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Introduction To Casino Bonuses

Whenever you choose to indulge in an online casino game, one of the first thoughts that will cross your mind as you are trying to select a site, is with reference to bonuses. Will the casino you choose to play on offer a casino bonus, and what will be the bonus terms? Probably they will, as most online casinos offer bonuses in order to entice players to stay on the site and play more. There are different names for all the bonuses offered, but in general, they can be described as either free no deposit bonuses or deposit based bonuses. As a rule, always read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus you wish to receive. Different online casinos have different stipulations for their various bonus offerings. For example, you might like a certain casino bonus, but it is solely restricted to the casino's list of accepted countries. This means if you are not from that country, even if you play the assigned casino game you can not receive the bonus. Other requirements, such as expiry dates and wagering requirements, are some examples of what to look at when considering which bonuses are the most suitable and applicable to players.


Welcome, New Player Or Sign-Up Bonus

One particular bonus that is the most competitive, is the Welcome, New Player, or Sign-up bonus. This is the online casino bonus that the player receives for simply signing up to the site of their choice. Most online casinos offer them as a way to entice players to play on their site and not choose one of their other competitors instead. As a plus point to the bonus, some online casinos also offer them along with a number of free spins for certain games. This is a good way to get the players acquainted with different games on the site. Always remember that a casino bonus comes with specific requirements which will be different at each casino. Yes, you've received a Welcome bonus for signing up as a new player on a particular site. However, are there terms that accompany that bonus? In order to be able to collect on your bonus, some casinos require you to place a minimum betting amount in your account, before your bonus will become withdrawable. Others expect you to play a certain game on the site to collect the bonus. Have a look at the wagering requirements at all times to ensure that you are well informed before you register.


No Deposit Bonus

Another type of casino bonus is the No Deposit casino bonus. This type allows you to play for real money and awards a bonus without the need to make a deposit. It gives you a risk-free chance to play games you have never tried or never had too much luck with in the past. Since it's a free deposit, not all online casinos offer this kind of bonus. As a result, even the casinos that do offer this bonus tend to make it a small amount. However, it gives players a feel for playing the games and potentially winning. When you are ready to make a deposit, you can start playing with your own money. Make sure to look for these types of casinos, especially if you are a beginner in the online casino gaming scene. You will get the same thrills as players who place a deposit, without the need to spend any money.


Matching Deposit

This type of casino bonus gives the player a bonus amount that is matched to the amount they have deposited in their account. Percentages and amounts to be matched vary based on different online casinos. For example, if a casino says they'll match 100% up to $50, the player has $100 to play with if they deposit the full $50. A Matched Bonus is useful if you don't have too much money to spend at the time you wish to play. By matching your amount, you are allowed the opportunity to have double the fun at half the cost. The casino may offer you your casino bonus in the form of bonus codes, or you can just go to the site and make a deposit to be matched. Always be aware of the Matched Bonus terms. This can be minimum deposit amounts, maximum cashout amounts, or even the restricted countries where the bonus is not valid. Knowing these will help you decide whether this is the right bonus for you. A Matching Bonus percentage can also increase based on the number of deposits the player makes. This is a way to keep the player committed to playing longer term on their site. You may, for instance, place the first deposit of $50 to be matched 100%. The online casino will then give you a 150% match bonus for depositing up to $200 on your 2nd deposit, and so on. You may even have up to $1000 dollars matched 100% on some sites for a 5th deposit. The casino bonus possibilities are endless and don't forget the free spins that accompany some of them!


Percentage Deposit Bonus

Percentage Deposit bonuses are yet another type of bonus offered on most online casino sites. It's not as much as a Matched Deposit bonus, however, it's just as good. It means the casino you choose can offer you a fixed casino bonus percentage for the amount you decide to deposit into your account.

When it comes to getting a casino bonus, you may or may not qualify for one. That's why it is important for you, as the player, to check the terms and conditions associated with the bonus you are interested in. There are many considerations including restricted countries, deposits to match and games to be played. Signing up to a site is also an important decision to be made when seeking to qualify for your bonus. Should you follow the stipulated guidelines, then the rest becomes easy. Different online casinos may have the same games, but that doesn't mean that they also share the same rules where promotions apply. Since most players may have questions with regards to a certain casino bonus, all the information on bonus requirements is usually found very easily on the respective sites. Normally they can be found through the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section on the given site, or you can check the 'Terms and Conditions' area. The information should be easy to find for you. Should navigating a site to find these answers prove difficult for you, then you can usually get in touch with the customer service agents. Most online casino sites offer live chat options, emails and phone numbers listed on the site.


Reload Bonus

Another bonus offered by a majority of online casinos is the Reload bonus. This is a casino bonus that is very similar to the Welcome bonus, as it is a percentage. It requires players to sometimes use a casino bonus calculator to calculate the bonus amount. The difference, however, is that a Reload bonus tends to be much lower and has a frequency to it, in order to keep regular players happy and returning to the site. The Reload casino bonus tends to be the online casino's way of retaining their clients through periodic incentives and special promotions. These can be sent as promotional emails to the clients or they can come as bonus codes. Players can also be entitled to a bonus for simply making a deposit into their account at a specified time. The specified time is decided on by the casino and not the players. As this is a casino bonus, again the terms need to be verified and adhered to in order for the player to reap the benefits. Reload bonuses are promotions offered by the casino at certain intervals. It may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or any other duration the casino feels is warranted. These bonuses have their own wagering requirements so if you don't know them, or understand the terms, get more information from the casino's help channels.


High Roller Bonus

One more type of casino bonus is the High Roller bonus. This is similar to the Matched bonus as it's a percentage based bonus that is matched by the casino. It is normally reserved exclusively for the casino's bigger paying clients. As such, the minimum deposit amount tends to be much higher than the ordinary Matched bonuses. This, in turn, ensures that the returns made by the player are also higher.



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