Hillbilly Vegas

Slot Review
August 17, 2022

Hillbilly Vegas Slot Overview

Hillbilly Vegas is a new casino slot from Reflex Gaming, located in Southern USA. The hillbilly Skeeter has built his own casino in the Appalachian mountains and welcomes all players to the world’s first hillbilly casino. Skeeter and his animals guarantee to treat all guests with traditional southern hospitality. Hillbilly Vegas has a fantastic Bonus Wheel, hosted by the pig Darlene, where players can win free spins, a cash prize of up to 10000X the bet, or any of Skeeter’s homemade casino games. Try Skeeter’s old-school slot, built from a gas station pump, or the Moonshine Money feature where smashing bootleg liquor can get you cash values and multipliers. There’s no reason to wait; come with us to this hidden mountain resort.

Base game

Hillbilly Vegas is a video slot from Reflex Gaming with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. The wide bet range starts with the Min.bet 0.1 and ends at the Max.bet 100. Hillbilly Vegas has an RTP of 95.5%, but also comes in versions with 86%, 90%, and 94%. The volatility is high, and the max win is 10003X the bet. The hit frequency of 20.56% means that about one spin in five is a win.

A lot of things can happen on Skeeter’s mountain. The features you might stumble over are Wild Symbol, Bonus Chips, Green Dollar Chip, Bonus Wheel, Skeeter’s Slots, Moonshine Money, Nice Dice, Spin Symbol, and Free Spins.

Hillbilly Vegas Slot Information

Hillbilly Vegas looks more like a homemade amusement park than a casino, but we’ve got to admit that old Skeeter has done a great job. The black reels seem to be placed on a shed with colorful lights, and the green Bonus Wheel is visible above the roof. To the right sits the dog, Billy Bob, in front of a doghouse saying “blackjack poker,” and to the left stands Skeeter on one leg, holding a bottle of moonshine in his left hand. Not surprisingly, the game is accompanied by some banjo music. To make a win, you need to land 3 or more of the same symbols on a payline going left to right, starting on the first reel to the left. The game is available on all devices such as desktop computers, notepads, and mobile phones.

The lower-paying symbols on Skeeter’s mountain are the playing card suits spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. They will award between 3X and 4X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. The higher-paying symbols are Skeeter’s dog Billy Bob, his pig Darlene, and the crossed-eye, nearly toothless Skeeter himself. This odd trio will pay between 10X and 50X the bet for a full win. The Wild Symbol is a lost chicken, substituting all mentioned symbols, but not the Bonus Chips or Spin Symbol. There are 3 Bonus Chips, looking like bottle caps, and landing 5 of them anywhere on the reels activates the Bonus Wheel. The Spin Symbol appears on the third reel in the free spins and can award extra free spins and other bonuses.

Hillbilly Vegas Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Hillbilly Vegas?

You can win up to 10003X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Hillbilly Vegas?

The features are Wild Symbol, Bonus Chips, Green Dollar Chip, Bonus Wheel, Skeeter’s Slots, Moonshine Money, Nice Dice, Spin Symbol, and Free Spins.

Bonus Wheel

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol, depicted by a chicken, can land anywhere on the reels. It substitutes all regular paying symbols, but not the Bonus Chips or the Spin Symbol.

Bonus Chips

The Bonus Chips are the game’s scatter symbols. Landing 5-12 chips anywhere on the reels triggers the Bonus Wheel, which will award the player one of several features. It doesn’t matter how you combine the bottle cap-looking chips as long as you land the minimum amount. They represent different features, so the more chips of one kind raise the chances of triggering that specific feature in the Bonus Wheel. This is what the chips mean:

Big Win Chip = This yellow chip looks a lot like a bottle cap from the Mexican beer Corona. It represents the Big Win feature.

Hillbilly Bonus Chip = The Hillbilly Bonus Chip is blue and white. It activates any of the bonuses Skeeter’s Slots, Moonshine Money, or Nice Dice.

Free Spins Chip = The red chip saying “free spins” will – surprise, surprise – activate the free spins.

Free Spins

Green Dollar Chip

The Green Dollar Chip can’t land on the reels, but one or several are used in the Bonus Wheel unless you activate the wheel by landing 12 bonus chips.

Bonus Wheel

The Bonus Wheel will start as soon as you land 5 or more bonus chips. Each chip is put on the wheel’s 12 positions, and the remaining positions are filled with Green Dollar Chips. There won’t be any Green Dollars if you trigger the feature with 12 bonus chips. The wheel will spin once and award a feature or cash prize, depending on the chip it stops at. This is the outcome of the different chips:

Big Win Chip = The big win awards a cash prize between 100X and 10000X the bet.

Hillbilly Bonus Chip = The bonus chip randomly awards one of the bonus features Skeeter’s Slots, Moonshine Money, or Nice Dice.

Free Spins Chip = This chip awards 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins.

Green Dollar Chip = The green dollar award a cash prize between 5X and 20X the bet.

Moonshine Money

Skeeter’s Slots

Welcome to Skeeter’s home-built slot, made from a gas station pump. The machine has 3 reels and just 1 payline. The player can land Bar Symbols or a Black Square, and a winning line needs to contain some sort of Bar on each reel. Landing the square on any reel counts as a losing win, which is marked by an egg with a cross. The feature ends when you land the third losing spin. The wins you can make are:

Bar-Bar-Bar = 5X the bet

Bar-Double Bar-Bar = 10X the bet

Bar-Triple Bar-Bar = 20X the bet

Moonshine Money

The Moonshine Money feature starts with displaying 15 bottles of bootleg booze. The player smashes one bottle at a time by selecting it, revealing either a value between 1X and 20X the bet, a multiplier of 2X, 3X, or 5X, or a Game Over symbol. The values are accumulated during the game, and the multipliers are used on the total win. The feature ends when the player picks the Game Over symbol.

Nice Dice

The bonus feature Nice Dice lets the player roll some dice. Pressing the spin button rolls two dice, and the outcome is added together and multiplied by the bet. Landing 3 and 5 would, in other words, give 8X the bet. Each number the dice unfold will be marked, and the player gets to roll them again. The feature is over when all 6 numbers have been marked.

Nice Dice

Spin Symbol

The Spin Symbol only appears on the third reel during the free spins, awarding extra spins or a cash pot prize.

Free Spins

The bonus wheel triggers the Free Spins. You start the feature with 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 spins, and you can trigger more spins by landing the Spin Symbol on the middle reel. The Spin Symbol triggers another Bonus Wheel, which gives you 3, 5, or 8 extra spins or one of 5 Cash Pots. The Mini, Minor, Midi, Super, and Mega Pot pay 5X, 10X, 15X, 25X, and 100X the bet, respectively. Each time you land a pot prize, it’s increased every time you win it again, up to 4 times. The pots values after 4 wins are 50X, 100X, 500X, 500X, and 1000X the bet. The Spin Symbol can land up to 8 times in one free spins session. The feature is over when the player runs out of spins.

Hillbilly Vegas Slot Conclusion

It’s a really nice countryside casino Skeeter has built for us in the American outskirts, and we appreciate that he finds some help from Billy Bob and Darlene. The music follows the theme, the graphics look good without being breathtaking, and the number of features is surprisingly high. The only problem would be that landing a specific feature may take some time since there are so many. The Bonus Wheel is a great way to award the features, and they all seem able to payout big wins, although the free spins and the Big Win feature are in their own league. In fact, the Big Win can award a cash prize of 10000X the bet straight up, which is pretty much the max win of 10003X the bet.

The free spins can also become very lucrative, especially if you manage to land the Mega Pot a few times. The 3 bonus features in the shape of Skeeter’s home-built slot, the Nice Dice gambling, and the Moonshine Money all contribute to the variety of the game, while still sticking to the theme. Reflex Gaming has released several colorful games featuring animals, and we recommend you to take a look at Desperate Dawgs and Hell’s Hogs if you want a break from Hillbilly Vegas. You will also find the reels pretty similar-looking. Lastly, we’ve got to mention that Hillbilly Vegas’ RTP of 95.5% is a little too low – under the average RTP. Whatever you do, make sure not to play any of the other versions with lower RTP.

Hillbilly Vegas from Reflex Gaming is a theme park-looking casino slot in the American countryside, featuring a cross-eyed hillbilly and his home-built games.

Quick information
  • Title: Hillbilly Vegas
  • Developer: Reflex Gaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 10
  • RTP: 95.5%
  • Hit Frequency: 20.56%
  • Max Win: 10003x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.1/€100
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2022
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