Midway Money

Slot Review
June 16, 2022

Midway Money Slot Overview

Midway Money is a new casino slot from Reel Life Games at a fair where a strongman expands the reels, a fire-eating woman upgrades symbols, and several symbols on the reels can turn wild in the Duck Shoot. These features are triggered by landing 2 Strength Meter symbols that will make a man try to ring a bell by swinging a club at a classic fair attraction. If the Ferris wheel spins your way, you could land up to three features in one shot. This big park offers more than most games, so bring the whole family and come along.

Base game

Midway Money is a video slot from Reel Life Games with 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 paylines. The reels can expand up to 8 rows high in the Strongman feature, resulting in up to 80 paylines. The Min.bet is 0.2 and the Max.bet is 50. Midway Money’s RTP is 96%, but the game also has lower RTP in other versions (86%, 90.5%, and 94%). The max win is 7752X the bet, and the volatility is high. The hit frequency is 35.5%, meaning that a little more than every third spin is a win.

A lot can happen at the fair. To get the most out of your stay, you should try to use the features Scatter Symbol, Wild Symbol, Wild Strength Meter Symbols, Strength Tester Persistent Feature, Feature Selection Ferris Wheel, Duck Shoot, Fire Eater, Strong man, and Free Spins.

Midway Money Slot Information

A Midway at a fair is where you can find carnival games, amusement rides, themed events, water parks, food trucks, trade shows, and more. To us, it sounds like pretty much everything at a fair. The Midway in Midway Money makes us reminisce about old times with the square graphics. To the left and right of the red-brown reels are small yellow plastic ducks with shooting targets on. Next to the reels on the right side stands a bell strength tester, showing numbers from 5 to 95. If you win the strength test, you will be awarded 1-3 of the fair’s features. To make a regular win in Midway Money, you’ll need to land at least 3 symbols on any payline going left to right, starting with the first reel to the left. The game is available on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers.

The lower-paying symbols at the fair are 10, J, Q, K, and A. Landing 5-of-a-kind awards from 1.5X to 2.5X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are milk bottles, a strongman, a female fire eater, a teddy bear, and what looks to be a circus manager. Those symbols pay between 3X-7X for a winline of 5 symbols. There’s one regular Wild Symbol saying MM. It substitutes all mentioned symbols and also pays on its own up to 10X the bet for a combination of 5. Two stacked wild symbols can only land on reels 4 and 5. They also substitute all mentioned symbols and trigger the Strength Tester Persistent feature if they land fully visible. The Scatter Symbol, depicted by a Ferris wheel, will give you 7 free spins if you land 3 of them at the same time.

Midway Money Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Midway Money?

You can win up to 7752X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Midway Money?

The features are Scatter Symbol, Wild Symbol, Wild Strength Meter Symbols, Strength Tester Persistent Feature, Feature Selection Ferris Wheel, Duck Shoot, Fire Eater, Strong man, and Free Spins.

Duck Shoot

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol, depicted by a Ferris wheel, can land on reels 1, 3, and 5. Landing 3 symbols awards the player 7 free spins. Landing 3 scatters in the free spins will award another 7 spins, up to a maximum of 35 spins. If you land 3 scatters after already winning 35 spins, you’ll be awarded a win 10X the current stake.

Wild Symbol

The regular Wild Symbol says MM and has the same size as the other normal symbols. It can land anywhere and substitute the ten paying symbols but not the Scatter Symbol. It also pays on its own, up to 10X the bet for a winline of 5.

Wild Strength Meter Symbols

The Wild Strength Meter Symbols are 2-rows-high stacked symbols that can only land on the two reels furthermost to the right. The symbol landing on the fourth reel is a muscly man, and the one on the fifth reel is a rubber hammer. These wild symbols substitute all regular paying symbols and also work magic in the Strength Tester Persistent Feature if they both land fully visible.

Strength Tester Persistent Feature

The Strength Tester Persistent Feature is activated when the big-muscled wild strength symbol lands at the same time as the rubber club strength symbol. The man grabs the club, hitting a bell strength tester that shows a number on the meter to the right of the reels. The meter starts at 5 the first time you activate the feature, meaning that you have a 5 percent chance of winning the strength test. If you get a number higher than 5, you’ll lose the feature, and the meter moves up 5 points to 10. The meter moves up five points every time you lose the feature and resets to 5 when you win it. Whenever you win the strength test, the Feature Selection Ferris Wheel is activated.

Fire Eater

Feature Selection Ferris Wheel

When you win the Strength Tester Persistent Feature by ringing the bell, the Feature Selection Ferris Wheel will appear. This wheel will give you one of the features Duck Shoot, Fire Eater, Strongman, or a combination of them. Duck Shoot and Fire Eater can be won individually, but the Strongman will always be accompanied by one of the other ones. You can also win a combination of Duck Shoot and Fire Eater. You can win all the free features if you activate the Ferris wheel in the free spins.

Duck Shoot

The Duck Shoot shouldn’t be mixed up with the game Duck Shooter. This is a pretty simple feature that converts the Strength Meter Symbols, and sometimes more symbols, into targets. Once all targets have been added, they are shot and converted into regular wild symbols.

Fire Eater

The Fire Eater converts all Strength Meter Symbols and Scatter Symbols into 10s before a random symbol is selected. Every symbol lower than the selected symbol will be replaced with the selected symbol. On top of that are two wild symbols randomly placed on the reels.

Strong man

Strong man

The Strongman, with a bald head, big mustache, and a yellow tank top, uses his muscles to expand the reels up to eight rows high. This is how many winlines you get depending on how many rows the Strongman gives you.

5 rows = 50 paylines

6 rows = 60 paylines

7 rows = 70 paylines

8 rows = 80 paylines

Free Spins

Free Spins

You need to land 3 Scatter Symbols to activate the Free Spins. The spins work the same as the regular spins in the base game, with the exception that you have a minimum win guarantee. The minimum win starts at 1X, so you will be given that sum for every spin even if you lose. Whenever you land a win bigger than 1X, that will be the new minimum win that stays with you for the rest of the spins unless you land a bigger one, and that becomes the new minimum win for the remaining spins. If you activate the Ferris wheel, you can win all three features on the wheel.

Midway Money Slot Conclusion

Midway Money is not a beautiful game, but Reel Life Games probably intended to make the whole midway look like a visit to the past. Let’s be honest; it’s pretty hard to find strongmen and fire eaters at the fair these days. Being nice, you can say that Midway Money has simplified the graphics to make it look more retro. Some might even say it resembles a Nintendo video game from the late 80s or early 90s. However, players who aren’t that impressed will probably never compare it to an iconic video game.

One thing you’ve got to acknowledge with Midway Money is that it’s packed with many features. Several of them are also really nice. The downside is that all features except the free spins can only be activated by first winning the strength tester persistent feature, and we lost it an uncountable number of times. On your first try, you only have a 5 percent chance of winning it, and your odds are only 50/50 even after losing it 9 times. You’ll be disappointed if you have to struggle a lot to end up with the Duck Shoot.

The Strongman is the best of the Ferris wheel features, especially if he’s nice enough to expand the reels to 8 rows. If the fire eater accompanies him, some really nice wins can be made. The Free Spins are activated as soon as you land 3 scatters, there’s no tryout here, and the minimum guaranteed win lets you know that you at least will win some money. We didn’t land any breathtaking wins, though, and the game’s max win of 7752X feels higher than we expected. The win hit frequency of over a third of the spins is surprisingly high for a highly volatile slot, and the RTP of 96% is just about okay. Just make sure you don’t end up playing any of the versions with lower RTP.

Midway Money from Reel Life Games has strongmen, fire eaters, Ferris wheels, and a lot of other things going on at a fair.

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Quick information
  • Title: Midway Money
  • Developer:
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 4-8
  • Paylines: 80
  • RTP: 96%
  • Hit Frequency: 35.5%
  • Max Win: 7752x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.2/€50
  • Release Date: Sep 05, 2022
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