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April 13, 2021 interviews Erik Joelsson from AboutSlots

How are CasinoDaddy and AboutSlots related? What even is CasinoDaddy, and why should you be interested? Our CEO, Erik Joelsson, released a fantastic interview with the Ultimate Slot Guide and shed some light on Joelsson Media Group, explained how the company came to be, and what our future plans look like.

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What are AboutSlots and CasinoDaddy?

Joelsson Media Group runs an affiliation network company, which focuses solely on the iGaming industry, and does that through different channels, such as Twitch, Youtube, and the website you’re currently browsing: AboutSlots.

On streaming platforms, you’ll find us as CasinoDaddy, always busy providing users with personal and informative experiences regarding the world of slots.

During the interview, Erik mentioned that it is essential for AboutSlots, aka Casinodaddy, to establish long-term business partnerships with gaming suppliers so as to provide the best traffic possible. Simply put, we strive to communicate with our community and give them a great experience on our channels.

This, in just a few sentences, is Joelsson Media Group.

But why (and how) did Erik and his two brothers ended up in the casino industry?

Erik and his brothers, Anton and Mathias, have always been passionate about sports, whether online or physical. However, what really pushed them towards the field of casinos was, to put it in Erik’s words, that it entails “a bit of everything.”

In fact, the gambling industry is developing incredibly quickly, and its standard has considerably increased in terms of game design, mathematical models, music, and more. Many don’t realize that a varied mix of efforts goes into developing a fantastic gaming experience, and it takes not only absolute professionalism but also a great deal of creativity.

These are only some of the reasons why the Joelsson brothers find this industry so fascinating, together with the fact that you might also get some big wins in the process – which has never hurt anyone!

How did Joelsson Media Group come to life?

Erik and his brothers had always dreamt of starting up something together; therefore, they decided to combine their knowledge of the casino industry and create Joelsson Media Group. From there on, their little family business grew into hiring new employees and has today a consistent community that still feels like an extended family.

Even though obviously, working as heads of their own company entails a lot of work, Erik describes it as feeling like working on their favorite hobby. Moreover, they feel incredibly motivated in wanting to share their knowledge with the public in a down-to-earth way.

Basically, we do have fun at AboutSlots, but our goal is always to be as transparent and authentic as possible.

Erik: who is he, really, and how does it feel to work at Joelsson Media Group?

A high level of professionalism and a standard to be respected are the two pillars of Joelsson Media Group. Although we must say, it is quite fun to work with the goal of providing people with the correct information about slots and casinos in an engaging way.

The most exciting part of all this is to explore all the available channels to do so, thus creating engaging video and text content for all to enjoy.

“We believe that our holistic approach when it comes to creation is an essential part of the result to be good. Everything from video, design, content, experience, collaborations, and more should be good, where we do not want to leave anything to chance, except the actual slot game, of course.”

- Erik Joelsson

Erik also admitted that the biggest challenge in creating Joelsson Media Group was to develop an appropriate structure for the business. It is fundamental to keep up with things evolving so fast, while planning and structuring as you grow. Despite this being the most challenging aspect of this field, it is also its most exciting feature, as you constantly learn, and each day is different from the one before.

This also entailed a certain development of Erik as a person: as the company and its community grew, so did the responsibilities of those running the company. All that Joelsson Media Group is today is a result of our wonderful community; therefore, we crave their feedback, and we always want to learn from and with them.

Erik’s goal – and ours, as his faithful collaborators – is to take care of our community at all times and in every way possible.

Joelsson Media Group today

It all started with three ambitious brothers. Today we’re a big family of employers and casino enthusiasts: this is a powerful feeling, and a personal success that the Joelsson brothers can’t – nor want to – shake off.

However, our priority remains growing and becoming better each day: this certainly is our driving force.

“We are eternally grateful to be able to work with what we love to do and that everyone who takes part in our material feels the same way.”

- Erik Joelsson

Joelsson Media Group tomorrow: what can our community expect?

Time flies, and in the digital world, it moves at the speed of light, so we’re incredibly excited to see where we’ll be five years from now and how we’ll be conveying our information at that point in time.

What would a dream come true be for the Joelsson brothers? Something you probably wouldn’t expect:

“An exciting chapter to add to our saga would be to participate in the creation of a new slot, where we get to add our own ideas and knowledge to create something completely unique.”

- Erik Joelsson

We thank for such an excellent interview, and for what many of you may feel is much-needed information about where the company stands and how it will grow in the future.

Until then, we’ll keep spinning with our beloved community!