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January 7, 2018

How did Casino Daddy start, and how did you get into casino streaming?

We have been watching streams on Twitch since they launched the site in 2011. We have been affiliates of different poker brands since early 2007 and we saw the online casino market was growing fast. It all started with a common interest in gambling and video games between the three of us, and we have always thought it was much more fun to share the excitement and feelings while playing together. When we found the “Casino Games” section on Twitch and saw that it was a fairly new community we thought it was a great opportunity to share the fun we have together with people of similar interests around the world. We thought “Let’s try to help the community grow!”.

How do you select which casinos you work with?

We put in a lot of time to research the casino to see if it is a trusted and legitimate brand before we promote them. We always try to negotiate exclusive deals with the brands we choose to partner up with and we also have a website where we collect all the brands that we do deals with, here you can find all our casino bonuses. We always want to give something back to our viewers when we negotiate with a new casino, in the last four months we have had cash-raffles and giveaways with prizes amounting to over €6000, mainly paid by the casinos.We are also providing our viewers help with any questions and problems regarding the casinos we promote.

In what ways do you generate income via the channel?

The main income from the channel is from affiliate links, fixed fees and donations. Since it can be expensive to stream casino games 6 days a week, the three of us have day jobs from Monday-Friday.

How many hours a week do you spend streaming?

The stream is something we take every opportunity to start up as we find it fun to do in our spare time. We also we interact with our viewers which have become our friends. They often ask us to come online as often as we can which ends up with us streaming 5-6 days a week with sessions going on for up to 6-7 hours each day depending on how our balance looks.

In terms of viewers, how many would you say you accumulate over a year?

Since we started 7 months ago we are still growing as the community is growing. Looking backwards from the start we have had over 140.000 views on Twitch, but we also stream live on YouTube where we are posting our broadcasts, funny moments and big wins which have more than 470.000 views.

Is there a strong community aspect to casino twitching?

Looking at other communities on Twitch the “Casino Games” sections is quite small but it also keeps it very personal and has very good cohesion within the section. We have many people that have been with us since day one, but every day we stream there are new people tuning in and following the channel. We get approximately 50-100 new followers and subscribers each day we stream. Our Followers are a part of our Casino Family as we call it and we always want the best for our viewers. We even met up with some of the followers on a land-based casino here in Sweden which just shows how close we are to our viewers.

What do you think makes a good casino streamer?

The difference between being a good casino streamer and a video-games streamer is that you can use your skill while playing video-games and attract viewers on top of that, which is not really possible from only playing slots. When streaming casino games and slots there is not much skill affecting losses and winnings except pressing the spin button. Therefore you need something extra to attract the viewers and keep your audience entertained. To us a good casino streamer should interact with the viewers, be yourself, enjoy streaming, be entertaining, do something fun and involve your viewers (such as community deposits) and of course be transparent.

What advice would you give any start up streamers out there?

Well there is quite a big difference from streaming casino games when playing alone, as we play and deposit together. First of all, you should bet slightly lower than you usually would since it can be painful to stream 3-5 days a week on a losing streak and also have an audience watch it happen.Our advice is to set up a schedule, calculate how much you can afford to lose each stream session, make sure you have a functional computer, gear and broadband. Finally, try to do your own thing, dont focus to much on what other streamers do and have fun!

What’s your biggest ever win?

We have had many crazy wins together both online and at land-based casinos here in Sweden.Erik’s biggest win in one bonus must be on ‘Pharaoh`s Gold II Deluxe’ in the land-based Casino Cosmopol (Malmö, Sweden). We had been playing together for the whole night then for the last hour we decided to split up and play alone, and of course Erik hit the Jackpot! Watch it here.

Mathias biggest win also came in the land-based casino in Malmö. He had a crazy run on ‘Dolphin’s Pearl Deluxe’ and won €5900 on €4 bet with over 120 freespins in the bonus game!Anton’s biggest win is on the popular NetEnt slot ‘Jack And The Beanstalk’ and you can watch it for yourself here.

We also had some nice sessions recently, with withdrawals of over €11.000 while playing together. Here is a nice hit on Yggdrasils slot ‘Golden Fishtank’ that we got a few days ago, watch it

What’s your favourite slot?

Mathias favourite’s slot is ‘Invisible Man’, because he has been really lucky on it with double bonuses and huge wins. He has also fallen in love with the game provider GameArt.Erik’s favourite slot is ‘Faust’ by the provider Novomatic. He likes the thrill of playing high volatile slots, which many of the Novomatic games are.

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