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January 7, 2018

The Biggest Casino Cheats in History

Casino started off as places for people to gamble. It was meant for rich people who could spare money and could afford to lose all without any problem. Gambling anyway is not the road to riches as the odds are always in favour of the Casino. Most of the people enjoyed, but there is always the scope for people wanting to use twisted methods to get rich. This led to a band of players known a casino cheats coming to fore. This post will focus on some of the biggest cheats of all time.

Techniques Used By Casino Cheats

Casino cheats used mathematics to make calculations leading to winning unfairly. The earliest of them was a mathematician Edward Thorp, who did not have any gambling habit until a friend introduced to BalckJack. Just a few games and he was hooked to the game. His card counting technique was developed to beat the house. The technique was simple where the player used to count cards and predict what was coming. Thorp became a regular at casinos and won thousands of dollars every time. The casinos had no clue how he won every day until he published his famous book "How to Beat the Dealer". The story became so popular that a team from MIT made this their hobby. They used different statistical methods to gain an advantage over the house and win big amounts at US casinos.

The MIT team is among the most famous casino cheats in the history of gambling. They even inspired a Hollywood movie "21", which was an instant hit. Among the slot machine cheats Tommy Glenn Carmichael is the most famous. He used the top-bottom joint to cheat at slot machines in the Las Vegas Casinos. He even made his own organisation of players who used to go to different casinos and come out winners every time. He did this for five years before being caught and sent to prison. The biggest roulette cheater was Richard Marcus and he employed a very simple technique to cheat. He used to buy a big chip worth $500 and place it at the bottom of the stack. If he won, he would show the chip and win a large amount. In the case of loss, he would quietly remove the large chip limiting his loss. By the time the casinos caught what he was doing, he had won $5,000,000 and retired rich. Without mentioning "The Man With The Golden Arm", this post would not be complete. Dominic LoRiggio spent long hours learning dice control techniques and was able to land any number on the dice. He even taught others this technique, and this cannot be categorised as illegal, though the casino owners cried foul.

Casino Cheats Are Genius People

Casino cheats are not petty thieves, but genius people. They spend long hours studying the game and devise techniques which can beat the house. Since they win large amounts the casinos would say it was cheating. Take, for example, Dominic LoRiggio and his dice control techniques which he mastered over years. There was nothing illegal about it. Similarly, Edward Thorp used mathematics to get an advantage over the casinos. If he had not written his technique in a book, nobody would have known. Yes, there are some players like Richard Marcus and Glenn Carmichael who actually use unfair techniques to cheat. But casinos would never be exciting without these geniuses. The Portal To Know All About Casinos And Slots

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