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Do i get anything from the Guessing Competition of 26th of October?

I was one of the winners of the 100€ Giveaway on the 26.10.2017 but i still haven't recieved any Message or anything.
I've been told to wait for 27.10.2017, then i should get Pmed from the Forums but still didn't got.
As i asked on the 28.10.2017 they were busy , which i do understand but now its 3 days until i won the giveaway and someone should contact me or not? 

What do i do now?

I just want to tell you. That you should not be worried if you have won then you will get your prize. The reason why you did not get your price is enough as you say it has been very stressful for them in recent days and they've probably forgotten it.

I would recomend you to remind them again by writing a private message to them here at the forum, casinodaddy or via email, info@aboutslots.com
Hello guys ! U sent me an 50e from 24th giveaway and u send it on 26th and i still didnt get the money on my skrill Sad Mb something went wrong ? I can put here an ss from my skrill 2 prove it Sad

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