remember that the higher is the win, the least chances you’ll have of landing that hand. Even so, a winning strike at 3 card poker is entirely possible!

Pair Plus Payouts

  • Straight Flush: 40 to 1
  • Three of a Kind: 30 to 1
  • Straight: 6 to 1
  • Flush: 3 to 1
  • Pair: 1 to 1

Ante Bonus Payouts 

  • Straight Flush 5 to 1
  • Three of a Kind 4 to 1
  • Straight 1 to 1

6 Card Bonus

The 6 Card Bonus wager takes under consideration the three cards dealt to the player and those dealt to the dealer. A player can then use any of those six cards, regardless of the number of cards used from their hand or the dealer’s hand, to make the best possible five card poker hand.


If you’ve never tried any type of poker, 3 cards poker is the right one to start with. It’s easy to approach and will open a whole world of games to you! Even if you know how to play other types of poker, you'll enjoy this semplified version with lots of quick action!


  1. How to play 3 cards poker?

Playing three cards poker is easy, as it is a simplified version of poker. The goal is to defeat the dealer with your hand, following the usual rules of poker.

  1. How to win a 3 card poker game? 

Other than calling or folding at the right moment, there isn’t a real strategy to win 3 card poker. Some casinos allow you to check other players’ cards, but other don’t.

  1. What are the rules for 3 card poker?

The rules for 3 card poker are really easy. You’ll place a bet, check your cards and place another bet against the dealer. Once the cards are uncovered, you’ll be either the winner of the hand or the loser.  

  1.  Is 3 card poker hard? 

No, 3 card poker isn’t hard at all. In fact, it’s considered the easiest type of poker.

  1. What are the best hands in 3 cards poker? 

The best hand is a straight flush.

  1. Is 3 card poker a good game? 

If you like quick-paced, easy games that are based on strategy, you’ll love 3 card poker.

  1. What are the odds of winning a 3 card poker game?

As is the case with most poker games, 3 Card Poker gives the house quite a substantial edge. On Ante and Play bets, the casino retains an advantage of 3.37 percent, which is significantly higher than a game like blackjack.

  1. What are the odds for royal flush in a 3 card poker game?

The probability of being dealt a royal flush can be determined with number of royal flushes divided by the total number of poker hands. There’s a 0.00015% of being dealt this hand.

  1. How does 3 cards poker pay out?

It depends on the hand you’re dealt, ranging from 1 to 1, all the way to 40 to 1.

  1. Does a flush beat a straight in 3 card poker? 

No. In 3 card poker, a straight beats a flush.

  1. Does 3 of a kind beat flush in 3 cards poker?

No. Flush beats 3 of a kind in 3 cards poker.

  1. What is 6 card bonus in 3 cards poker?  

The 6 Card Bonus wager takes under consideration the three cards dealt to the player and those dealt to the dealer.