Casino Guide: Bonus Hunt

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You have seen CasinoDaddy do bonushunts. Here is a small guide that will teach you how it's done and what you should think about if you want to do

a bonus hunt of your own. A bonus hunt is a simple concept. You save the bonuses in a number of games to open them up, one by one, at a later time.

Step 1.  First of all, choose a Casino you want to play on and before you deposit money, speak to the live chat and ask them IF you are allowed

to do a bonushunt. If yes, ask them if any games are restricted and if there is any max bet ( the normal bonusterms - if you will play with a bonus ).

Sometimes you have to explain for the live chat what you mean with "Bonus hunt" since that is not an official word.

Step 2. When you have found a Casino that allowes a bonus hunt, decide how much you want to spend on the hunt. A good thing is to use a bonus offer

so you get a better starting balance. The best option is to use a regular bonus since the no sticky ones are not ideal for a bonus hunt.

You can find many casinos and see which bonuses they offer here: when you're there, search by country to

find out which Casino bonuses are available for your country.


Step 3. "The betsize" How much you want to bet per spin has a lot to do with how much money you start with and how many bonuses you are looking for in

the hunt. Let's say you have €500 euro, then a good betsize would perhaps be €0.50 which would give you 1000 spins. But in the end you have to decide

what suit you the best. If you really enjoy the hunting and want many bonuses, then consider going lower on the betsize.

Step 4. "Which games should I play?" If you want many bonuses in the hunt then you should go for easy bonuses, games with low volatility and the other

way around if you are brave and want to get the really good bonuses; choose the high volatility slots.

You have to make sure that the games you play have a bonus that you can save. The providers that you can save bonuses on are; BIG TIME GAMING / Play'n go /

NETENT / Pragmatic / Blueprint / Mercur / Quickspin / Thunderkick / Microgaming / Push Gaming and Williams. There might be more less known providers but

these are the ones we recommend. There are some other providers where you can save the bonus for a short period of time, like Yggdrasil,

but it's best to not include these games in the hunt since it gives you a very limited time to finish the hunt.

► "How are the bonuses saved?" When you hit a bonus, shut down the game ( either if you have a 2:nd tab open from the casino or you simply click back

to the lobby. The bonuses on the games from the game providers we recommend will stay unplayed until you open them up later on.


Step 5. "How many spins should I do on each slot?" If you have seen CasinoDaddys hunts you might have seen that they often do 50 spins and then move on.

That is a good strategy, don't stay too long on a slot that wont give you the bonus, rather leave and come back later if you really want this slot in your

bonus hunt.

Step 6. Always leave some balance, preferable like €20 or so, just in case you happen to click on spin or something unforeseen happens when you

open the bonuses. This is VERY important because your whole balance after the opening can be forfeited if you went down to 0 balance before you opened the

bonuses. It could be bonus abuse and the Casino can refuse to payout your money.


Step 7. Go ahead and open up the bonuses you saved. Just enter the games again one by one and the bonus feature should start automatically.

Some additional things to think about:

★ Always make sure you collected your win on a bonus before you close it down and jump to next one.

★ If you know that you wont complete the bonus hunt the same day you started it, make sure you read the bonusterms and/or ask live chat to know how much

time you have to complete the wager on the active bonus.

★ If you are not allowed to play on a certain casino due to restrictions for your country, then just move on to another casino. Don't try to use VPN since that can result

in loss of your money if it is not allowed by the Casino to use VPN.

★ And finally, maybe the most important thing of all. ONLY play for money you can afford to lose. Never see gambling as a way of income and always play responsibly.

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