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July 1, 2022

Aboutslots 3.0 - The bros interview!

Who better than the three brothers who are behind the AboutSlots and CasinoDaddy brand to tell you more about this improved platform? Read their full interview right below We’ve asked them EVERYTHING - including their future plans, what they do in their free time and why does AboutSlots even exist. 

Hear it from Erik, Anton and Mathias Joelsson!

Let’s start from the very beginning… What's Aboutslots 3.0?

"With this new launch, becomes - Gambling Made Simple. From now on, we won’t only be focusing on bonuses anymore - instead, we’ll add many more sections and features to the website, which will be a one-stop for all that’s gambling related. Guides, blogs, industry news and reviews - whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here on the all new Aboutslots - Gambling made simple!"

What inspired you to create a new website?

"We’ve been working on improving the existing platform for a while now. We loved to work with bonuses over the past six years, but we felt it was time to do something bigger and better.
With Aboutslots 2.0, in October 2019, we included geo-targeted bonuses to the platform. This is when the need for a new platform rose. We figured, if we want to rebrand as a one-stop for everything gambling, we need to do it with style too! We had the need to relaunch a platform that was more in line with our goals - that could host our new services and provide opportunities for people to learn everything they’ve always wondered about casinos, slots and gambling.

What’s new in about Aboutslots 3.0?

"I’d say the biggest innovation is the user friendliness of the website. With that in mind, we’ve created a new navigation system, which will make it much easier to find every section of the website. We also have improved bonuses and new sections never seen before. For example, we’ve added pages with the best casinos that cooperate with a certain game provider or banking method."

What should we expect from the new website?

"As always, you should expect to be entertained! We’ve added a better sorting system for casinos, and even a multilingual customer support. If you need help in another language, we can assist you in most common languages. There’s plenty more to expect, such as new improved bonuses exclusive to Aboutslots, the list of the best U.S. casinos available and a new, great design. We’re not a collection of bonuses anymore - we provide answers to most gambling-related questions, guides for inexperienced and professional players, as well as news and blogs that will introduce our public to the world of gambling."

Are there other news coming up?

"We’re always cooking up something new. With the next updates, we’ll add even more content to the website, and users will find constant news to keep entertained. Our team will work hard to deliver the best and most relevant content to you daily. We’re also working on even more giveaways and exclusive deals.
Keep up with all our news to never miss anything important happening at It’s super easy now, because all our daily updates will be showcased right at the top of our homepage!"

Where did you get the idea for your business?

"The idea for our company, Aboutslots, came to us when we decided to open an affiliate business. We used to enjoy sports betting in our free time, so we decided it’d be interesting to navigate the business of slots and casino games. Since then, we became passionate about all types of casino entertainment."

What market does your company serve?

"In recent years, an increasing number of casinos are popping up at every corner. As experienced users, we want to bring our knowledge to the general public and help our readers learn more about the safest platforms, the best performing games and the most reliable providers.”

What is your company's mission statement?

"The mission of Aboutslots is to offer knowledge to users of online casino games. Aboutslots serves the community of people who would like to approach this world, but haven’t had the necessary guidance to do so, or those who are quite familiar with it and enjoy the social aspect of gambling. Aboutslots’ primary goal is to make gambling simple for everyone."

What makes your business unique?

"One unique aspect of Aboutslots is that we operate our informational website in conjunction with CasinoDaddy - streams on Twitch and Youtube. On our streams, we try the newest slots, play our all-time favorites and interact with our public. Because we always want to have fun with our users, we make it a priority to always come up with new ways to surprise them and better ourselves.”

What does CasinoDaddy do exactly?

“CasinoDaddy is a Youtube and Twitch channel & home of casino lovers, which provides you with live streams and videos of slots and other casino games. If you enjoy watching high-stakes slots & casino games, then this is the place for you as we stream 14 hours/day, 7 days/week, where we always play with real money.”

How does CasinoDaddy relate to Aboutslots?

“We have two teams - one that manages Aboutslots and one that deals mostly with CasinoDaddy on Twitch and Youtube. Of course, some of our team members work with both, but we also keep the two channels separate. In fact, Aboutslots has its own Youtube channel, where we collect slot reviews and Community wins, Max wins and Slot video reviews.”

Can we expect a CasinoDaddy upgrade too?

“We have lots of stuff cooking, including a plan to upgrade CasinoDaddy, but you’ll have to wait and see!”

Absolutely favorite slot in the world?

"We appreciate a number of different slots. But if we really have to choose just one, it's gonna be: Razor Shark from Push Gaming."

Are you guys planning to develop your own slot?

"We have been asked this question several times. We don’t want to give too much away, but this subject has been discussed for quite some time :D"