Valley of the gods 2 Slot Review

Slot Review
August 14, 2020

A reel structure reminiscent of a pyramid

Yggdrasil is back with a sequel to their hit Valley of the Gods. Here we once again get to experience the adventures that ancient Egypt has to offer. Unlike the previous version, you now have a slightly different reel structure. There are now 6-reels with rows increasing for each reel from 3 to 8. Which gives you a total of 33 slot positions that symbols can end up on, fittingly enough, this structure is in the form of a horizontally turned pyramid. The game paylines start at 240 and as you unlock winning opportunities (as we go into more detail with below), you can get up to a full 20'160 paylines! Valley of the gods 2 is a game with a volatility slightly higher than medium, where is 0.10 and 100. As always, you are curious to know what the maximum win is and in this game it is 5481 X the amount you bet, which can give a maximum win of as much as € 548,100. The game's RTP is 96%.

Egyptian history is incredibly fascinating, although we have a lot of archaeological findings in our luggage, there are a lot of thoughts and question marks that remain. Something that the Egyptians had a strong belief in was their different gods, where they had different characteristics. Amun-Re, the sun god who provided the population with sun and warmth. We also find Anubis here, who was responsible for deciding one's fate in posterity. There is no doubt that gods who possess power like this are some you want to be on the right side with, can you manage to deal with these gods and find the treasures?

Yggdrasil is back here with Valley of the gods 2, the sequel to the previous version Valley of the gods which was released in 2017. This was a slot machine that many liked and like other sequels, you need to keep the same atmosphere and feel as its predecessor. Where small adjustments and upgrades are required to arouse curiosity. Something they have succeeded well with in this edition.

You are treated like a god with this beautiful environment

Here you are, in the valley of the gods. They have been waiting for you and now the adventure can begin. A place where symbols and theme are adorned with gold colors and precious stones. In the background environment you see massive painted pillars on both sides, green palm trees and you can also glimpse pyramids further away in the horizon with a cool purple sky. To the left of the reels, there are 3 scarabs. These come in the colors red, yellow and blue, where they represent Life, Wild and Multiplier. The game has a very evocative music, which adapts its tempo perfectly to what is happening. The unusually structured reels, keeps you very alert and makes you look around for potential paylines that you have a chance at. The structure is incredibly built and can give you up to 20'160 paylines.

Wild reels with multipliers and extra life

This unique reel structure gives you an opportunity to take part in up to 33 slot positions. Where there are 6 symbols that pays lower, with the appearances 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. To get higher winnings you have to keep your fingers crossed extra hard to get the symbols that show Egyptian gods. You will need to get 3 or more of the same symbols in the following columns.

Something that you notice quickly is all of the scarab blocks that are placed on the reels, these blocks win opportunities. Fortunately, you can unlock and remove these by landing winning symbols, in addition, each winning combination gives you a respin. From the start, there are 16 slot positions that are blocked by scarabs, once you manage to remove all of these, you suddenly have a large playing field. As many as 33 slot positions!

What happens now is that for every winning symbol you land, either the red, yellow or blue scarabs on the left will be increased. This is to give the opportunity for Extra lives, Win multipliers and Wild reels. These things mean the following:

Extra lives, by collecting 5 red scarabs, you as a player get 1 extra life. As long as you continue to collect these scarabs, you will have more life. These lives are used to give you a new respin when you have lost one. If you have many lives, you can get many respins so to say, but each time 1 life will be deducted from your balance and if you run out of them, the respin session also ends.

Win multipliers, multipliers are always fun to get and are usually what ultimately makes a game interesting. By collecting 5 blue scarabs, your multiplier increases by 1. This constantly increases until you run out of lives.

Wild reel, this is just as good as it sounds. Again, you need to collect scarabs, this time 5 yellow gives you 1 Wild reel. You can continue triggering these Wilds reels as long as you get the scarabs required. Through winnings from purple and green symbols, the scarabs needed are extracted.

Refined slot version with amazing experience

This is exactly how a sequel should be, where they managed to preserve the glorious Egyptian atmosphere that the predecessor also had. With its new reel structure, you as a player get a completely amazing experience and where many fans who liked the previous version, will probably like this development. The symbols have been refined, which gives a good view. With a chance to get 20'160 paylines with a maximum win of 5481 X the amount you bet, it will be a superior visit to the gods in Egypt.

  • Title: Valley of the gods 2
  • Developer: Yggdrasil
  • Reels: 6
  • Rows: 3-8
  • Paylines: 20160
  • RTP: 96%
  • Hit Frequency: 17.7%
  • Max Win: 5481x
  • Volatility: Mid-High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.1/€100
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2020
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