Here you can take part in comprehensive reviews for the slots that Yggdrasil has created. You will find written reviews and video reviews that give you an in-depth insight into how the game's structure is with its features, max win, RTP and much more. Read about their top 3 latest reviews and all-time top 10 releases. Sit down comfortably, for an exciting reading awaits.

Latest Three Releases.

Yggdrasil was created in 2013 and they have since then really become a major game developer in the market. This is not by chance, as they have shown a high level of professionalism, strong mathematical models as well as wonderful design skills among its developed slots. The name, Yggdrasil, derives from Norse mythology, where it means the world tree. Like this interconnected tree that holds the world together, the game developer here shows an elegant way to intertwine a number of different slots that have fantastic gaming experiences. In 2018 they started their platform YGS Masters, which creates collaborations with smaller game developers. A great opportunity for those who want to reach out to the market and get help from those who know how this is done. This results in very tactical collaborations to create first-class games, which then have platforms with a high standard where you can take part in a wonderful mix of slots. Below you can see top class releases that they have made over the years.

Selected Games.

As you can see, there are a lot of mixed games that they have released over the years and it is indeed a strong portfolio that they have managed to create. A great creativity behind these games, results in that one very easily getting stuck in front of the screen for a long time.

Yggdrasil is really a stable game developer when it comes to releases of new games, this when you know that they have carefully thought through their design, mathematical mechanics and gameplay. They hold a high class on their slots, where you get to take part in a variety of exciting features. Whether you have or have not, read and played their game before, you should click on the various pictures above and take part in its comprehensive reviews which contain various information about what you can expect to see and take part in during the game.