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January 7, 2018

Alternative Payment Bonus

There is a little-known bonus offered to online casino players. It is the alternative payment bonus. Online casino players wishing to transfer money to their online gaming accounts, but due to restrictions or unavailability of the service in their country, can use this method and still have fun playing their favourite game. Depending on the casino you are and the method chosen, there is an alternative payment bonus tied to deposits to a player's online gaming account.

What Is An Alternative Payment Bonus?

Most players are frustrated by unfriendly gambling laws which prohibit Credit / Debit Card transactions to an online casino. But, casinos have given players a wonderful option for deposits. The best part about alternative payment options is that it is easily accessible to players no matter where they are located around the globe. These payment methods have simplified the manner which players can transfer funds into their accounts by reducing the time taken to deposit or withdraw money from online gaming accounts. Through collaborations with alternative payment processing companies such as; Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and others, Players get to enjoy wonderful alternative payment bonuses while funding their accounts. The only difference is the amount awarding depending on the casino and the alternative payment method chosen by the player. What exactly is an alternative payment bonus? This is a bonus given on deposits made by using certain payment methods. The bonuses range from 10% up to 15% on deposited amount. the most common variety of participating alternative methods include EcoPayz, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, POLi, Web Money and so much more. But, there are requirements, terms and conditions tied to these bonuses. Players are not awarded to every deposit made through the provider chosen. The best part about these bonuses is, the fact that they are convenient for players, casinos, and the payment providers. The players get funds or credits for extra enjoyment on their favourite game, casinos get to provide an accessible payment method to players while the payment providers get more people using their services. Accessing the bonuses is easy, by creating an account with a participating payment provider.

Why Find An Alternative Payment Bonus?

The most common mistake many players make when choosing a casino is not giving too much thought to which payments methods available on the site. It is important for players to research which payment options are offered to gamers because what is the good of having a casino payment method which is not suitable for you? After browsing an online casino and finding that they stock all your favourite games, have great support, the next logical thing to find out is, if their payment options work for you. You should also compare the alternative payment bonus between the different payment providers so as to get more out of these bonuses.

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