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January 7, 2018

Best Gambling Films Genre

It is already quite an alluring challenge to win a jackpot in any casino. Why is this so? Could it be the way that strategies and Mathematics work together or the way that we also need luck on our side? Is it that luck alone can sometimes be generous? These are questions we all ask ourselves sometimes, especially after a movie night watching one of the numerous gambling films that tell such sensual stories of the thrill of the big win.

The Most Popular Gambling Films

Trying to talk among real film enthusiasts about the best of the gambling films will spark a debate like no other. There is a myriad of factors any fan uses to arrive at such a conclusion. For some it is the ending, others the characters cast in the film, while for the majority it is the thrill and suspense attached to them. A films list would produce both classics and new age movies. Names of numerous movie actors would be mentioned, in a debate pitting them against each other, for the title of the best actor/actress. It is also important to note that some movies, such as the James Bond thriller Casino Royale, are not classed in this genre, as they merely incorporate a casino set to spruce up the script. Gambling films do not necessarily have to be set in a casino, but they should fully incorporate the act of gambling. They should always have money to win and money to lose!. Rounders is one of the most popular, with a college student (Mike Mcdermott) losing $30,000 to a Russian mobster in a Poker game. He promises to quit gambling altogether, but his ex-convict friend (Worm) is released from prison and convinces him otherwise. It is a classic example of a gambling film that is set in an underground, illegal gambling den. Owning Mahowny, on the other hand, focuses on the addictive nature of gambling and is based on a true story. Dan Mahowny is a banker who is embezzling money to fund his addiction. Hard Eight is a gaming story centred around an ageing gambler, Sydney Hall, who tutors a young player Reilly in the art of professional gambling. Croupier is a movie that follows the life of a croupier who enlists to work in a casino. His aim is to find inspiration as he writes a novel, but he ends up being actively involved in planning a robbery at the very same casino.

Gambling Films Will Always Be In Fashion

Gambling films are fascinating, especially because they are usually centred around a lot of money. It is up to the script writers and the directors to decide how the cast interacts with the money, be it a robbery, a professional player, or even an addiction to gambling. The suspense attached to the villain or the hero is always bound to glue the audience to the screen. One thing is for sure though, the decisions made by the characters add to the thrill of the movie by evoking drama. Perhaps it is the feeling you get when there is a win, that sparks up emotions and makes us all wish that we could replicate it in a casino. Gambling films, it seems, will never go out of fashion.

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