Slot Review with Demo Play is LIVE!
June 18, 2022

Aboutslots announcement is out!

We promised some news and we’re here to deliver. Together with that, we’d like to announce the ten winners from the competition that took place last Wednesday. Thank you all for playing, we’ve had fun reading the many interesting - and imaginative - guesses you’ve come up with!

Want to hear some examples?

aar0n1212 seems to believe our news is that Gogge is coming back full time, while many of you guessed that CasinoDaddy is coming out with a slot instead. We particularly enjoyed reading jhyd3n ’s comment. He guessed we’ll hire a female streamer! 

Now, onto the main topic today: what’s the news we’re here to announce? Cue drumroll!

Aboutslots is entering a whole new phase, that of Aboutslots 3.0. With it, you can expect plenty of changes, the first one being a completely reinvented website with a sleek, unique design and plenty of new functionalities. But that’s hardly all. 

With this new launch, becomes - Gambling Made Simple. With a very wide focus, we won’t only be focusing on bonuses anymore - instead, we’ll add many more sections and features to the website, which will be a one-stop for all that’s gambling related. Guides, blogs, industry news and reviews - whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here on the all new Aboutslots - Gambling made simple!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll show you lots of new features and give you many more details about what’s to come. Starting with an update two days from now, when you’ll get a preview of the new website. 

If you’re curious to learn more, keep following our activity in social media and check back here on our blog! We have plenty more to tell you - the coming two weeks will be full of news and changes you’ll want to be part of!

Now, onto the people who ACTUALLY got it right - and therefore win one of our ten prizes between fifty and two hundred euros.

Here are the ten winners and what they’ve won!

  • Elnahg: 200 euros
  • Emmabellott: 175 euros
  • Alessandro_andrini_was_taken: 150 euros
  • Dorinbanica: 125 euros
  • Alleslush: 100 euros
  • Brennenpethers: 50 euros
  • Drhonkytonk: 50 euros
  • Sarahallsmiles: 50 euros
  • Dakkero95: 50 euros
  • Riodeagosto: 50 euros

We’ll get in contact with you to deliver your prize, so watch out for a message from our team!