California Online Casino Gambling

California Online Casino Gambling

Casino gaming has been ever-present in the state of California from the moment its constitution was drafted and passed in 1850. It's the third largest state and also the only state in the US where the game of poker is considered to be a game of skill as opposed to a game of chance. Furthermore, there's free-range gambling in pop shops, hotels, and commercial establishments within the western coastal region of the state. Voters in California online have, on a consistent basis, shown their approval of state-sanctioned casino gaming, most notably when they voted in favor of a constitutional amendment which legalized land-based casinos. That said, Californians have been on the forefront of adopting new technologies, hence it's no surprise that most are now plying their trade in online establishments. California online casino gaming is gaining popularity among many gamers owing to several reasons and if you are a Californian who doesn't have time to research about legally sanctioned online gambling, this guide will come in handy. The guide will also cover some examples of top-tier gambling platforms where Californians can enjoy unique gambling experiences.

Players have taken to California online casino gaming

Online Gambling Regulations In California

For most states in the United States, the rambling surrounding the lawfulness of online casinos tend to be confusing and anything but uncomplicated. However, the state of California is an exception as there are no set regulations that prohibit Californians from playing at online casinos. Therefore, it means that if you live in California and decide to play your favorite casino game online, you needn't have to worry about the authorities knocking on your door or even freezing your bank account. Up to now, any legislation meant to legalize and regulate online casinos has been hampered or been outrightly rejected. Although there have been futile efforts up to this juncture, experts are confident that California will go on to launch regulated intrastate online casinos. With each passing year, more bills for total regulation of online casinos are getting wide circulation. It's just a matter of time before one of them is passed into law. Today, online gambling platforms are the least of California’s regulatory concerns. With environmental issues, severe debt and other problems plaguing the state, it becomes increasingly hard for activists to persuade politicians and voters that coming up with an online casino network is something that should be given priority. A lot of attempts have been made, but few have borne fruits. Having been in the online gambling industry for many years, our team of experts has chosen a number of websites that are legally governed and authorized correctly in other jurisdictions that are outside the United States. They have warmed the hearts of many over a number of years and made California online casino gaming possible. What's more, they are consistent and reliable when it comes to enforcing integrity and confidentiality with regard to personal and transaction details, and each possesses compliance certifications that are reviewed on an annual basis by third-party tech corporations. Moreover, each of these establishments delivers a high quality and premium online casino play through a safe and productive environment whose performance speed is top-notch. To top it off, these websites offer a wide array of casino games and incredible bonus offers and promotions. With these platforms, you can enjoy the same types of games present in land-based casinos such as Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and other specialty games. Some of the casinos we would recommend for California residents include Bovada, Eclipse, Cherry Gold, Slots.LV, Las Vegas Casino, Betway and Bet365 among others. Through the issuance of contracts to offshore online casinos for them to undertake their operations in California, the state gets revenue by imposing taxes which itself is an alternative source of funds. The state of California is not hell-bent on locking out people from participating in online gambling for real money.

California Online Casino Obstacles

Online casino gaming in the state of California is a touchy issue. As aforementioned, although a number of discussions are taking place at the state level, most of them are yet to bear fruits, and in fact, almost all are centered on the authorization or legalization of poker mostly. There are two fundamental obstacles to reaching legalization. First and foremost, there's the Native American lobby. Their efforts to lobby for California online casino regulations have a vested interest in making online poker the only game that can be played in the state. Although it seems like California online casino gaming is on the path to legalization, tribal entities would have wanted there to be licensure before the gaming actually proceeded. The second crucial second obstacle pertains to California's closeness to Sheldon Adelson and his campaign that seeks to keep all Americans from partaking in online gambling. Adelson has hilariously claimed that his intentions are for the good of preventing adverse effects of gambling on children as opposed to preventing his brick and mortar casinos from losing money. There are claims that Adelson has paid millions of dollars into the bank accounts of several legislators throughout the United States, including California, to persuade them to vote in favor of prohibiting online gambling or obstructing any efforts to legalize it. In 2017, late amendments crushed an online poker bill. The added language was meant to punish companies that have been plagued by scandals in the past by making them wait for a particular period before they are allowed to apply for a license. Although many Californians remain hopeful that online gambling legitimization will be achieved in the future, there are a lot of stakeholders who wished things stayed as they are. All the same gaming in California is destined for greater heights.

Why Play Online?

Online casino gaming has surged in popularity ever since the internet was launched and many casino lovers enjoy their games online for multiple reasons. First and foremost, online gaming is comfortable and convenient. Players are only required to have an internet connection. Online casinos are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year (including Christmas Day). Secondly, there's no pressure when playing casino games online. Learners are accorded all the time they want to learn their preferred game without any scrutiny. As a result, players can gradually improve their skills and can play the game at a level they feel comfortable at. A sizable number of online casinos allow players to practice with free-play casino games for as many times as they wish. Another significant merit of online casino play is that there are a wide array of games at your disposal. Nowadays, software providers supply loads of games which in fact come in different versions. From slots to table games, every player's preference is catered for. In addition, these games boast quality graphics, and sound effects and their payout percentages are undoubtedly high. Hence, expect an online slot to have an RTP (return to player) of not less than 93%. Another advantage of online casinos that will appeal to any player pertains to the number of bonuses and promotions on offer. This is an area where online casinos try to outshine each other. These bonuses and promotions come in different forms such as deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, VIP programs, loyalty programs and many more. These offers merely offer you extra money to play with. However, so as not to incur any losses, online casinos often attach wagering requirements to these offers which must be satisfied before your winnings become available for withdrawal. To make you repeat your visits, online casinos increasingly throw lots of bonuses your way, and it's upon players to choose which ones work well for them. The availability of mobile casinos is also something to savor as far as online gaming is considered. This owes pretty much to the enormous strides that have been made in the technological field which makes it possible for players to access casino games through their smartphones and tablets. This means that gameplay will be available anywhere, anytime! Furthermore, online casinos today offer live casino gaming which creates an atmosphere reminiscent to the buzz in brick and mortar casinos. Finally, online casinos that hold valid licenses will definitely pay players, and you can rest assured that your personal details and transaction details are in safe hands. Based on the aforementioned benefits, there are a number of reasons why players should take to California online casino gaming.

Advice For Californian Online Gamblers

There are a host of websites that accept Californian gamers for online gambling that is not only safe but also entertaining. So as to ensure that the California online casino that you are playing at is safe and secure, you need to read reviews from other players as well as dedicated casino review sites. What's more, you'll need to read the content and policies outlined on the website of the casino or better yet, you can choose to play at any of the online casinos that we've talked about in this guide. The ones we've given as examples in our guide guarantee security, are safe and entertaining and most of all, accept California residents. Additionally, these sites offer sumptuous bonuses and promotions, a gamut of games and hours of casino entertainment. Californians have many land-based casino options at their disposal yet most residents prefer to play online. We've only mentioned a few examples in this guide, but in reality, there are loads of online casinos where Californians are eligible to play, and they are safe, trusted and entertaining. Poker is a renowned game in the state of California, and there exist loads of options in the structure of casinos and offline poker rooms. If you want to play poker online, the options at your disposal are just as vast as there are offline. If you live in California and wish to enjoy poker online, you can shun the hassle of searching for an online poker room as the online casinos mentioned here will suffice. However, to play online poker, most of these sites will expect you to be at least 21 years of age. Online bingo websites don't warrant a lot of attention as compared to online casinos or poker rooms in California but there are still a few who love and enjoy playing them. If you wish to join an online bingo hall, some of the sites we've mentioned will give you that safe and entertaining experience. When it comes to Sportsbooks, there are not a lot of offline options for California players. On a positive note, however, sites like Betway and Bet365 are the best online Sportsbooks Californian residents can find. That said, there are two important things worth mentioning that Californian residents ought to keep in mind when gambling online. First up is the issue of welcome bonus offers that are awarded by almost every online casino out there, not just the ones that accept California players. These offers are meant to prolong your gaming sessions, and you should ensure that you don't miss out on them. Next up is your gambling discipline. Winning is casino gaming boils down to luck, most of the time. Consequently, keep it in mind that you can lose a lot as well as win a lot.