Casino Guide: Slot Strategy

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Introduction to Slot Strategies

Slot games are popular because they offer great entertainment value to players as well as payouts. The first slots were very easy to play and no skill or strategy was required. All you had to do was to keep pulling on the lever until you got lucky and landed three matching symbols for a payout. Online casino slots are more advanced and come with superior audio and amazing graphics. They also have a random number generator that will eventually determine winning combinations. Luck is not enough anymore when playing these semi-intelligent machines and you will need to employ some sort of slot strategy in order to hit the jackpots. There are thousands of slot machine games and the number increases daily and this can sometimes make it difficult for both beginners and veteran players to find a slot strategy that works. This article will be looking at the basics of slot strategy and give you pointers on some of the best strategies to use when playing online casino slots. The first step to understanding the basics is to learn how online casino slot games work and their different versions. The most popular versions of slot machines are reel slots, progressive slots, single and multiple line slots, Straight slots, bonus game slots and online video slots.


How do Slot Machines Work?

The heart and soul of the modern slot machine is its random number generator commonly referred to as the RNG. To effectively apply any slot strategy, it is important to understand how the RNG works. Its purpose is to constantly generate sequences of numbers (one hundred numbers per second) even when the slot is not in use. The numbers mirror different positions on each reel. During a gaming session when you press the button for the reels to spin, the RNG will display the last set of numbers it generated. This means that it does not matter how you press the button because ultimately the RNG will determine your play. As much every winning symbol on a slot machine is selected at random there are those symbols that are programmed by the developers to appear more often than others. One popular online slot strategy is to play slot machines when they are on a hot streak. This strategy will not work in theory or practically because every slot machine is set in a way that every spin is an independent and random event. The reason why there are hot streaks or cold streaks from time to time on slot machines is because of periodic deviations from what is statistically possible.


Slots Probability

Online slot machine games are normally referred to as negative equity games. This is because there is no amount of slot strategy that a player can apply to beat the game in the long term. Slot machines have theoretical probabilities already inputted into the design and software. That means no slot strategy will allow a player to beat the house edge when playing slots, at least none that is legal. The possibility of winning at slots is normally related to the number of reels and the symbols on each reel. The number of reels is what will determine the odds of you winning. What this means is that you will have a better chance of winning on a game with 5 reels than on one with 3 reels because there are more winning combinations. You might then wonder why people play slots with all the probabilities stacked against them. It’s because of the thrill of the gamble.


Stick to a Fixed maximum payout

Slot strategy should be applied in order to ensure that you manage your bankroll and minimise loses. Using slot strategies to try and beat the odds at an online slot game is a futile effort. There are slot strategies that will work well to help you manage your bankroll and even make calculated wins. A safe and effective slot strategy for both frequent and new online casino slot players is sticking to games that have a fixed maximum payout. The two most popular classifications of slots are progressive jackpot slots and fixed jackpot slots. Fixed jackpot slots are those slot games that have a maximum payout that does not fluctuate and is normally not too large. Progressive jackpots on the other hand normally have very large jackpots and are equipped with a meter that increases the payout with every player who plays the game. These progressive jackpots are normally connected together and the more people who play them the larger the jackpot. The theory behind this online casino slot strategy is that it is more lucrative to play games that have a fixed maximum payout. You will have better odds of not only winning the maximum jackpot but also smaller amounts from the bonus features such as free spins and bonus games. The probability of getting any type of win from a progressive jackpot is normally one million to one because of the sheer numbers of players involved. These progressive machines are normally very tempting due to the potential high return but the odds against the player are always stacked very high.


Choose games with the smallest jackpots

Luck is the only slot strategy that seems to have worked against online slot machines because it’s unpredictable. Players can however find practical ways in which they can increase their chances or luck when playing slots. One strategy that you can use to do this is choosing slot games with the smallest jackpots.

Players are attracted to the possibility of winning millions every time they walk in to a casino. This leads them to choosing slots that have large jackpots which will normally require a maximum bet in order to stand a chance at winning; this is an ill-advised slot strategy. The odds at these jackpots are also pretty low because creating these large payouts take time. Choosing games with the smallest jackpots will automatically increase the probability of a player walking away a winner. This is because the chances of hitting the maximum payout will be more frequent and will not require lots of playing hours. Choosing games with the smallest jackpots is a double edged slot strategy. This is because it will also help you to manage your casino bankroll. Managing your bankroll is one of the most important things a player should learn in order for them to maximise their fun at any online casino. Every single slot game you play will always eat into your bankroll until your luck shows up and you finally win big. To ensure that you can play long enough to hit that jackpot it is important to play slot games with small jackpots that help you maintain a reasonable bankroll.


Avoid video reels

Video slots are some of the most entertaining games you can find at the casino. These games have amazing features such as high-quality sound and superior graphics. Their themes are also very attractive and modern; many of them are fashioned on pop culture movies, music and celebrities. Online video slots are very appealing especially to new players but in terms of slot strategy, they should be avoided. These video strategy slot games are not the best for bankroll management. It sounds crazy to suggest that there is a slot strategy that could advice a player to avoid video slots considering that they currently make up more than fifty percent of all casino games. This slot gaming strategy is based on the fact that it has been determined through research that video slots have a lower payback of about five percent when they are compared to the classic slot machines. When playing video slots, you find that you require a little more bankroll as compared to someone who is playing classic slot machines. The reasons that make video slots so attractive are also their downfall when it comes to slot strategy. The beautiful graphics take much longer to display and while this is happening the online casino does not make any money. For this reason video slots are pre programmed to take much more money during a gaming session.


Play Responsibly

Playing online slot machine games is meant to be a fun and exciting activity. There are, however, many players who find themselves unable to control the habit and go overboard. Playing responsibly is a slot strategy that players can use to ensure that they do not go overboard. This strategy involves taking certain measures to ensure that you are always in control. These measures include never chasing your losses and never gambling with money that is meant for other purposes.



Online slot machines have grown in popularity over the years and are a favourite for many gamblers. Their diversity is their biggest selling point because they come in different shapes, sizes and themes. They can also be easily enjoyed on the go through mobile devices. These slots are also responsible for making multi-millionaires out of some players. The possibility of making millions from a few spins at the casino has led to the creation of numerous slot strategies that are believed to give players an extra edge against slots. Most slot Strategy has proven to be almost ineffective in beating the random number generator in modern slot machines. Slot strategy is more effective in helping players to reduce their losses to a minimum and enjoy playing for a longer time. At aboutslots, we break down the myths and truths about slot strategies and let you decide.

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