Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet Slot Review

If you want to have some fun, then you should enter the Emoji Planet slot. This game, made without paylines, will snag your attention immediately. With 5x6 grid full of emojis, presented by NetEnt, you will have a blast. You'll get a chance to see emojis in a new light, becoming alive in front of you. There will be some bombs going off, rockets launching, a giant pizza, smiling and a few other interesting emojis. Take a look at this unique slot with emojis brought to you in one happy package.


The Emoji Planet slot brings out a completely different emoji side. It is quite joyful and animated. With bright colors and the best emoji selection, they get to rise and shine. There is a rainbow in the background, making this game even more cheerful.

These little things, that we use daily, help us express our feelings and thoughts in a simple and fun way. In this slot, they get their own planet with a few aliens, smiles, lips formed into one juicy red kiss, blue hearts, and a few more. They make all the rules in this place, so you should follow their lead.

In the back, we can see other emojis dancing to the rhythm. There is a red balloon, going up and down. You will also see a man with a beard popping into the picture from time to time. But the real fun starts with triggering some great features introduced in this slot. With a few pizza slices and a kiss for a good luck, you can start your own emoji experience. The bombs will go off and rockets will launch, with Wilds falling into places, adding to your balance.

Emoji Planet slot review
Let Emojis make your day and bring you some big wins


As already said, the Emoji Planet has some different rules. There are no paylines, so in order to make winning combinations, you need to land 5 or more of the exact same emojis gathered together anywhere on the reels forming a 5x6 grid. They have to be adjoined, without other emoji symbols breaking their connection.

Of great help in making these winning combinations is the Wild symbol. When the Wild symbol appears, it will replace all other symbols in forming winning combinations and contribute to your coin collection.

While the game lasts, every time you get winning combinations for certain emojis, emoji meters will start filling. Those meters include the Bomb Meter, the Kiss Mark Meter, the Rocket Meter, the Pizza Meter, and the Two Hearts Meter. When one of these meters gets filled, no matter which one, a matching feature will be triggered. This will happen only in absence of winning combinations.

The Bomb feature will blast 8 random symbols with the bet multiplied between 5 and 100 times for each symbol. The Pizza feature brings a 3x3 random symbol onto the reels, and the Rocket feature will give something even better. When this feature gets unlocked, there will be a rocket launch on reels, leaving behind a stack of 10 Wild symbols.

Two Hearts feature gives you a multiplier with the number of times this meter was filled up plus one more. If the Kiss Mark feature gets triggered, you should expect 3 Sticky Wild symbols in shape of hearts, and each heart with 3 lives.


Take a trip to the Emoji Planet and have a slice of this delightful experience. It is made with unique and quite charming tone. With lively music, animated emojis, and interesting features, you will be charmed - especially if you are looking for something different and unconventional in the slots’ world.

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