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September 16, 2021

Betixon develops spinXP: A new social feature for casino games

Betixon, a developer that focuses mostly on mobile innovations, has introduced a new social feature that should enable players to truly connect with others, for example by sharing wins in real-time.

The name of this new feature is spinXP, which has been developed by Betixon itself: it is now at the final stages of the patent application. This new technology will allow players to share with other users of Betixon games their winning in real-time. This will appear as a real-time notification to the receiving user, who’ll be able to react by sending “love” back to the sender.

The engine, which powers the social widget spinXP, has been created with the capacity to filter and analyze events automatically, queuing them and then sending notifications discreetly while maintaining high levels of engagement for players.

The testing phase of spinXP has been going extremely well, with wonderful reactions and interactions among the users, who enjoyed the social element present in such a feature for the first time ever in a casino.

Betixon is very well known for creating highly engaging games built for mobile play to start with. Its titles are available to operators in regulated markets including the UK, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Colombia and Romania with more to follow.

Some of its most famous titles are Fortune Breakers Instant Win, Fortune Breakers Clash of Steel, Chicken Ninja and Phoenix Ashes.

Lior Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of Betixon, said: “Playing online casino games can be a solitary pass-time for many but with spinXP, players share their wins and successes with others, making it a much more social and interactive experience than before – similar to the experience of a land-based casino where you hear and see the wins of players around you, and can express your congratulations.”

“That players can then respond to notifications takes this to the next level, allowing them to enjoy our games while also being able to engage with other players. Engagement levels from the tests we have carried out have surpassed all expectations, and we are truly proud of this product.”

“We believe that spinXP further establishes Betixon as an innovator and pioneer, and we look forward to seeing our operator partners leverage its capabilities to offer their players an experience like no other.”

Will you try the new feature by Betixon? SpinX is now available to all Betixon integrations!