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Introduction To Casino Games

Decided to join the hundred thousand folks enjoying online gaming? You should. It's interesting, fun, gets the adrenaline going, and can give your funds a definite boost with some of the jackpots. But, there is a but! It can be confusing choosing which game to play or which casino to register at. There are the bonuses, free spins, multipliers and then there's the jargon. Jargon infiltrates almost everything, and it certainly does in online gaming. This is where a game guide can come in so useful, as it's designed to introduce you to the terminology, alongside clear instruction on how to play the game you are interested in. The internet is a vast source of information, and you can find a game guide on virtually any game you can play in an online casino. How accurate they are, depends on the writer, his depth of knowledge and interest in the game. You can find game guides from gaming experts, fans of certain games, and guides within the games provided by the software developers. Blogs are a trendy route for finding game guides, and again these can range from experienced reviewers to fans. There are also an increasing number of review sites that are dedicated to researching not only the games but the developers and casinos that provide them.


Slot Machines

A game guide on slot machines should offer its reader a number of specific points. The RTP of the game is important. This is the perceived return to player percentage which the slot machine will pay out over a specified period. Why does it matter? Because it gives you some idea what to expect regarding payments from the video slot. The reverse of the coin is the remaining percentage, known as the house edge in table games. So a 97% RTP has a house edge of 3%. The higher the RTP, the better your return rate over time, so a good playing strategy is to choose those above 97% RTP. Alongside introducing to you to the type of game you are playing, 3-reels, 5-reels, fruit slots, classic slots, themed slots; a good game guide will indicate the bonuses and individual characteristics of each online slot. It will also let you know if it is a progressive slot. Here, a percentage of all bets will be combined from a number of machines or casinos, offering the winner some life-changing jackpots. Something else a player needs to know is the volatility of a game, not to be confused with the RTP. There are low, medium and high volatility games and knowledge of what these are can save your bankroll from quickly disappearing.



Fancy a game of Blackjack on your mobile or laptop? Most casinos offer games compatible with all mobile devices be they Android, IOS or Windows. This is another bit of information that should be clearly indicated in any game guide you pursue. Blackjack can be played in a variety of ways, on the slots, on the tables against the casino, or in the live casinos playing against the croupier and other players. While Blackjack is a fun and popular game, sometimes known as '21', it is also a game of odds. Knowing about the odds not only improves your game play but allows you more insight into the game and how to strategize. A game guide needs to inform you on all these aspects of the game, increasing your playing pleasure and wins. One way to get familiar with any game is to try them out for free. Look out for the casinos offering free games on their sites.



Roulette is the quintessential game associated with casinos, the 'James Bond' of gaming. A sophisticated and elegant game, it is also a lot of fun. Like many other online casino games, there is more than one type of Roulette. Any game guide you view should clarify the differences and similarities to ensure you have a great playing experience. At many online and mobile casinos, Roulette can be played as a free demo game, using house chips. This popular game, once only found in Monaco, is now also playable whenever and wherever you are, on mobile. Your game guide should indicate not only the sign-up bonuses from the casino for this game but also what variations you can find. The variations are mainly due to the numbers distribution around the wheel and the number of zero pockets. You can find American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette, all slightly different, as are the side bets that can be placed when playing online. When playing video Roulette, the software developers like Microgaming and NetEnt, among others, give you the opportunity to play at different levels with a variety of betting choices. There is also the chance to play side bets and sometimes even for a progressive jackpot. In some variants, you can bet on multiple wheels at once. Live play Roulette is becoming increasingly popular too. This is where you view a casino, either real or in a studio, via a webcam. There is also normally a live dealer controlling the game and betting. Read up on what is expected in live gaming in your game guide before starting to spin the wheel.



Even non-players have heard of Poker, as the players and history combine to make it a fascinating game. This is a game of strategy and the internet and bookshelves are full of 'How To Play' instructions. You can find tutorials and advice from both professional players and experienced fans, as well as a game guide for every possible strategy.

Poker has rules. Rules you need to understand before you can start to play, be that in the online Poker slots, the tables or in a live casino. A game guide needs to ensure that you understand the basics before you start to put your money down. Like a number of other online games, there is a wide range of variants, from the very popular Texas Hold'em to Stud, Omaha and many others. There are also professional tables to play at, where the betting is fierce and the players very experienced. Your Poker guide should indicate which are the better options for new players. The language of Poker has been heard many times on TV shows and films, but do you really know what they mean by Stud, community card, wild, split or draw? If you don't and you want to play, you need to read the game guide for your favoured game of Poker. Your guide should also let you know which casino offers free play, where you can learn the ropes before committing any money. Poker is a challenging and demanding game, but so worth the energy you put into it. Try out the different variations to get a feel for the type of Poker you want to play.



A game guide is an essential tool as any player will testify, for instance using the game guide Diablo 3 ensures you know who all the characters are and what moves to make. Online gaming guides offer the same support and assistance, ensuring you get the best gaming experience possible. They also help to significantly increase your potential for winning, as you know more about what you are playing and how to play it better. The game of Baccarat is relatively simple for players. It does not require a lot of skill, as the play is decided by the turn of the cards. The software decides on the play, making it easy to follow once you know the rules. The game is entertaining and lots of fun, as can be seen by its increased appearance in the online casinos. You can find all the playing instructions in the online game guide. Punto Banco is the most popular online Baccarat variant. This version has you playing against the dealer to get the better hand, similar in some ways to Blackjack. Not a lot of skill is required to play against the dealer as long as you understand the rules from the game guide. However, if you play Chemin De Fer or Baccarat Banque, then more skill is required as you are playing against other players.



Betting on sports is a time honoured tradition, from horse racing to cricket. With the advent of online sports betting the range of sports that are included has multiplied. You now see games including Baseball and American Football, together with a whole range of sporting events. Changes in the game can be followed live and there are multiple betting options available. It is essential to know the differences in sport betting online, making the game guide absolutely essential.



Playing at online casinos is a great experience and can be made even better when you know what it is all about and understand the language surrounding it. A game guide is a great way for finding your way around an online casino. Learn not only game rules and strategy suggestions, but also which casino offers free spins and other great bonuses. Locate the best games to be played on your mobile devices and keep up to date on all things happening in the gaming world. Aboutslots is the site which offers you insights into the games, the players, the casinos and the software developers. Anything related to gaming can be found here, ensuring your online experience from slots to live casino games, is the best it can be. Here you will find any game guide you need to help you improve your playing, winning and enjoyment.

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