Bison Wilds DoubleMax Slot Overview

Bison Wilds DoubleMax is a casino slot from Reflex Gaming featuring some big furry animals. Bison, often called buffalo, are iconic symbols of the American West and play a vital role in the United States' ecosystems and culture. Once numbering in the millions, their populations dramatically declined due to overhunting in the 19th century. Today, conservation efforts have helped restore bison populations in national parks and reserves. Ecologically, bison contribute to grassland health by grazing and aerating the soil, promoting plant diversity. Culturally, they hold significant value for many Native American tribes, symbolizing strength and resilience.

It's not the first time the animal is the main character in a casino slot. This time, you can expect a game with the DoubleMax mechanic, which doubles the game's win multiplier for every consecutive win you score. This means that even small wins can be very important and play significant roles on the road to riches. Let's see what else the buffalos have to offer.

A casino slot in a natural landscape.
Base Game

Bison Wilds DoubleMax is a video slot from Reflex Gaming containing 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. With a bet of 0.20 and a of 100, players can enjoy a game with a Return to Player (RTP) of 94.0% and 90.5%. The slot is characterized by super high volatility and offers a max win potential of 19,996X the bet. Additionally, it has a hit frequency of 25%.

The ground shakes when the huge animals stumble by. The features in Bison Wilds DoubleMax are Pop and Drop Cascade Feature, Multipliers, Free Spins Bonus, Free Spins Gamble, Golden Bet, and Feature Buy.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax Slot Information

Bison Wilds DoubleMax transports you to the heart of the American outback prairie, where a dramatic red sky stretches across the horizon. In the foreground, lush green grass sways gently in the breeze, framing the scene with vibrant color. The reels set prominently in the middle of the screen are flanked by the DoubleMax multiplier on the left. This exciting feature starts at 1X and doubles with every consecutive win, adding to the thrill. As you hit the spin button, the adventurous music swells in volume, heightening the anticipation and immersing you in the wild, untamed beauty of the prairie landscape.

To make a win, the player needs to land at least 3 symbols of the same kind on one of the paylines, going left to right. All wins must start on the first reel to the left, and you can play the game on mobile phones, notepads, and desktop computers.

The lower-paying symbols are clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. They pay the same, giving you 1X the bet for a 5-of-a-kind win. The higher-paying symbols are eagle, wolf, cougar, and horse. These animals pay between 2X and 5X the bet for a 5-of-a-kind win. There are several types of Wild Symbols, all pictures by bison. They substitute all mentioned symbols but not the Bonus Scatter Symbol.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Bison Wilds DoubleMax?

You can win up to 19,996X the bet.

What features are available in the slot Bison Wilds DoubleMax?

The features are Pop and Drop Cascade Feature, Multipliers, Free Spins Bonus, Free Spins Gamble, Golden Bet, and Feature Buy.

A 64x multiplier in the Free Spins.
Free Spins

Pop and Drop Cascade Feature

Bison Wilds DoubleMax has a Cascading Wins feature. When you win, the winning symbols disappear, and new ones drop down to fill the spaces. During each cascade, Wild symbols appear in the gaps before the new symbols drop. There are four types of Wild Symbols:

Standard Wilds: Regular wild symbols.

Super Wilds: Fill all empty spaces on a reel.

Boost Wilds: Increase the multiplier even more.

Each Way Wilds: Pay both from right to left and left to right.

After their special effects, Boost Wilds, Super Wilds, and Each Way Wilds turn into Standard Wilds and stay on the reels if not used.


With every cascade, the total multiplier doubles. In the base game, this multiplier resets to x1 after a losing spin or cascade. However, during Free Spins, the multiplier doesn't reset until the Free Spins feature ends. Here are the multipliers you can achieve:

x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128, x256, x512, x1024, x2048, x4096, x8192, x16384, x32768, x65536

Free Spins Bonus

Landing 3, 4, or 5 Bonus Symbols anywhere on the reels awards 7, 10, and 13 Free Spins, respectively. During Free Spins, the multiplier keeps increasing and doesn't reset until the Free Spins are over. You can't retrigger Free Spins.

Free Spins Gamble

If 3 or 4 Bonus Scatter symbols appear, you can trigger the Free Spins Gamble. You can either collect your current Free Spins or gamble for more in an all-or-nothing spin. A pointer will spin, and if it lands on green, you win more Free Spins. If it lands on red, you lose all Free Spins. With 3 scatter symbols, you can gamble up to 2 times. With 4 scatter symbols, you can gamble once. The gamble ends when you reach the top level, decide to collect, or lose.

Golden Bet

You can increase your bet by 25% to double your chances of getting Free Spins.

A game where you can gamble 7 Free Spins for the chance to win 3 more.
Free Spins Gamble

Feature Buy

By clicking the Bonus Buy button, you can pay x100 your bet to get 7 Free Spins. The maximum stake for this is ‚ā¨6, so you can spend up to ‚ā¨600 to buy a bonus.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax Slot Conclusion

Bison Wilds DoubleMax is set in the middle of the prairie with majestic bison galloping around. The DoubleMax mechanic and the Free Spins are the big joy of this game. Every time you win, the multiplier doubles, so even a tiny win can stampede into a massive payout. And with the Pop and Drop Cascade feature, every win sets off a chain reaction of new symbols and wilds. These aren't just any wilds; we're talking Super Wilds, Boost Wilds, and Each Way Wilds ‚Äď all giving you different perks while spinning.

The Free Spins feature is where the bison really starts to charge, with a multiplier wave that doesn't reset until all spins are over. And if you feel like living on the edge, you can try the Free Spins Gamble and risk it all for even more free spins.

However, Bison Wilds DoubleMax doesn't bring any new to the table, we have already experienced the features in other DoubleMax games. The graphics aren't impressive either and the game's RTP of 94% is far below the industry average. Other DoubleMax games that we like more are Barbarossa DoubleMax and Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax, which both have RTPs of around 96%. 

Bison Wilds DoubleMax by Reflex Gaming is a wild ride across the prairie with multipliers that can make your heart race faster than a bison on a stampede.