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January 7, 2018

Gaming Injuries Are Real In The Modern World

Can a classy looking gaming console cause injuries? In the modern world, gaming injuries are a real worry. But it is not gaming for fun that causes these injuries. It is extreme gaming where a gamer is hooked to the console for hours that is the reason for concern. And that is a reality in the world where real playgrounds are becoming rare. Gaming which starts off as a stress buster can cause serious injuries to wrists and hand and can be caused by playing with mouse and keyboard. Isn't that horrific?

Gaming injuries That You Need to Be Aware Of

As mentioned earlier, prolonged use of mouse and keyboard can cause injury to your wrist and hand. In medical terms, it is known as "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". This is one of the gaming injuries in which the continuous use of mouse and keyboard for playing shooting games leads to the compression of carpel tunnel near the wrist. This leads to tumours developing in the area which compresses the veins in the wrist. If you feel numbness in the wrist after playing a game make sure to consult a therapist, otherwise you could reach a stage where you would need an operation. The solution is to refrain from playing for a period of time resting your fingers and wrist. The other way is to take breaks while playing, which means rest for the muscles of the hand. Computer gaming gave way to the gaming console and Nintendo was the market leader. The remote was easy to handle and fun to play with. However, the gaming console developed by Nintendo gave rise to another one of serious gaming injuries, the "Nintendo Arthritis". This is a form of arthritis developed by excessive play on the console. The games released on the platform were addictive and players played them without concern for time, which lead to this horrific injury. It leads to non-functioning joints and tumours that could be malignant. You might have enjoyed playing Super Mario, but refrain from long hours of continuous play as this is dangerous. Another gaming injury is known as "the PlayStation Thumb" and the name says it all. Since PlayStation console is primarily controlled by thumb, it takes its toll on it. Abrasion of the thumb and consequent pain can render the finger useless. Another injury worth mentioning is the WASD syndrome. It is caused by continuously pressing the "W", "A", "S" and "D" keys on the keyboard, which are used by most computer games. There are many other forms of gaming injuries but these are the major ones. So, take care while gaming as fun can turn into a nightmare.

Gaming Injuries And The Real Cause

Gaming injuries are not because of the games you play. Games are for enjoyment and should be taken at their face value. But getting addicted is the real issue. Once addicted, you will play for long hours and there lies the risk. Just like other forms of addictions, this is also dangerous. Knowing the reasons behind the injuries is not enough if you do not take precautions while enjoying. The prudent thing to do is to limit the time of play, and give rest to your hands, eyes and mind. After all, you do not want to risk losing their functionality or limit it either.

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