Slot Review with Demo Play is LIVE!
September 4, 2018

Playing slots at online casinos is a very fun thing to do, but just because the slots are looking good does not mean the winnings will also be good. Being lucky pays a huge role at winning but you can always use some tips to have a better chance to win.

While playing slots is one of the simplest form of gambling, you can use some simple strategies while you play them.

How Do Slots Work?

Slot players do not understand all the technical details about the games and the softwares that are behind the actual slot game. This is because most of the players want to play slots and not think too much about all the details and other things behind the game, if it looks good people play it. That is why all the providers try to make the most appealing slots in visual and not necessarily good at winning on them.

But how do slots actually work?

- Each spin on a slot is a random spin, so each time you press the spin button the slot software will provide random generated symbols in all reels.

- The return of the slots is then based on the probability of having a win and the payout of the hit.

- The winning sequence cannot be influenced, so each spin has the exact same change of a win as the previous spin.

Slots Win Probability

The probability to have a very big win on slots is very slim. RTP (Return To Player) also has a role on how good the slot is and if you play on slots that have a high RTP you technically have more chances to win. But having a high RTP does not imply that you will definitely win on that slot, it just means that the slot gives more back to players compared to other slots that have lower RTP.

Generally, the more simpler the slot is, the worse are the odds of you winning big.That is because the faster the spins, the casino makes more money so if you play on easy and fast slots, the chances are that you will lose a lot faster than playing on other slower slots.

Bellow you will find some tips on how to play slots and increase your chance to win.

The One Play Slot Strategy

This is a simple slot strategy but it requires a lot of luck tho. The way this one works is you play the slot game only once with the highest bet possible and if you win you try again, if not you try another slot.

Standard Deviation Strategy

This slot strategy uses a mathematical equation to determine the best chances for winning on a certain slot. You need a lot of patience, concentration and of course money to do this.

1. Find a slot that most often gives you a 10x win, so for a 2coin bet you will get 20 and for a 4coin bet you will get 40, and so on.

2. Find how many number of spins does it take to get a win and count the number of spins over and over again.

3. When the number of spins is at least 10 times you will know the average spins number between wins and you can try to use that to get a high payout.

Stick To Fixed Win Slots

Most of the slots have a fixed maximum payout and other slots also have a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot increase every time a spin is without a win so the more people play them the higher the jackpot will be.

Progressive Jackpot slots might seem the most attractive because of the high win possibility.However, the disadvantage of playing at a progressive jackpot slot is that the more people play on that slot game, the less ods you have to win the jackpot and also other wins from that slot.

Therefore, you have more chances at winning something by playing normal slots and not progressive jackpot ones.

However if you want to play jackpot slots, the best ones to play are the ones with the smallest jackpots. The smaller the jackpot, the easier is to win it and the bigger it is, the harder it is to hit it.

Avoid Slots With Videos

Slots that have videos might look more attractive but these games pay back less than the normal slots. That is because the videos and entertainment features from the slot take longer to display and while this is happening the casino is not making money, so the slot is programmed to take a little more money to compensate for the time when it shows video or other features.

Therefore, the best idea is to stick to the classic slots to have a bigger chance of winnings.

*These are not 100% sure methods so do not use these tips if you can't afford to lose.