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August 28, 2023

Hölle Games Collaborates with ZEAL Network

Recently launched in Berlin, Hölle Games, a slot-focused startup, has become the exclusive provider for well-known German websites LOTTO24 and Tipp24. These platforms are widely recognized across the country and are part of the ZEAL Network.

Continuing to showcase their prominent role in the German market, where they've merged top-notch product offerings with a strong dedication to compliance, Hölle Games achieved a significant milestone. They secured the position as the inaugural and exclusive slot supplier on the platform for several weeks. Presently, as of the time of writing, they continue to hold their position as the primary game provider for the site.

Presenting their fundamental Classic games such as Fruits and Bells, alongside the more advanced Premium Series titles like Reel Wolf, Hölle Games also includes renowned offerings like "Holla die Waldfee." This particular game is inspired by a popular phrase and story in Germany, exemplifying the customized German content that Hölle Games is introducing to its domestic audience through the ZEAL Network. ZEAL Network holds a substantial customer base and is a prominent online market leader in Germany.

Robert Lenzhofer, CEO of Hölle Games, expressed:

”With over 1 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU’s), ZEAL’s presence in Germany is unparalleled and we are proud to support ZEAL on their journey to dominate yet another iGaming-vertical, with our market-leading Slots-offering”
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More on Hölle Games

Welcome to the captivating world of Hölle Games, where imagination and innovation converge to craft extraordinary gaming experiences. Hölle Games, a visionary game development studio, has consistently pushed the boundaries of interactive entertainment since its inception. With a commitment to delivering top-tier gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive storytelling, Hölle Games has cemented its reputation as a pioneering force in the gaming industry.

Players find the following services provided by the platform of Hölle Games:

Swift Incorporation

Through its distinctive self-service portal, partners can independently establish, execute, and validate integrations with utmost efficiency.

Extensive Insights

Delving deeper than mere statistics within its administrative interface, players gain visibility into the current state of our live systems, complete access to all game-related information, and a seamlessly integrated blog that ensures they stay informed about all other operational aspects.

Almost Real-time Analytics

Powered by its exclusive reporting software, we offer advanced data aggregation right from the outset. This enables the swift reporting of the latest information in almost real-time, while retaining the ability to access live data within seconds.

ZEAL Network

Zeal Network SE, often simply referred to as Zeal, is a prominent player in the global online lottery and gaming industry. Established with a vision to revolutionize the way people engage with lotteries, Zeal Network has carved out a unique niche by offering innovative online platforms that enable users to participate in various lotteries worldwide. With its headquarters in Germany, Zeal Network has grown to become a dynamic and forward-thinking company that leverages technology to make lotteries more accessible, convenient, and exciting for a diverse range of participants. 

Over the years, Zeal Network has not only provided individuals with the chance to take part in traditional lotteries but has also expanded its offerings to include digital lottery products, creating a modern and engaging lottery experience. As a pioneering force in the online lottery space, Zeal Network continues to shape the industry's landscape and redefine the way people think about lotteries and games of chance.